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Novasure Ablation

Updated on February 20, 2011

Forget about heavy periods with Novasure ablation

Heavy bleeding while period is something quite common amongst women, especially for those in the premenopausal state, and has a lot of ways to treat. But there are cases when all the temporary treatments fail to give solid results, that's when the simple and fast procedure called Novasure Ablation come to rescue.The benefits may be seen quick and it is also safer than a hysterectomy, and the effects are successful in 90& of the women who choose this method.

It may be done in your doctor's office and it's not expensive or painful.The procedure is intended for reducing the blood loss by removing the line of the uterus that causes that bleeding and living perfectly intact everything else.

But, before deciding for this type of procedure be sure you're done with having any more children as your fertility is affected along with the endometrial line that is removed, and though there are chances for someone with a novasure ablation to become pregnant it is not safe at all, nor for the mother or the fetus as the uterus isn't a welcoming and nourishing place for a developing baby. So you must consider some type of long term contraception.

Who can have a Novasure Ablation?

Candidate For Novasure Ablation?

There are a few details which must be met to be eligible for this type of endometrial ablation:

• Not to be already in menopause,

• Suffer from heavy bleeding during periods or menorrhagia

• Menorrhagia is not caused by cancer

• You don't plan to have any children

Novasure ablation procedure

The Novasure procedure targets the endometrial ablation through a simple and fast procedure, using the latest medical technology available, radio frequency energy (radio waves).

The doctor will insert a narrow wand with a mesh array, of a triangular shape, which will expand to fit into the patient uterus. When the mesh is is place, it shapes up to suit the space in the uterus and starts emitting radio waves that by their energy vaporize the endometrium, which will shed over in the next days after the Novasure ablation procedure.

How painful is Novasure Ablation?

The company that provides this method of endometrial ablation, Hologic, promises there will be absolutely no pain involved, during the procedure, as there are some type of anesthesia, from light to general, that might be administered. There is usually used, local, cervical anesthesia and some anti-inflammatory medicine, one hour before for reducing irritation and pain.

The patients who have been subjected to this 90 seconds treatment, and have chosen local anesthesia claim : " I have never experienced such intense pain in my life! If I would have to do it again, I would request to be put under."

Others, that were put under general anesthesia, affirm that they had not even a slight trace of pain or discomfort, and everything lasted just a few minutes.

So, probably, if there are no medical reasons, for which someone would be unable to have a general anesthesia, this would be the best option, as for people with low pain tolerance, the local anesthesia might not work as good. 

After the procedure

Although Novasure Ablation procedure uses general anesthesia, within a couple of hours, the patient may leave home in a good state. A few days after some redish discharge and some cramps may be experienced, but on a long-term there are no significant symptoms.
As a clinical study says, 95% of the women that had this procedure are satisfied with the results over a period of 12 months, and 97% of them would recommend it to a friend.

In some cases, although few, people experienced nausea or excessive bleeding and in very rare cases the uterus or near organs were affected during the procedure.

Did you experience a Novasure Ablation?

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    • profile image

      mskmb 3 years ago

      I had the novasure ablation 3 years ago, I am now scheduled in 1 week for a full (BSO)oopherectomy Hysterectomy due to complications from this procedure which was working for 2 years. please see your doctor if you start spotting or double over in pain. this company should be liable to the lack of risk factors mentioned to your doctors.

    • profile image

      Susan L 6 years ago

      So the company who manufactures Novasure ablation machines assures you there will be NO pain during the procedure?! Well, with just local anesthesia I had the procedure done this morning. I will say with all honesty, I have NEVER outside of childbirth experienced such extraordinay pain. It was, in a word, excruciating. Shame on them for making such a bold and foolish claim!

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I have had a novasure implant put in 9 months ago and i have not experience any problems at all. I do have a little cramping but that is it. I really like having this done. I have quit bleeding every week or spotting.