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Nutrition Tips For Losing Weight Easier

Updated on September 4, 2012

Losing weight is not tough as people think.When you are trying desperately to loose weight but every time fail you have to check the whole system carefully.When you are on diet plan for long days but don't see any substantial fat loss this means you are making some serious error.Some diets are effective but reduces metabolic rate and in consequence when you start eating normal food you will get back the lost weight quickly.Try losing weight without following any particular diet plan.

Below are few simple tips that will help you losing weight easier and more effective.

Planning Meal Is Best way To Lose Weight

Planning a meal is first step of weight loss. Actually in the very beginning you fill it is problematic but with time it will be clear what to choose and what not. Have a bit patience and see how soon you be a master of planning your meals.

1. Every meal should be balanced with protein, carbohydrate and fat - Meals for fat loss should contains lean protein, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids.Don't afraid about carbohydrate and fat. Complex carbohydrates release energy slowly so it does not converted to fat easily. Unsaturated fat helps to reduce fat.

2. Eat Less carbohydrates rich before going to sleep- In your resting time body reaches to basal metabolic rate when of utilization of energy is minimum. Excess energy from excess carbohydrates converted to fat and deposited.

3. In weekend make you meal schedule for the next week - if you spend some time in weekend to create your next week's dies plan then it will be easier to make those dishes in spite of fast and hectic working schedules.

4. Give up alcohol - Alcohol contains 7 cal/gm calories, next to fat.Drinking certainly increases fat deposition. It also cause dehydration,wash off vitamins.

5. If you have a morning working job or a late raiser never skip breakfast. If requires make it before going to bed.

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Water Intake Is Important

At least 2-3 liters water is essential to maintain perfect metabolism by hydrating cells. Less water intake may cause dehydration, digestion problem, headache, low pressure, fatigue, specially when you are on low calorie diet. Large amount of water also reduces rick of getting kidney and gal-stone. It is not tough to drink pure water 2-3 liters/day. Make it a habit. Always keep a bottle of water near your hand and drink frequently. You may add few slice of lemon to your drinking water but don't mix and syrup or juice. Don't go for carbonated drink instead of pure water.

Never Skip Your Breakfast

After a whole night fasting you take your first calorie intake in your breakfast. It is time when all of your body cells are waiting for good. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Never keep it off and make your body starving.

If you frequently go into starving state your body will be much aware about it and it will start depositing energy as fat for utilizing in the time of starvation. Research showed that a good breakfast keeps a man much better physically and mentally active.

Never Skip Your Meals

If you frequently go into starving state your body will be much aware about it and will start depositing energy as fat for utilizing in the time of starvation.Whenever you eat after a long time your system very fast keep some energy aside for future use and it stores as fat. So never ever let your body go into starving state.

Eat Small Amount But Frequently

As said before hunger pang may change your metabolic pattern and it is harmful if you are a inborn fatty type person.Take frequent food but less in amount. Hunger feeling starts by some biochemical mechanism as soon as blood glucose level reduces. Frequent food, reach in complex carbohydrate, keeps blood sugar level up to reduce hunger pang and your bodies food demand does not increase to the level when you intake excess calories to convert that to fat.

Enjoy Your Diet When Losing Weight

when we are after losing weight we are always run after to an instant formula.For sake of fast fat loss we then drastically restrict calories and avoid certain type of foods. You have to create a eating habit if you want to be and stay in the lean state. This habit you have to maintain forever. Fast diet gives fast result but for short time. These short time/fast diet has some adverse consequence too. These diet plans reduce metabolic rate so the un-utilized calories store as fat if you change the diet plan to normal. Besides they may be not much balanced food and can cause health problems like hair loss, osteoporosis, lethargy etc. Every one will want to avoid these consequences and to do that I will suggest you to go slow. I mean to say, change your diet slowly without disturbing the balance of your metabolic rate. Diet control is not a punishment but a path towards better and healthy life. Diet control means not to give up your favorite dishes but make a control of your desire. You certainly can take your favorite dishes but not frequently, occasionally reward yourself with your favorite foods.

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