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Nutrition during Pregnancy

Updated on October 27, 2011

Your daily diet during Pregnancy

The best gift a mother can give to her baby is a good start in life.
It is important for a pregnant woman to eat well balanced meals comprising of food from all food groups.
Good nutrition is important for a healthy pregnancy. Eating the right foods can ultimately affect the health of you and your baby.
However how can you be ensure that you're eating the right foods? Choosing widely from the food listed under each of the following food group will ensure your diet remains well balance throughout your pregnancy.

Food Category

Rice & Rice Alternatives
Foods from this group include rice, pasta, noodles, cereals, bread and other starchy foods. These are good sources of energy, therefore a large proportion of your diet should comprise food from this category. As well as energy, they also supply you with B vitamins, minerals like iron and zinc, fiber and a minor protein. Try to include whole-grain breads or brown rice products in your diet.

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are excellent sources of many critical vitamins and minerals, as well as supplying fiber for roughage. Especially these food types contain carotenoids (which are used to form vitamin A), the B vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Minerals include potassium, calcium and magnesium among others.
Eat a wide variety of vegetables to get the most nutritional value from vegetables. Include green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kalian and kangkung as they tend to be higher in certain nutrients in comparison with other types of vegetables. Avoid over-cooking vegetables as this destroys the vitamins.
Fruit, particularly citrus fruit like oranges, is a good source of vitamin C which usually helps iron absorption. Eating fresh fruit with its edible skin will also provide you with fiber.

Milk & Milk Products

Milk, cheese and yogurt are rich sources of calcium and provide other essential nutrients like protein, vitamins A and D, and some B vitamins. Choose low fat or nonfat milk and milk products if you are concerned about gaining too much weight.

Meat & Meat Alternatives

Foods in the meat group are from animal sources, for example lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs and seafood. They are major sources of protein, B vitamin and minerals like iron and zinc. Lean red meats are the best source of iron, but remember that most meats contain moderate to high amounts of fat. Use the leanest cuts available or trim off the excess fat before cooking.
Meat alternatives include plant food such as bean curd, legumes (peas and beans), nuts and seeds, all of which provide protein, vitamins and minerals. Note that nuts and seeds contain moderate amounts of fat.
Try to have a combination of meat and legumes in your diet. Both are rich sources of important nutrients but should only be consumed in moderate amounts.

Other Foods

This category includes fats (e.g. margarine, butter), oils, salt and sugar, as well as foods and seasonings which contain them.
Consume only minimal amounts of these food types, but do not totally avoid them as they provide some fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D and E, and also essential fatty acids.

Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid


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    • profile image

      happyyeo 6 years ago

      Great hub, very informative. voted up!

    • umakeit profile image

      umakeit 6 years ago

      Good info. Thanks for sharing.

    • klyyong profile image

      klyyong 6 years ago

      Ensure balanced diet is very important. Basic exercise designed for pregnancy would help too. Good hub. Thanks.

    • profile image

      abacus2000bc 6 years ago

      I never about this information even though I am a father of two. Good article.

    • wealthier profile image

      wealthier 6 years ago from Seoul

      Thanks for this useful info.

      It helped me to know more about nutrition during pregnancy.

      If I get married, I will be able to give those advice to my wife during pregnancy period.

      Great hub.


    • calvinlau88 profile image

      calvinlau88 6 years ago from Malaysia

      thanks for sharing

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Henry which article? any link?

    • henrygogoals profile image

      henrygogoals 6 years ago from Singapare

      I read an acticle that recently US Food Dept revise the food pyramid? Is it true?

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks Jacinta104

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks martinyz

    • Jacinta104 profile image

      Jacinta104 6 years ago from Penang

      Very good information for mothers-to-be. Thanks for sharing

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      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks ilitek

    • martinyz profile image

      martinyz 6 years ago

      Great sharing

    • ilitek profile image

      ilitek 6 years ago

      the food taken during pregnacy will gretly determine the baby growth later.

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Your are right, ghiblipg

      too many Chemistry food nowadays......

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi beginners-dslr,

      Enjoy your pregnancy, the journey of lifetime


    • profile image

      ghiblipg 6 years ago

      another aspect that need to think of, the food out there might not be safe as some are artificial. Not easy to live in today's world...

    • beginners-dslr profile image

      beginners-dslr 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Glad to bump into this article as I am currently expecting my second baby, a great piece of info to bear in mind! Thanks for the great tips on pregnancy diets, voted up!

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks My Footprints & idex231

    • idex231 profile image

      idex231 6 years ago from MY

      Good info for new parent to-be.

    • My Footprints profile image

      My Footprints 6 years ago from MY

      Great article. to be has to ensure good and balance nutrition for both baby and mom. Vote Up!

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks dallas

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      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Great article. Important information. Thanks for sharing. Flag up!