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Nutrition or NOT-trition

Updated on March 1, 2016

We’ve all heard the promises. Dietary pills that’ll help burn all your calories, super-supplement that will boost your metabolism, purple drink that’ll give you jet boosters for legs. The list is as long as the promises, never-ending.

It has been recently established that vitamin and dietary supplements don’t really affect our bodies in the way we’ve imagined them to. One thing is for sure, supplements are “NOT” a replacement for a good old fashioned meal. Supplements do “NOT” make up for your daily recommended intake. Last but not least, you can do without supplements.

But if there’s such confusion on the efficacy of dietary health then why is there such a big demand for it? Why is there an entire industry? One that is advocated and supported by doctors and pharmaceuticals? Why are we paying for things that ‘don’t’ really work?

It’s time for people to scrutinize this industry and perhaps stop wasting money on medicines and supplements that don’t really benefit you but might be actually causing your health some unknown damage.

The body has developed in such a way that it is used to the foods it has received since the dawn of time. It does not recognize ‘nutrients’ but instead recognizes ‘nutrition’, breaking down the foods and absorbing the beneficiary nutrients. The evolution process depended on it. There is literally no pill substitute for real food and the benefits that come with it. Our bodies are just not built to process singular ‘vitamins’ (without the carbs, and proteins and minerals that come with a food). It reacts to the entire process of ‘nutrition’ as opposed to dropping a pill down the throat. Imagine missing a coin in an arcade machine – that coin passes right through. That’s what happens to your singular supplements.

If there’s ANY use of supplements, it is the filling of holes in your nutritional needs. Supplements are meant to fill in the ‘gaps’ of your nutritional requirements.

Now here’s the kicker. All this being said, the research and experiments done on these supplements have not been as extensive as we think.

Meaning what we deemed ‘alright and health beneficial’ has recently been found to actually be health DETRIMENTAL.

The research so far has been based on people that are relatively healthy as it is. People who exercise, eat right, sleep right, and ALSO happen to take multi-vitamins and other such supplements. YOU’RE BOUND to get positive results based on these samples. But when tests were done on subjects that only used supplements minus all other activity, doctors realized that there is FAR more than meets the eye.

Some supplements that were thought healthy and good for us, were actually bad. Example: Vitamin E -initially thought to protect the heart, scientists later discovered Vit.E was responsible for the promotion of bleeding strokes. Folic acid and other B vitamins were though to prevent heart disease and strokes—now, they are considered to increase the chances of cancer.

Obviously there’s a market for this sort’a thing. The market is ‘YOU’. The industry will do anything to make you believe you need NEED these. YOU buy, eat, and determine the future of these supplements and how we handle them. Before you decide on ‘becoming extra fit’ by taking those ‘extra supplements’ – consult your doctor, see where and if there is a deficiency that needs ‘plugging’. Then as per doctor’s advice, consume the recommended amount – but not as a replacement or as a cure, but a precursor to building and fully nutritional life.


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    • MartinRoy87 profile image

      Martin 2 years ago from London

      Love to share more.. Stay in touch :)

    • Boxing2016 profile image

      David Reed 2 years ago from US

      Helpful article. Thanks for sharing

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i only take vitamin c, nothing else, and I don't take anti biotic either