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Nuts and Psychiatrists.

Updated on February 19, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Don't Look Down just Jump.

They make you sleep even while walking.

Can we call these Psychiatrists as Doctors.?

I met a psychiatrist at a hi tech hospital as I was advised by my son so that I might come off my depression.The Hospital collected Rs.450 even before I could see his office where he sits with a board Dr.Benjamin Singh.PhD.Like in films I thought the office would be like him sitting on a chair and me lying on a couch that I always liked to sleep watching a James Bond movie.

Things were different not like in films.This was Bangalore and India not America.So I saw him with a file as I entered his consulting room.It was like my office where I worked as a Managing Director of a company.He did not say hi or even look at me.I imagined him to be a clean shaven good looking man with a stethoscope around his neck and a BP testing app on his table.

I was surprised to see him like a terrorist with a beard and wearing a T shirt with out any health monitoring instrument around his neck or anywhere on the table.There were few table ornaments and few files in blue color indicating they were hospital files and not his.The order in which they were kept one over the other meant he will call the name written on the file once he has finished with one NUT.There were several M & F Nuts sitting out side.

This PhD psychiatrist was not a medical doctor.He had submitted some thesis on nuts and had obtained his PhD.Thus he was entitled to be called as a doctor.I was reminded of a incident when I was allotted a seat on a flight since another person by the same name was a PhD and was reserved a seat as he had declared as Dr.and my name was same,the airlines gave preference to Doctors.

The first question he asked me was why was I there in his office.?

I told him I wanted to see him and so I was there.

He asked me what was my problem.

I told him I was under severe depression due to retirement.

He asked me what was the percentage of depression I was having.

I did not know how to answer that question and was just looking at him.

He guessed my perplexed mind at his question and asked me if it was 100%.

I told him yes it is 100%.

He then asked me how I was spending my time.

I told him that I was doing painting and spending my time.

He then asked me if I was getting sleep after asking few more questions.

I told him that I was talking sleeping pills to get sleep.

He told me to stop it immediately as otherwise I would be addicted to it.

I told him I was already an addict and what should I do.

He told me that he would prescribe a new drug which will not make me addicted to it.

After noting down something in his file he gave me his prescription on his A4 size letter head on which he had scribbled few alphabets and written next visiting date.He told me to meet him on that date and kept his pen down,a sign to inform me that I must go out.

The new drug helped me get sleep for few days and then it was again back to my drug.

I went few more times till I said or I had to say that I had improved my depression percentage to 25% and he told me to take his new drug for another 3 months and meet him again after 3 months.Since I had gone several times there was a feeling at home that I had improved and had come out of depression.

Nothing has happened and I am still depressed but not so much as to see a NUT.


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