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Nutrition On A Budget

Updated on January 3, 2010

Shopping for what you need only need will help you shop wiser and smarter.

Shop with a list it will get you out of the store faster
Shop with a list it will get you out of the store faster

Make wise food choices to maintain your health while stretching your dollar .


Nutrition on a budget

Have you ever noticed in the grocery store that a box of donuts are less expensive than a bag of fresh fruit . During our tough economic times , it is very tempting to save money by buying cheaper , less healthy foods to stretch your food dollar . How ever, there are healthy food options you can choose to save you money without sacrificing your health

What we need to do is shop smart, shop with a list it will get you out of the store faster and keep you from buying unnecessary items, eat first don’t grocery shop when your hungry and if you can count on coupons a few dollars a week can add up over the course of a year …..Just remember to take them to the store with you.

Check out the weekly grocery store ads and stock up on things that can be stored also serving proper portions sizes not only helps control the food budget it also helps control blood sugar while you make wise food choices.

Extra tips for wise food choices

Shop the perimeter of the store, avoiding the middle aisles where higher cost, lower nutritional value items are placed.

Familiarize yourself with good deals and use coupons to stock up on items that can be stored safely.

Take your time at the store and read the nutrition labels to see what you are getting.

Buy fruit and vegetables in season, frozen fruits and vegetables without added sugar, salt or sauces can be nutritional bargains

Buy 100% whole grain products for health, buy extra bread on sale and freeze it .

Look for manager’s specials on lean protein and cook before the expiration date expires .

Dried beans can also be substituted for lean protein, Choose fat free or 1 percent dairy products for healthier nutritional value.

With some planning and creative ideas, it’s possible to shop for healthy bargains and still save money.

Using coupons could save you a few dollars a week can add up over a course of a year .

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