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Numbing our Bodies to Free our Minds

Updated on December 21, 2010

Numb Bodily Sensation to Free your Mind

      Last night, I was tested in many ways by my "stalkers".  It was more effective to simply imagine my entire body as having been injected with Novocaine to interrupt all the synthetic bad feelings.  This is especially effective if you recite the Biblical passage: "Deaden your body members".  Then, you think of yourself as nothing more than your brain/mind.  This puts you more in charge of what's happening within your sub-conscious.  This allows you to police your own mind so that it doesn't become "infected" by horrendous thoughts that demoralize and weaken the individual mind. 

     At one point, my body was shaking from direct muscle stimulation.  It's JUST LIKE a muscle-stimulator has been attached to my muscles, causing them to suddenly contract involuntarily.  I then imagined myself packed in ice AND injected with novocaine throughout my body.  You'll notice that you can make yourself stop shaking if you do this OR imagine severing whichever body-part is shaking/not doing what you want it to.  This is also mentioned in The Bible:  "If a bodily member is OFFENDING YOU, cut it off".  This doesn't mean that you actually remove a body-part just because it is receiving synthetic impulses - you simply IMAGINE cutting it off.  This severs the mind/body link between your harassers and your body, allowing you to TAKE BACK CONTROL of YOURSELF. 

     This will interrupt FAKE EMOTIONS that we often receive in todays Scary New World.  You'll get hit in 2 places at once.  The mind receives subliminal commands to feel angry coupled with the sensation that your arm "wants to" lash out at someone/something.  Well, if you realize that you are under psychological attack and numb/remove that body-part in your mind:  the SENSATION STOPS.  It also pays to flex your "compassion muscle", which feels like the right side of the navel while thinking overwhelmingly positive thoughts about whoever/whatever this "sham rage" is apparently directed at.  It always helps to pray and listen for the "God Frequency" which is:  "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" (not ee-ee-ee!, ee-ee-ee!).  You'll feel: calmer, smarter, more discerning, more aware on this frequency.  You will be more or less protected from all fake emotion/bodily-stimulus when your focus is ENTIRELY on this "Benevolent Consciousness Frequency". 

      It helps to think back to the days before you knew what "bad" was.  This way, you aren't sucked into feeling aroused by "loaded words" which IMPLY something "naughty" or obscene.  It used to be so cool to be able to spot the meaning of "dirty jokes", that very knowledge is your worst enemy because you can be cued to become aroused at especially embarrasssing subject matter on T.V.  OR in public places.  THESE days, those who deaden their sexual organs will be IMMUNE to disturbing sexual ideation.  By reciting the passage:  "Unless ye be as little children, you will not inherit God's Kingdom."  really helps take you back to your "untainted state".  You could refer to this as a "Will to Innocence". 

      You'll get heckled for not "taking the bait" by being called:  "Cold", "Unresponsive", "Dead" or even "numb". These are good signs.  In the good old days, being "hot-blooded" was a compliment.....NOW it is actually a liability.  Funny how no one mentions this unless they've lived to tell about it.  You know that you have eluded your stalkers attempt to disturb your mind when you SEEM TO BE insulted.  You could call this "rejoicing in your persecution".  Again, good advice straight out of the Bible.  This "sexual demoralization" is especially bad for young men who do not know much about self-control.  You can't "open your door" to just any sexual stimulation like you could in the old days because THESE days, there are means of TRICKING YOU into thinking some absolutely HORRENDOUS IDEAS just by stimulating you in the WRONG PLACE at the WRONG TIME.  Better to be "Cold as Ice" than "Hot and BOTHERED"! 

     In conclusion, whether we believe in God or not is irrelevant........our society is weeding out impulsive people who "go with their feelings" to be psychologically-clubbed with subliminal/body stimulation to provoke a "forced mental breakdown" so that they can be "trained" or "re-educated".  You want this like people in the Middle-ages wanted The Black Plague.........this is a pestilence of the mind, so to speak and FEW are those wise enough to escape.  You have the benefit of hearing from someone who has "been there/felt that" to defend yourself from gangstalking/electronic harassment (mind/body stimulation for the purpose of undermining the individual psyche).  Deaden those body parts when your EARS ARE RINGING, will yourself to mental innocence, pray and convert ee-ee-ee! into "Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhh " and you'll be:  calmer, more enlightened and SAFER from Gangstalking.   


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