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Nutritional Deficiency - A Major Side Effect of Pesticides, Reheated Food, and Adulteration

Updated on April 19, 2011

The food items being sold in the market are full of pesticides and preservatives. In most of the countries, the farmers were not using pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals until about 1960s. The use of pesticides and fertilizers started and this increased the agricultural yield by at least four folds, but it is a true fact that the nutritional value of the agricultural products also got divided accordingly. Therefore, if a person ate four slices of bread or chapatti in 1960s, he would be required to eat a minimum of sixteen breads or chapattis today to provide the same nutrition to the body (a major reason for malnutrition). On the contrary, people now eat only two slices of bread or chapattis because of decreased appetite due to inactivity and sedentary lifestyle.

The nutrition to the agricultural products comes from soil, water, and air. Certainly, it doesn't come from the fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides. In case the nutrition was available in chemicals and pesticides, farmers were not required to grow crops and instead people would have consumed chemicals for the nutritional needs of the body. But in the modern medicine system, we consume synthesized chemicals as food supplements which are available at a cheaper value to provide the nutritional strength to the body without knowing about their severe side effects.

Different types of red chillies and red chilly powder which blackmarters adulterate with red brick powder which is a cancer causing agent.
Different types of red chillies and red chilly powder which blackmarters adulterate with red brick powder which is a cancer causing agent. | Source

The nutritional value of the food further gets reduced substantially by the method of cooking. In addition to the above, we store cooked food in the refrigerator and eat it again after re-heating. Every time we re-heat a meal, the nutritional value reduces to half. This implies that we are virtually eating extremely low nutritional diet. We just fill our stomachs with tasty food without bothering about its nutritional value.

Another major problem our world is going through for the last many years is adulteration of food. Every now and then, we can hear of people saying that certain number of people died due to consuming a certain type of food product available in the market. Adulteration in developing countries has become uncontrollable and the most targeted are children who suffer from food poisoning.

Just a few days back at the times of Navratras (Nine Holy Dayscelebrated in India), the news were telecasted on national channels that approximately 500 people have been hospitalized and two or more died due to eating kuttu atta (kuttu wheat flour consumed specifically in Navratras). This is the case of excessive adulteration which was noticed by media but there are several small cases of unnoticed adulteration which happens and even the consumer does not know that he is consuming an adulterated food product and the most common problem that arises due to this situation is nutritional deficiency.

The white wheat flour gets adulterated by talcum powder (cancer causing agent when indigested), red spice powder gets mixed with red brick powder which is another carcinogen and several other types of adulteration. So the nutritional deficiency coming from all these resources is disastrous to health and should be taken care of. Side effects of nutritional deficiency are numerous including but not limited to cold, anemia, fever, rickets, beriberi, vitamin C deficiency, kwashiorkor, marasmus, scurvy, cough, skeletal malformation, pellagra, premature birth of baby, night blindness, skin cracks, easy hair pluckability, muscular weakness, joint fragility, fatigue, tiredness, insomnia, depression, headache, goiter in hilly regions, pigmented skin, bad body posture, food indigestion, shortness of breath, etc.

The above were various side effects related to nutritional deficiency. We all know that eliminating two of these problems including pesticides and chemicals in food and adulterated food is very difficult but eliminating consumption of reheated food or microwavable food can be limited to an extent. This can be achieved by buying and cooking food according to the requirements and needs of the family and throwing away old stale food that is leftover in your refrigerator. At least, we can take some steps to ensure that we are not eating malnutritious food in our households.


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      saif113sb 6 years ago

      very nice and great information. This hub is very knowledgeable. thanks

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      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes safe food is very important and reheated and adulterated food must be avoided. Thanks a lot agusfanani and ocbill for your comments.

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      I never knew reheated food was so less nutritious. Thanks

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      agusfanani 6 years ago from Indonesia

      Wow, choosing safe food must be done cautiously.