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Novasure..Not So Sure The Complications I Endured

Updated on November 14, 2011

In 2008 my doctor assured me that my long battle with anemia and painful heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle would be over after a simple outpatient procedure called Novasure. In medical terms it is a endometrial ablation. What was supposed to be a simple 90 second procedure that has turn into anything but simple.

Two years later I am battling to find the reason why I am the exception to the rule. Bouncing from Doctor to Doctor having pain meds thrown at me and told they can’t find a reason for my pain. The only way to find out if I could have a severed nerve etc is to have a hysterectomy of which my insurance denied based on my age and that I only have one child.

What is ironic is that this procedure causes you to just about become sterile with a less than 10 percent chance of conception and birth control to prevent this is more than just strongly recommend they almost insist on it. The reason for this well if you were to become pregnant it would cause life threatening complications to both you and the baby. To break it down get pregnant after this procedure you die and so does they baby.

I was once an outgoing full time mom and fitness trainer working 60 hours a week and still having the energy to go out at night and have some adult fun. Now I live in constant daily pain. No energy to do the things I once loved. Can’t sit or stand for any length of time. Chores take me twice as long as they used to if I can do them at all. No long distance trips, no dancing, no working out at the gym…

The Novasure website claims that 9 out of 10 women have had a positive outcome with this procedure. Now in small numbers the odds sound good which is my guess as to why they use this method of proving success. Now in larger numbers it doesn’t sound as good. If you consider that to date 500,000 women have had this done that means that 50,000 have had complications.

Granted yes even that number in comparison to the number of successful procedures is low but how many are not being reported? How many women don’t realize they have the right to report complications to the FDA.? I know I didn’t until just recently. How many Doctors and Health Care Workers out there are not reporting complications….

After reading what seemed like hundreds of blogs and message boards of other women having similar and worse issues after this procedure I checked the FDA website and was shocked at the number of complications that have been reported including deaths. 

 Here is something else I discovered and I couldn’t even believe that this was possible but evidently the Novasure device is a Class III medical device that received pre-market approval by FDA which basically protects the company from lawsuits and in essence is protected by the FDA. Though they won’t tell you that of course. Basically there is not a Law firm or Lawyer that will touch a case involving this device. I discovered this when I went searching for others that had complications after this procedure and possibly if their might be a class action lawsuit involving this device.

 Going in my third year of trying to regain my life I become more regretful that I had this done, more frustrated that I can‘t take it back and get resolve it, and more infuriated at the medical profession at large. Leaves me saying Novasure hmmm Not so Sure now….

This leads me to say to the other women out there considering this procedure please do your research, don’t go into this lightly. Question your doctor make sure he or she has done this procedure and what the success rate has been. Question them as if you life depends on it because it does.


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  • profile image

    mkovack 3 years ago

    I, too, am writing this in hopes that it will save even ONE woman from doing this procedure. I went into my doctor with NO problems. Just low iron. She suggested that i have heavy periods. I said that they were normal, and always have been. I didn't even feel cramping during my periods. She suggested Novasure, and it didn't sound like a good idea, so i said no thanks. She said to come back and see her if i change my mind. So then for a year after that, i tried to figure out if my periods were heavy. They seemed to be getting heavier, so after a year, i asked for the procedure. I was told that it was a no brainer 90 second procedure without any need for even anesthetic (just some sedation).

    Exactly six weeks later, I woke up with severe pain in my pubic bone. And almost three months later, I have experienced increasing severe pain in my back (lower and around kidneys), CONSTANT cramping (from a level of 3/10, to a level of 8/10). I have been really depressed and hormonal (like PMS every single day), and the things that normally make me feel happy are not any more (like being in nature, exercising, eating a special food, etc., - even with during dinner out with girlfriends, i just ended up crying most of the time. I cannot stop crying. The pain is CONSTANT with an average of 5/10 pain (I've had three natural childbirth's so the pain has not been like 10/10 yet). But the pain is getting worse every morning i wake up. I cannot work, i cannot function. I am usually a very upbeat and active woman (I'm 46 and most people are shocked to find that out).

    My gyno was afraid i was going to try to sue her and she gave me several messages that led me to believe that she was preparing, including telling me that she was talking to her husband because she was worried that i was going to sue her and that he let her know that all she has to do is hand over her paper work and the College of Physicians and Surgeons will handle it for her!!) (I am Canadian). She then referred me for a 2nd opinion to another doctor from her office.

    I told this doctor all of my symptoms, and after seeing my two ultrasound reports that basically showed nothing, he agreed to do a hysterectomy. I begged for a hysterectomy and would pull it out myself if i could.

    So now my bladder empties slowly, my bowels are sluggish, i have headaches, and my back is in constant and sometimes even severe pain. The cramping never lets up. Extra strength anti-inflammatories do NOTHING to take even the edge off. I will now have to get narcotics to withstand the pain because i am not coping well.

    I had NO idea that this procedure BURNS off your uterine lining and then scars the entire uterus for life (by the way, my first gyno checked to see if my cervix was scarred shut, but it wasn't). I had no problems other than low iron. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER have had this procedure if I had known that this was possible.

    All i have done for three months straight is look this up online to try to get some help. This post has been the most helpful. I cannot understand why this is happening when we KNOW which women are at risk of this happening! I had a retroverted uterus (likely the problem?), i also have had my tubes tied, however there wasn't any evidence that this was the problem in the ultrasound. The ultrasound suggested that i may have adenomyosis, however my 2nd opinion doctor suggested that this was unlikely since i had no pain or problems with my period before the procedure.

    So I am feeling harmed. Harmed by my doctor for not seeing that i had some risks and for not letting me know the risks, and harmed by Novasure. This has taken three months so far, another two months to get the hysterectomy, and then another 6 weeks to recover from that. All with my hormones being totally screwed up, PMS, and now menopausal problems. Every day it is either severe back pain, severe cramps, or severe pms, or all three that i wake up with. It is all i can think about. I can badly take care of my daughter, cook, clean, work...

    This is so unfair. And so so unfair that no one is accountable for this harm. Thanks to everyone for posting. I feel less alone. :(

  • profile image

    wendygray 5 years ago

    I had been suffering from post ablation syndrome for months. The pain was horrible, I could hardly function. I missed several days of work. Pain medicine like Lortab only took the edge off, didn't take the pain away.Finally, after searching and researching, I have been taking several products that aren't killing my liver or any other organs. These products help with inflammation and has cut my pain down to where I can function. I ordered them and they worked so well that I signed up with the company. I am so excited that there are other women out there that I can share this information with and help them, this is my heart. Those days of laying in bed because I am out of commission is in the past. And I want to share this information and opportunity to be well with other women. I do not have to take any kind of hormones or strong pain medication only Tylenol every now and then, this is an answer to prayer. If you would like this information email me at: and put 4life in the subject line so the email doesn't get lost in my spam. Each email is very special, its someone suffering and reaching out for help, and I don't want to loose even one. Be blessed ladies, and please reach out.

  • profile image

    runtoo 5 years ago

    runtoo i got a doctor to listen after 5 long long years after going to doctor after doctor trying to find the answer to why i hurt all the time utis all the time pus in urine having to lay down all the time everything wears me out felt like a poisoning i couldn't even cook supper had to lay down put ice on my side day night gouldnt even touch it felt like i was on fire i don't know how many doctors just blew me off but one he is my doctor now went to gyns urology emergency rooms one said i was having a panic attack i was not one said could you be pregnant i said no husbands been fixed have you been screwing around i said no im in pain had novasure 06 couldn't get anything done till 2011 dec had a hystertomy took uterus one overies cervix out said uterus was boggy like said i had adonodes or something go back to my doctor he said i had a fistula just found this out guess i will be getting my records i don't want women going threw what i had to go threw it is a hard road to go the hystertomy helped some but things still are not right i think we all should get together do a class action law suite not let them get away with this

  • profile image

    teacherspetz 5 years ago

    I had the Novasure procedure done on Dec. 29th, 2007. The procedure went fine. On New Year's Eve I wasn't feeling very well. On January 2nd, my 5 year old daughter came down with an ear infection. I took her to the dr. and while I was there, I began really not feeling well. I had a slight fever. The urgent care dr. was a friend and he told me just to call my OB. It was probably just a slight infection. I went to the pharmacy to get my daughter's prescription and proceeded to try to get a hold of my dr. Turns out he is on vacation so they tell me just to go to the ER. I drop my kids off with my mom and proceed to the ER. I get to the ER and while I am in the waiting room I start shaking violently. I looked like someone on crack. LOL I was so cold and could not stop shaking. People gave me their jackets to try to help not knowing I had a nasty fever going. None of the nurses came to help me. Luckily, I had called my dad (my husband was working across town) and all I could iterate to him was hospital, come, now! Within 25 minutes of being in the ER waiting room, I start throwing up violently! Just as my dad shows up, they start calling my name to go to admitting. I'm sitting in admitting throwing up and I couldn't even sign my name to the papers. My dad had to do it for me. They get me back in the room and start doing all kinds of tests. Hours later, they say I have a cyst on my uterus that is causing the problem and it needs to be drained. They start pumping antibiotics into my system and tell me that they will have to do it in the morning. I spend the night there, and the next morning they try to go in through my vagina to drain the cyst. The radiologist is unable to do so, so they send me to ct scan to do another procedure. At this point the dr. wants to put me under and take 10 inch needles (no lie!) and stick them into my butt to try to drain the cyst that way. By this time I had stopped throwing up and the drugs they use to put me under don't mix well with me on a normal day, so I tell the man that I have had 2 children naturally with no issue and that I can handle this. He proceeds to tell me that he'll do it the way I want to , but only if I stay still. He continues on to tell me that if I feel anything go numb in my legs to let him know b/c he could hit something to cause me to be paralyzed. At this point I am wondering why he wanted to put me out. Would I have ended up paralyzed? So they begin the procedure and about 10 minutes into it I begin to shake violently and can't control myself. They have to end the procedure and take me back to my room until I stop. An hour later, I am convulsing and I can hear the heart monitor beeping violently. I feel fluid coming out of my vagina and I am throwing up at the same time. I then feel faint and tell my husband that I think I am dying. At that point everything goes black and I tell him that I can't see him anymore and I pass out. When I come too, everyone is around my bed wondering what they should do. My fever had spiked to 104 and no one knows why. Later that day I am sent back down for a ct scan which reveals that the cyst had popped. My body had gone septic and gone into shock. I spend another night there and things don't get any better. They have 5 OB's look at me, a radiologist, infectious disease doctor, and a neurologist (those are the ones I remember). Three days into it, one of the OB's tells me I am fine and that they could send me home right now. They had been giving me 3 different kinds of antibiotics including vancomycin, used for MRSA. My headaches are through the roof. I feel like my head is going to pop off. Now they have a neurologist on me taking me for MRI's. After 5 days, the infectious disease doctor determines that I have e-coli. My regular OB comes back into town the last day and tells me that I probably contracted it from the catheter. I get sent home with a pic-line and iv antibiotics for a few weeks. I go back in a month later and am told that I am all better. A month after that (Valentine's Day) I go in with severe pain in my right side. The dr. tells me he thinks that my ovary has probably twisted and died and wants to take me back into surgery to see. I go into surgery that night and when I come to, the nurse tells me that he took out my appendix. She is mesmerized by the fact that an OB took out my appendix. I go back in for a follow-up and I still have pain. The appendix came back from pathology as perfectly healthy. The dr. then proceeds to tell me that it is all in my head. I tell him there is no way my dad is going to let this go. He tells me that I'm 34 years old and that I don't have to listen to my dad anymore and that it sounds like my dad has munchausen syndrome. At this point I am in tears and end up leaving. I go back to my old OB who is no longer on my insurance and pay out of pocket to find out that I now have ovarian cysts (which I never had before). While I was in the hospital one of the OB's told me that one day I will be thankful I had this surgery. I will never say I am thankful I had it done. The pain it caused my kids, husband, and parents was unbelievable. It is almost 5 years and I can say that I don't have a period. Once a year, I spot for a day, but as I type this letter, I still have the nagging pain on my right side. Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share my story. Looks like so many have gone through a terrible time with something that was supposed to be oh so great.


  • profile image

    Lorrayne 5 years ago from Falkirk, Scotland

    It's now been 5 months since my Novasure Op. I have to say that it has worked really well. No more periods at all, no pain, no side effects whatsoever . I am obviously lucky as judging by some of the other posts many people have had problems. Im so pleased that I had it as no more anaemia ..... Brilliant! I have to say that based on my experience I would certainly think about having the procedure rather than a hysterectomy, especially if you are my age a young 49!

  • profile image

    Aytheri 5 years ago

    I want to know if anybodies Dr used General Anesthetic on them or D&C'd them. I bled for almost a month after my ablation but afterwards I have only had the slightest of pink during my periods. Weirdly I still get cramps, but certainly not as bad as before.

    Also, maybe it was because of the D&C but I am appalled at all of the NovaShure literature that claims there is "little" pain.

    Um. HELL. NO.

    I have never had Vicodin in my life and I was SO SO SO SO glad my OBGYN gave me some. It took me almost a week to stop feeling like I had been hit by a bus!

  • profile image

    Donna44 5 years ago

    OMG - I was so relieved when I found this site.

    I had Novesure 28th November last year and from day 1 have been having problems.

    Severe pain on the right hand side, bloated, headaches - in February they went back in and found I had adhesions and i thought my problems were solved - oh no !!

    They then took out my appendix and found more adhesions....... still in constant pain, my consultant said the Novesure would change my life - he was certainly right there - no exercise, no going out with friends, 4 months off work - its really changed my life......

    i'm just waiting for him to now agree a full hyerestomy not something I had planned at 44 but if he doesn't make a decision soon i'm almost tempted to give it a go myself !!

  • profile image

    ProgressiveChick 5 years ago

    Gals - first of all, switch to a female gynecologist. The last time I went to a male gyno, he told me that my cramps were all in my head. I was 22 at the time and knew that I had to find a new, female doctor.

    I am now 52 and I've had painful, heavy, clotty, crampy periods all my life. Back in early 2011, I began having the never-ending periods - each about 3 weeks long with lots of blood lost. I developed anemia to the point where I could barely keep my eyes open at my desk or walk up a flight of stairs. I was looking at a possible hemoglobin transfusion. So, I had the Novasure procedure done in November 2011. My doctor, a woman, suggested I have it. So I had it done. First 5 months were great - light spotty periods and then gone after a few days. Which brings us to April. Period is back in full force - 2 - 3 weeks, heavy bleeding, lots of clots.

    Needless to say, I am so disappointed! Reading your stories about having complications 2 - 3 years after the procedure is alarming. I have an appt. with my gyno - we'll see if shes' as dismissive as the male doctors you're all writing about.

    Looks like I'll be opting for a hysterectomy - the kind where they take your uterus but leave the ovaries. Sigh.

  • profile image

    JanaD 5 years ago

    I am going in for a hysterectomy on July 2nd. The Endometrial Oblation is a completely nasty with it's daily brown discharge, sickening with it's monthly labor like cramping, dangerous with it's hormonally imbalancing ovarian cyst developing, longer term bleeding Procedure that I would never recommend to anyone.

  • profile image

    kel76 6 years ago

    I was due to have this procedure tomorrow and have researched it and listened to personal experiences and because of that I have cancelled my treatment. Nothing in the Doctor advice leaflets mentions any of the complications other than light bleeding and mild cramp for a day or 2. I have been to the gynae dept three times since Christmas in preparation and not once was I asked if I'd had a C- Section, it was not until today on the advice posts that I discovered how having a section makes the chances of complications much more likely because of the weak scar area. At only 35 years old my periods are also likely to return within a few years (something else not in the Dr's Leaflet!) I don't think I could cope with the pain you are all experiencing or the thought of having to repeat the procedure. So it's back to square 1 whilst I consider my options. Thanks to everyone for the advance warning in sharing your personal experiences.

  • profile image

    Lorrayne 6 years ago from Falkirk, Scotland

    I have just had the novasure procedure today! (3 April 2012) At the moment I feel ok but I wish I had read these comments before the op! I have a bit of cramp not had any pain killers for 5 1/2 hrs. I also have a tumour in my womb so had a biopsy at same time - hopefully it is a fibroid. Never saw the surgeon after op as I was still in the land of nod after general anaesthetic so doc left. Got a follow up appointment in 3 months when I will get the results of biopsy unless the doc thinks the results warrant an earlier appointment. I will keep u posted on my progress over next few months - hopefully I will fare better than some of other patients but time will tell!!

  • profile image

    liveinlove 6 years ago

    I had the Novasure ablation done August of 2010. The first 3 months were ok, not great but ok. Then the horrific pain started with each "period", I didn't bleed much at all but the pain was awful. So the Ob/GYN put me on Loestrin..and this helped the pain issue and I no longer then had any period symptoms other than mirgraines (yuck). Well now thanks to the Loestrin therapy my triglercides went up to a dangerous level and my cholesterol is far too high, so I went off the hormone pills. I have been off them for 2 months and now all the sudden a period has returned, bleeding heavily, migraine headache and pain that is excruciating. My doctor keeps passing me off. His bedside manner is very poor anyhow, he is a terrific surgeon but... I now wish I had just had a hysterectomy rather than the ablation.

    This pain is more than I can handle... and pain medications just make me feel rummy and then I cant do my daily work as well as I should.

    At the time when I had the ablation I read all I could get my hands on and it looked like the least invasive way to deal with the heavy bleeding that kept me home 5-6 days a month.

    I am not so sure that those who own/run Novasure are being honest with the public.

  • profile image

    djacks 6 years ago

    I am so glad I stumbled onto this page! I was just at my gyn today to get some sort of relief. I have heavy bleeding and clotting pretty much 99% of my life. There are maybe 30 days out of a year that i DON'T bleed. My gyn reccommended the novasure procedure. I was really excited that there was something that could be done to help me, and was ready to say YES lets to it. Until I stumbled onto this page, now I am NOT going to have it done! Thank you so much for protecting me from the horrible things that each of you have had to go through! I will be forever grateful!

  • profile image

    winterchick 6 years ago

    I too am a victim of endometrial ablation. I was just "diagnosed" today with what the internet calls "post ablation syndrome" - the horrific pain associated with the start of my cycle, which is due to the scarring and trapping of menstrual fluid in the pockets formed by scar tissue. I would NEVER have had this procedure done if my gyn had informed me of this risk. I already called my attorney, and unfortunately i am past the statute in my state (had procedure done in 1/2008), and i can't find any info on class action lawsuits pending (but I read above that it can't happen!). I am so angry. It took 2 1/2 years for my symptoms to escalate into what they are today (they apparently get worse month to month), so my gyn decided to blow off my complaints early on, and still didn't inform me of this problem - i had to go to another doctor, and gyn specialist, to hear about this. This procedure ruined me; i should have just gone on the pill for the excessive bleeding. Shame on my gyn for telling me in October that she "didn't know" what was causing my symptoms. Liar! LADIES: PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS IS THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU BEFORE HAVING THE PROCEDURE DONE. Women who have complications after ablation usually need a hysterectomy (or os their doctors say). More money for them. I lose 3-4 days of my life due to horrific pain; i am sorry for those who experience worse than me - i can't even imagine!

  • Mizsnow profile image

    Mizsnow 6 years ago

    Thank you all for the comments. It is very sad but yet eye opening that I am not the only woman out there this has happened to. If I save even one woman from going through this then it means my words were not in-vane. I am working on a part two to this blog since I have not gotten anywhere with the doctors since I first wrote this.

  • profile image

    wen723dy 6 years ago

    I had Nova Sure done last week and before I even left the hospital, I felt like I had to urinate but couldn't go. Now it is painful when I urinate, not like a bladder infection, but as my bladder empties about halfway through, I am screaming in pain until my bladder is empty. I also feel like I always have to go to the bathroom and am urinating an extreme amount of times per day and night. Any one else have this happen after the surgery?

  • profile image

    AMCollins 6 years ago

    Jill... I completely agree with you! I had a d&c and ablation one week ago today. It was the worst pain when I got home, almost like contractions nonstop for 3 days. I have been on pain medicine since the surgery, I ended up with a bad UTI afterward because I could not urinate properly when I got home, so the pain in my abdomen from the surgery plus the pain from the UTI gets unbearable! Still having to wear a large pad, panty liners won't cut it, between the constant bleeding sometimes red, sometimes pink, sometimes rust color,the yucky sticky discharge AND the on and off clear "stuff" that comes out, I never get a break! I am so bloated and have been since I had this done, I look like I am 9 months pregnant, I have been taking GasX like crazy with no relief in sight. Cramping is constant, can't sleep, lower addomen (left side) pain all the time, back pain, can't stand or sit for long, SOOO tired all of the time, no energy.. I could go on! The sad thing is that I actually read up on this proecdure before doing it and thought that I would still be okay and that none of these things would happen to me. My Dr. assured me it was a piece of cake, no worries she said, I'd be in and out and back to normal in two days (she knew I was starting a new job a week after the surgery) so she pushed me to go ahead and do the procedure then! Now the Dr. is acting funny that I have complained like I shouldn't be feeling this way! No kidding Doc! I should not have done this. I really don't feel that I will ever get back to normal. I think it really is a trial by basis procedure really, it may work for some people and not for others. I did it to avoid a hysterectomy that from what I have been told now will end up happening anyway! If you read these comments and get a bad feeling, don't be like me and think it won't happen to you because it very well can. Do more research, read the complaints and weigh your options. I had BAD bleeding, clots, accidents, tired, pain for 2 weeks at a time with my monthly period and honestly, I would take that back over this mess anyday! Also, my Dr. wanted me to have this done in her office because it was quicker and I would have only been on valium, pain meds prior. I decided against that after talking to a friend that had it done that way, she said it was the most horrible pain she had ever felt and yes, it is only 90 seconds but those 90 seconds passed very slowly and she felt that she had been set on fire literally. I was put under, IV sedation, didn't feel a thing for that part, of course afterwards was a different story! Just a little heads up if you are on the fence on doing it in the office versus outpatient.. Good Luck!

  • profile image

    Jill 6 years ago

    I had the procedure done six months ago because i was having a period about 20-27days a month.My doctor spoke highly of it so I had it done,now I have extreme cramps and pain in my abdomen. I wanted to have everything taken out in the first place,but my doctor said it should be great. Now I regret it every day. I would not recommend it to anyone

  • profile image

    ness 6 years ago

    i have had all the symptoms ,bloating servere pain in my right side,bleeding getting heavy again ,have had ultrasound scans ct scans and the only thing that eventually showed up was a small fibroid, went back to doctors because pain was so bad felt like something wanted to pop in my right side,he sent me to see gyne , who wants to do anouther nova sure prosedure, am not happy with this and asked for a hystorectomy to be done ,but he said because all the scans have showed my tubes an overies are ok , he dosnt want to do this . am 48 yrs old and am fed up with all the messing about , am in lot of pain , what can i do , any ideas, thankyou.

  • profile image

    Lyn Richey 6 years ago

    I just had a friend go to ER two days ago bcz of this; she had her procedure done 2 yrs ago. She was in extreme pain, light red & brown bleeding, cramping and pressure from hip to hip in lower abs and around to her buttocks.

    I got on here to research her problem and have told her of you ladies having the same problems as her.

    Because of you...I WILL NOT get this done!! You have saved 1 person from going thru this...THANK YOU!!!

  • profile image

    darcy 6 years ago

    i had the nova sure proceedure 5 months ago now every time someone presses on my abdomen it hurts really bad! i too only have light bleeding brown like the end of my cycle? i am really scared that something is messed up in there and don't want to get an hystorectomy. does anyone else have this pain?

  • profile image

    crystal 6 years ago

    I too had the novasure surgery in 2008 and i would have to say they did not say that following the surgery that you would have extremely, unbareable menstrual cramps. I have found that over time the cramps have increased. The pain gradually increased over time with each cycle. I hope that with the out pour of complaints that something is done. If nothing else maybe that is a side effect that they need to tell us that after the surgery you might experience extreme menstrual cramps down the road. In my case I experienced this. I hope that someone can challenge this company because after doing some research there's a lot of women who has experienced this. If I would have known how bad that it would increase my cramping I wouldn't have choosen the surgery that my doctor recommeded. Because after all now i'm looking into getting a hysterectomy. So how successful was this surgery in the first place. All it has done was delay my from having to have an hysterectomy and in between time cause a lot of pain and agony.

  • profile image

    sheila 6 years ago

    sheila this is the worst pain you could imagine feels like you are on fire cant sleep cant get contfortable you don't want to drink everything wears youout have to lay around feels like a poisoning urin looks like pus in it that's when i really feel bad been dealing with this since 06 had nova sure started coughing up blood for quite some time went to doctor after docter just look at me like yea right even been told im depressed i am not i quit thinking this is the one that's gonna help me think again its all about money we live in america ive lost alot cant do nothing anymore living in pain every day i ust to raise dogs could no longer do it couldn't take care of them had to find them aii homes it broke my heart i cried when i had to say goodbye my family has suffered icant do what i once did i wish i would have never had the novasure it ruined all of our lives i guess ibelieved they would help me wrong its been 5 years i don't wish this on my worst enemy its been nothing but hell in the time while im down husband battled prostatecancer and jan heartattack i cant help him pay bills that is the worst part right now we are making payments on his medical bills cant afford any more i wish doctors would admit things can go wrong and do i hope everyone out there does get some releaf no one should ever have to live this way at least i know im not alone ifeeled swelled allthe time rght side usually cant even touch it real tender ive learned to bend knee when i lay on side i had a dctor wanting to send me to pain management he coulnt touch my side hurt so bad i said ive been dealing with this my self i will keep dealing with it i don't want a cover up iwant fixed

  • profile image

    Judee  6 years ago

    I had my Novasure Endometrial Ablation November 2004 and had great expectations. No more pain or heavy bleeding. However, I continued to spot and the pain gradually returned - and then some! Eight months later the pain during "period" spotting was so great that I would be incapacitated, nauseous, and felt I could pass out if I attempted to stand. My OB/GYN "Doctor" told me to take ibuprofen. The next month he instructed me to come to his office where he proceeded to explain to me how my pain was "illogical" and accused me of over-reacting. He offered me pills for my nerves but said he was reluctant to prescribe anything for pain. I was mortified! The following month I went to my primary care physician who sent me directly to the Emergency Room. I was admitted to the hospital, an abdominal MRI was done to rule out a ruptured appendix. The surgeon released me the next day telling me that I was not a surgical candidate. I asked why I was in so much pain to which he stated, "Must be gastrointestinal." Again . . . Mortified! I knew it wasn't that! The next month when the excruciating pain returned, I went to a different (better) Emergency Room who actually looked at the uterus as well as the abdomen! Finally, abnormalities were discovered, I was given pain medication and an appointment with a gynecological surgeon. Not wanting to rush into a hysterectomy, I got a second opinion by a third doctor who agreed with the hysterectomy given my history since the ablation. It took a full year to get the diagnosis and the result was a full hysterectomy. My surgeon was shocked to find an irregularly large, distorted uterus filled with fibrosis and adenomyosis! I had been in pain prior to the ablation - but it paled in comparison to the excruciating pain I endured after. After obtaining the notes on my ablation, I found out that the normal procedure called for 90 seconds of energy be administered for the procedure. My "doctor" administered 2 minutes at 103 Jules. I'm no doctor - but I know that 2 of the 4 doctors involved with me did not honor their Hippocratic Oath. I don't know if it was doctor error of 30 seconds or the Novasure itself that caused my year of hell. But beware - be cautious - and be persistent.

  • profile image

    maryanna 6 years ago

    i have novasure in oct2010 and in feb2011 i started have pain with urination not like u get with a U.T.I or bladder infection it just felt wrong, any come to find out i had two large cysts the largest the size of a softball so i had to have a hystorectomy and that's why i got the novasure in the frit place is so i didn't have to have on and the could noy do it inuteral the cut me wide open , and i never had cysts like that before the novasure so that's my guess

  • profile image

    kathleen 6 years ago

    My mom had this procedure a few days ago and now she is in the hospital. I am so worried about her, they don't know what went wrong yet. If anyone reading this is considering the procedure don't do it! When it goes wrong it goes VERY wrong. After seeing her and how much pain she is in and reading how much this thing goes wrong I can't even believe that the procedure is legal!

  • profile image

    FRAN 7 years ago

    I had Novasure in December 2009. Life could not be better! For about 3 months after I had a really bad discharge, but after that no problems at all! Periods are so light. One of the best decisions I ever made!

  • profile image

    Kristen 7 years ago

    I had novasure in 2007 in conjunction w/ a tubal ligation. Now, I suffer from constant pain and nausea (post ablation tubal syndrome). I am told that I will need to have my uterus removed but the doctors will leave my ovaries and cervex but. Once the uterus is removed, my ovaries will stop getting the blood supply they need to function. Once my ovaries stop functioning, I will go through menopause. I am 36 years old.

  • profile image

    AM 7 years ago

    Hey BB I will like to know if the second surgery worked???

    Please responde to

  • profile image

    Kim Hetrick 7 years ago

    I had the novasure procedure done in June of 2010. My recovery as I thought normal, brown like discharge and moderate (uncomfortable) cramping for the first month. Then lighter periods for about 6 months after, then all of the sudden in December, I had severe abdominal cramping, back pain, and NO PERIOD! The pain is truly unbearable, and puts me out of commission now for the second month for about three days. There's no fever, lots of bloating, gas, and pain. I called the Dr. she called me back and told me to make an appointment to see her. I called the office, told them the symptoms and they gave me an appointment for a MONTH later? They must know about this, even at the scheduling level. I cannot believe that so many women have these types of after affects and are unable to find restitution. Maybe I would have had a hysto had I known about the pain and bloating. And, to top it off, I do not believe that I even had the appropriate pre-surgery test to see if my uteris was a "candidate" for this procedure. In fact I'm sure I didn't....I am going to get my medical records and check for myself. I'll let you know. I don't know what to do about the pain at this point, or the weight gain either....sad in PA.

  • profile image

    aharris 7 years ago

    Where The truth is that Novasure is designed for the perfect uterus... ANY difference or abnormality, including tubaligation, c-section, and undiagnosed adnemyosis (which can only be dx in pathology) puts the patient at high risk of later complications. Docs like Novasure because it is a quick and easy procedure to perform. They sell it to patients as an alternative to hysterectomy that will only leave them sore for a few days... The modern methods of hyst. also provide a much quicker recovery.

    doe this information come from? Is this a proven fact?

  • profile image

    Wenkle 7 years ago

    I had Novasure in June 2009 for anemia due to heavy periods also. For almost the first year everything was fine. I recovered fine and even lost track of my cycles since I wasn't having monthly flow. Then in May it all started...Pain and bloating, bowel troubles... The docs were starting to think I was making it up, it would occur and then I would be fine. I was keeping a food journal to figure out what in my diet may be causing it...That's when I realized it was occurring on a cycle. Novasure is probably the most effective in destroying the uterine lining, but obviously the later complications of that are only now becoming evident. Along with that, since it is considered an alternative to hysterectomy, most doctors assume that the uterus is inactive and therefore look for other causes.

    Hologic Inc has applied for FDA approval to offer Novasure as a "cosmetic procedure" for women who would like to not have periods... Of course there was testimony presented that there are long term complications. But I think more people need to speak out about Novasure.

    There are too many doctors offering the procedure to patients who are not candidates like myself. The doctors are giving the explanation that it is approved with those warnings, guidelines because that is what was tested in clinical trials...

    The truth is that Novasure is designed for the perfect uterus... ANY difference or abnormality, including tubaligation, c-section, and undiagnosed adnemyosis (which can only be dx in pathology) puts the patient at high risk of later complications. Docs like Novasure because it is a quick and easy procedure to perform. They sell it to patients as an alternative to hysterectomy that will only leave them sore for a few days... The modern methods of hyst. also provide a much quicker recovery.

  • profile image

    swampwillow 7 years ago

    I had the Novasure procedure over a year ago, but have had none of the problems you ladies indicate. I do know if you have any kind of abnormalities (fibroids, etc.), it's not going to produce the results one wants.

  • profile image

    BB 7 years ago

    I'm sorry that you've suffered so much from this procedure. I have too!

    I had a Novasure ablation in January and in June I started having severe daily bouts of pain--10 on a 10 scale with me screaming for 2 to 5 hours. I too went from doctor to doctor, who thought it was diverticulitis or colitis, and I've been to the ER many times. But a colonoscopy revealed that there were no diseases of the bowel. Finally, a sonagram they gave me in the ER last week, caught the problem, which is "Post Ablation Tubal Ligation Syndrome," or PATSS, which eventually causes endometritis and pyometa. The OB/GYN they called in wanted to give me an emergency hysterectomy and put me on IV antibiotics, because the infection in my uterus was severe.

    Still not wanting a hysterectomy, I returned to my regular OB/GYN last week who performed the ablation to see if he had any other solution. He seemed to want to deny, at first, that the ablation caused this. LOL! But I'm scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, August 28, including another ablation that will supposedly hit the top of the uterus this time, which is the source of the problem as it wasn't properly fried out the first time around and so blood and fluid can't escape.

    I've since read a ton of information on this syndrome and learned this...they usually can't see this problem with an ultrasound, as it's in the cornua area of the uterus and so it will only show up on an MRI. In fact, I'd had several ultrasounds and a CT scan that didn't reveal the problem. It was only after the uterus became infected and swollen that it was visible on the ultrasound. Also, a lot of radiologist aren't familiar with this syndrome and don't recognize it if it does show up.

    So I'd suggest that you tell you doctor that you need an MRI. Maybe they will finally get to the root of your problem.

    Good luck! I hope you find some relief soon.

    I hope I do too as I can't bear this bear pain any longer.


  • profile image

    Nikki 7 years ago

    I had novasure procedure 6 days ago, and if I knew the naggingpain, all I can say it is now like labour pains. The pain is ongoing with taking of pain killers the poain also makes my right leg have pins and needles. I have pain when going for a number one and two in the pit of my tummy. The discharge is small and light brown gooey(sorry guys) I just want to cry I am really down due to the pain...i am thinking was it worth it.

  • profile image

    Brenda 7 years ago

    Sabrina, I am so glad I read your comment. The exact same thing is happening to me. Was fine for a year and now have the most excruciating pain every month that I am going to seek a hysterectomy. Believe me, I have a very high tolerance for pain. This was bad. Periods are back as well.

  • profile image

    Loucks2 7 years ago

    Sabrina...what you wrote that will happen to everyone is not true. Each person is different. You are a case all on your own. Has nothing to do with others. I had it done and that is not the case at cant say because something happens with you it WILL happen to everyone...

  • profile image

    Sabrina 7 years ago

    It's been 3 years now since i had the procedure done. I was really really happy with the results and told all my friends (wish I hadn't). 3 months ago I got my first period; it lasted a day or two but I had some pain on the lower left quadrant of my abdomen that was not severe but dull and nagging. The fluid was a brownish color like some have said, "the end of the period" period. A few days ago I had pain soooooo severe that i wanted to go to the hospital; like having baby, but none of the joy after. I was talking Aleve every 4 to 6 hours; it was horrible. I really thought something was wrong with me. BUT, I put the pieces together and realized that it might be my period. Here's what you should know before you do the procedure.

    1. You will have a period (light or heavy) eventually. Like I said I didn't have one for 3 years, but have now started spotting.

    2. It will be accompanied by severe cramps. Be prepared the pain is unbearable.

    3. The pain tends to start on the left side, but it will eventually travel across your lower abdomen. You may also feel it in your lower back and rectum. Be careful of how much medicine you take. You will want to take a lot of medicine because the pain is that horrible.

    4. You may notice that your digestive tract is off. I'm bloated all the time and always taking GasX. Every time I eat I am bloated or have pain from the gas.

    5. You may notice that it's hard to lose weight. My scale fluctuates between 6-10 pounds daily.

    The only reason I would not recommend this procedure is because of the pain. Please note this is NOT the type of pain you will be able to live with monthly. I am really worried about next month because I do not think I can take 3 days of the horrendous. I am going to the doctors to discuss a hysterectomy. I hope this helps.

  • profile image

    caroline34 7 years ago

    I can't believe I've just read your piece. It could have been written by me!!! I too had the same procedure (in England), after which I had the most awful pain which my consultant said was because the procedure hadn't worked and as a result blood was collecting in my womb which he said I needed to have a hysterectomy to rectify. Well I had the hysterectomy in July 2008 and its made absolutely no difference, I'm still in constant pain and unable to lead a normal life. You sound like your living my life and while I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy, I can't tell you how it feels to know that I'm not going mad (as I have been made to feel). Thank you so much for taking the time to write and my heart goes out to you.I hope that we are able to find an answer to what can be done.

  • donotfear profile image

    donotfear 8 years ago from The Boondocks

    I'm glad you're going public with this. Women need to know the risks. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Veronica Allen profile image

    Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

    I actually had this procedure done about five months ago, and so far it has been a success. I hate that it wasn't successful in your case, I know what it's like to suffer from excessive and painful menstrual cycles. I was having two a month and that's what encouraged me to talk with my ob-gyn for a solution. I was given three options: birth control pills, NovaSure/Uterine Balloon Therapy, or a hysterectomy.

    I choose the NovaSure procedure even after weighing the pros and cons (such as the fact that it can make you sterile, nerve damage, damage to the uterus, infection, in some rare cases serious injury or death, in contrast with the pros - less blood flow, less menstural pain - ironically, the cons seem to outwiegh the pros). I enquired of my ob-gyn as to how many times he had performed the surgery, how many of his surgeries were successful, what to expect, etc. You name, I asked it.

    A month after, during my next cycle, while the flow was considerably less, the pain was really severe. Fortunately, the months following have been pain free, and the flow has continued to decrease.

    I applaud you for informing other women about the seriousness of this procedure. Some may think that just because it only takes 90 minutes and is considered a simple in-office procedure, that there are not any drawbacks.

    However, a procedure no matter how big or small is worthy the time and energy it takes to do the reasearch. Then, and only then can they take in consideration all the pros and cons and not take it lightly.

    To quote you: women who are considering this procedure, "please do your research, don’t go into this lightly. Question your doctor make sure he or she has done this procedure and what the success rate has been. Question them as if you life depends on it because it does."

    I really hope you can find some relief from your suffering. Although the outcome was not pleasant for you, I think it was vital and good of you to share your personal experience with us.

    Women need to be informed, we need to take our health into our own hands. Whatever procedure we choose, we need to be sure that we are making an informed decision.

  • Mystique1957 profile image

    Mystique1957 8 years ago from Caracas-Venezuela


    This is a most unfortunate case! It is sad to think that you can´t be the way you used to be, and even worse when you consider that you had this procedure done with faith in it and you were let down!

    Good to know!

    I´ll stumble it right now!

    warmest regards and blessings,



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