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Nutional Tips Using Visualation

Updated on July 19, 2012

Over the years I've tried many diets, taken diet pills, lived on the cabbage soup diet and others that shall remain nameless. However my best friend put it in perspective one day saying eat less, exercise more. Dah! Why didn't I think of that? Mainly because it was never about what I ate, it relates to the portions of food that I consumed. From the age of 18 years old, when I was considered an adult I made my own food choices which also included the serving sizes. I didn't consider what those serving sizes should have been and the number of meals and snacks I should have in a day to maintain a healthy balance of calories, grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy, cheese, fat and meat.

I decided to educate myself and make healthier choices so I can be here to see my youngest daughter get married, watch my grandchildren grow up and enjoy the gift of life God has blessed me with. I've read books, watched educational health shows and have seen a nutritionist. Believe me, the correct serving size and the ones I've chosen don't come close. Below I will list the above food categories, their correct portion size and give you tools to visualize those to a item. This has been a tremendous asset in changing my life style. I've begun to eat healthier, control my diabetes without medication, have lost weight and feel more awake and alive than I have in years.

Grains products: 1 cup of ceral = fist, 1 pancake = a compact disk, potatoes, pasta or rice dishes = half a baseball and a slice of bread = a cassette tape. Also, keep in mind that some breads are high in sodium, rice, pasta and potatoes are high in carbs. That information should be taken into consideration when you are meal planning or eating out.

Vegetables and Fruits: 1 medium ( apple, peach, nectarines or pear )piece of fruit = a baseball - no larger, cup of raisins = a large egg, cup of salad greens = a baseball, fresh vegetables, without anything added = a fist and fresh fruit cut up = half a baseball. Keep in mind that canned vegetables should be avoided, fresh is always healthier.

Milk / Cheese / Dairy/ Fats: 1% Milk = 8 oz, 1 to 2 times a day, Cheese = 1 slice or 1 dice, cream cheese = 1 dice, ice cream = half a baseball, margarine = 1 dice, cottage cheese = 1/4 cup and be butter is off limits. These choices are considered good sources of fat.

Meats: chicken /fish/ pork = 1 deck of cards, hamburger = a boys toy car, grilled fish = size of your a small paperback book. The healthier of meats to eat are chicken, pork and fish. They are a great source of protein.

Along with eating healthier for us older folks who have our shares of aches and pains, going for a walk each day will aid in the weight loss and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Refrain from eating prepared foods. The majority of these are high in sugar, sodium and other non essential fillers.

I hope this information is useful and can aid someone in their search for a healthy and happier life.


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    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 

      6 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      This is an excellent way to reduce portion size. I knew a couple of these - like the pack of cards - but not the other. And it's just right for the baby boomer generation. Younger folks reading this might wonder what size a cassette tape or a paperback book is! Maybe some readers can suggest other analogies. Voted up, useful, and funny.


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