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Now Available and Made in China: Fake Female Virgins

Updated on August 17, 2010

For eons, some women in some cultures have a social obligation to remain a virgin until married. The one sure clue a woman is not is when their hymen, a sort of door to their vagina, is ruptured and gone. If the this has occurred, it usually means the woman has had sex or by playing some sports or riding a bike. Most, tend to think it is having sex for the first time.

China remains a man's world and still conservative. Male chauvinistic attitudes prevail and many men there, including professionals, want their first wife to be a virgin-of course, many are not. To accommodate them, women have turned to Chinese doctors for a cheap fix and a lie. The Chinese hospitals do not advertise this service and one must ask for the procedural fix. 

For only $737, a woman can have the hymen stitched back on in less than 30 minutes, and giving the woman the thrill of the first time again! She gives the future husband the faux virgin that their society demands and want. Not surprisingly, most of the patients at Beijing Women's Hospital are in their 20's, getting married for the first time. The women taking part in this lie all say that it is unfair because men are not virgins when they get married and they have these unrealistic expectations. Yet, they do it just to save it for the man they love.

It would cheaper just to say the bicycle did it.


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    • bugslady8949 profile image

      bugslady8949 6 years ago from The Bahamas

      how sad, if they wanted to be virgins when they get married then do not go having sex. so the women are coming in the marriage with a lie and suppose one of her former lovers recognize her and tells her husband that he had sex with her what then?