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Nutritional Supplements: "Prevention and Cure"

Updated on July 24, 2016

Nutritional Supplements "Disease Prevention and Cure"

Nutritional supplements are products that supply the missing nutrients from the food we eat everyday because it is "impossible" for us to meet the nutritional needs just by regular meals. We cannot get a full range of nutrients that are needed for the normal function of each and every organ that compose our precious body. Take this as an example: If you will not put the right kind of fuel, lubricant or engine oil to your car, what will happen? - your car will not function properly, it will not start and the worst case is: total damage. This scenario is much the same as our body that needs the exact nutrients for proper function and maintenance.

Most of us think that these supplements are just for disease prevention. Yes, that is definitely correct and there is no doubt about it. Moreover these amazing nutritional products have more to offer. Let me discuss about how our amazing body works: Our body has its own "Natural Repair" process and this means all diseases can be reversed. You might want to ask why some illnesses are left untreated or why are these conditions worsen? - this is simply because the said "Normal Repair" system did not work. Why is it not working then? - because of improper or inadequate nutrient intake. For any machine to work, it needs to have the correct fuel, lubricant or engine oil as what I've said and in our body's case, these are no other than the nutrients that these supplements can give.

If all of us are taking a full-range of nutrients each day, we can get rid of any disease you can think of. I am amazed on how one microbiologist discovered a full-range of these nutrients. Honestly, when I started taking these supplements, my weight normalizes from 47 kilograms to 65 kilograms which gives me a normal Body Mass Index since my height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Moreover, my physical appearance has improved significantly. My immune system is also working very well, I worked as a nurse in a hospital without wearing any masks while interacting with clients with contagious diseases like tuberculosis and good thing is, I haven't got any of those highly contagious diseases.

I wish this doctor can supply every individual in this world with that supplement because it hurts me personally looking at people suffering from diseases and I hate to see a rushing ambulance each day because I know that inside that ambulance is a man fighting for his life.

Proper nutrient intake through supplements is the key to Health and Wellness and please take it seriously.

© 2016 Charon Yap Lumanog


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