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Nutrition in sexual health

Updated on August 26, 2015
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just started my journey as a hub writer. I wrote on how nutrition can affect sexual life of a person.Hope it will help some of the people

Nutrition in sexual health

People might have sexual health problems like sexual libido, impotency, vaginal dryness etc.This things may be due to-vitamin A deficiency,lack of strength (energy), Vitamin E deficiency.Eating foods like more green leafy vegetables add more vitamin A and it helps in reproduction.

Milk gives energy and cholesterol that boost your sexual health and helps in the production of steroid hormone for production male sex hormones' testosterone'respectively. Nuts are rich in Vitamin E and zinc which helps to prevents dryness in female reproduction tract and for male helps in formation more sperms and semen .

Nutrition in sexual health

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Science behind healthy sexual life

when a person have sex ,our mind stimulates our all sexual organ .Then all sex related hormones becomes active.Vitamin A helps to maintain the integrity of epithelial cells present in both man and woman reproductive organs.vitamin E helps to maintain the lubrication in vagina and as well as in the male have a healthy meal instead of junks which have only huge calories but very less vitamins


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