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Sleep Problems

Updated on May 26, 2017

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems usually seen are:

1. Snoring

Snoring is the problem faced by most people in the world. Usually adults tend to snore than kids. Scientifically snoring occurs due to the improper oxygen supply to the lungs. There are certain factors causing snoring. Some of them are:

  • Obesity

According to medical science, obesity can be a factor of snoring. Those who are obese are 40% more likely to snore than others. Personally, obese ones i know do snore. So one way of avoiding snoring is avoiding being obese or being slim without being underweight. According to medical science, it is actually better to be slim as far as possible without being underweight.

  • Sleep Position

What i meant by the term sleep position is the way you lie in the bed. Some may sleep by supporting whole back in the bed(fig. 1). Some may sleep by supporting a side on the bed and lie in the bed left oriented or right oriented(fig. 2). By sleeping as in the second way, you can avoid a snoring.

2. Amnesia

Amnesia simply means difficulty in falling asleep. Amnesia can be seen mostly in old-aged ones. As the age increases beyond a period, difficulty in sleeping increases. Also amnesia can occur in young ones and this may be due to mental stresses and sleeping in daytime. Mental stresses are a major cause for the loss of sleep in working adults. If amnesia persists for a long duration, you can use sleeping pills after consulting a physician but what i personally felt effective is reading a book or listening to a light music can feel like heaven and helps in a good sound sleep.

3.Sleep Walking/Somnambulism

Sleep walking is one of the problems faced by many people related to sleeping. The cause of sleep walking is the lack of co-ordination between body and the brain. The body is highly active and the brain commands the body to rest. The body fails to obey the brain and as a result the person walks in the sleep.

4. Sleep Talking

Talking while sleeping is also a problem and it affects the room-mates or the spouse of the person. I have a room-mate who talks in sleep and i myself is a victim of it. A majority of people who talks while sleeping doesn't speak clearly. Its hard to understand but surprisingly, my room-mate speaks so clearly that anyone in the room could understand it easily.

Sleeping habits

Many of you may be complaining that you are not getting the right kind of sleep.It may be due to the following factors:

1. Oversleeping

2.Less sleeping hours

3.Improper sleeping time

4.Segmented sleeping

5. Mental stresses

Let us discuss about the first four factors.The right amount of sleeping duration is 6 hours.If it is exceeded or not attained, we will not feel satisfied.If we are sleeping only 3 hours a day,we will feel sleepy the whole day and will face its consequences in the long run.And if we are sleeping for 8 or 10 hours it will take time for us to get up from the bed and feels lazy and sleepy the whole day.So it is essential to sleep for the right duration of time.

The natures way of sleeping is the best way of sleeping.Nature goes to sleep early and wakes up early.We must a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.What most of us (including me) are doing is that going to bed late and waking up late.The best sleeping time is from 10pm-4am. We must appreciate the 'Brahmins'(caste in a religion in India) in adopting an outstanding lifestyle.We must learn to adopt to a new lifestyle.

It is not at all advisable to sleep in bits and parts. If you are sleeping,sleep continuously.If you are sleeping in parts,it will affect your brain a lot as if you are switching your computer on and off frequently.


To get good sleep make some preparations before you go to sleep like brushing your teeth,setting bed sheet,setting alarms..has to be done.Tell yourself that you are going to sleep.Try to go to bed after you start feeling rather than going to bed and then waiting for sleep...Avoid mental stresses and be cool...One of the most important thing is to going to sleep and waking up at the same time.

Avoid radiations from electronic equipment like television,mobile phones...The television is not advised to place is in a bedroom.Mobile phones should not place near your bed.It will help a lot in reducing the radiation caused by the mobile phones.

You should chose a room with proper air circulation as your bedroom and don't try to place plants inside your bedroom as it will consume the oxygen inside your room.

By trying these simple tips you can afford a good sleep...


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