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Nutrigen AM and PM Can Keep You Young and Healthy in a Scientific Way

Updated on April 17, 2012
Nutrigen AM and PM bottles
Nutrigen AM and PM bottles | Source

The Nutrigen AM and PM essentials are a combination of dietary supplements that should be consumed during the day and night. The capsules present in the AM bottle should be consumed during the day, and the ones contained in the PM bottle should be consumed only during the night. The quantities of essential vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants present in the contents of either of the bottles vary drastically.

Nutrigen AM and PM was formulated based on the data that was collected from years of research conducted exclusively to gain an understanding about the exact way the body functioned during the day and through the night. Chronobiology is the field of biology that studies how organisms react to biological rhythms. The autonomous nervous system of our body, also known as the involuntary nervous system which controls the heart rate, respiratory rate, digestion, etc. has two distinct divisions, the first is called the sympathetic nervous system, and the second is called parasympathetic nervous system. The first of the divisions, the sympathetic nervous system is known to be active during the day, and the second of the divisions, the parasympathetic nervous system is active during the night.

Nutrigen AM and PM has been formulated taking these realistic facts into account. Thus, our bodies are designed to be active during the day and restful during the nights. The body is so designed because the body can repair itself during the evening, and it remains very active during the day. But, as we age the balance is lost, and we tend to become sluggish during the day and sleepless during the night. Nutrigen AM and PM will help your body balance these imbalances using its key ingredients, and thus makes you healthy during the process.

Nutrigen AM and PM contains minerals and vitamins in addition to certain other essential complexes like the telomere maintenance complex, free radical scavenger complex, stem cell maintenance complex, and cell regulation complex. Nutrigen AM and PM should not be mistaken to be the same as other mineral and vitamins supplements available in the market, just because it contains minerals and vitamins. But, rather these minerals and vitamins have been included because the complexes present in Nutrigen AM and PM, need them to deliver their core function. The Nutrigen AM and PM essentials are your medication to controlling the aging process. The process of aging is a direct result of the damages the cells suffer due to free radicals. Thus, damages to the cell often damages the genetic material contained within the cell. Nutrigen AM and PM works on preventing these injuries from happening and thus slows down the aging process drastically.

Nutrigen AM and PM also contains various other blends of ingredients, and enzymes like probiotic blend, DNA repair blend, digestive enzymes, etc. The purpose of all these ingredients is to heal the body at the DNA level. Nutrigen AM and PM thus works on the source of the aging process; once cells are prevented from being damaged, the aging process is slowed down.

The benefits of Nutrigen AM and PM can be summarized as follows:

Nutrigen AM and PM,

  • protects cells from free radical attack
  • helps the cell in repairing its DNA in a natural way; healthy functioning of the cell is thus restored
  • the biorhythm of the body is fully restored; you become active during the day, and restful during the night
  • your skin quality has drastic improvements
  • your immune system is strengthened

Nutrigen AM and PM decreases your body fat, increases the body’s metabolic rate, and creates leaner muscles. Nutrigen AM and PM thus keeps you young, healthy, and fit.


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