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Obama's Health

Updated on July 15, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Sprint

Are you a little concerned about what appears to be President Obama's rush to implement healthcare reform? Like most people, I would love to see an America where everyone has medical coverage. I have medical coverage and it is costly, so I can only imagine what it is like for the person or family with no coverage.

Yes, there is a need for reform, but why rush? Our country is currently facing unprecedented, hard times. To top that off, we have had healthcare issues for decades. Shouldn't we take our time to ensure we get healthcare reform right? I am appalled when I hear the president pushing Congress to get a bill on his desk by August. Congress is yet to debate the matter and yet Obama wants a bill in 3 weeks. Is this ridiculous or what?

Is President Obama simply bent on making history? He has already made history on many fronts, so why not be cautious about what he does with healthcare? From what we hear so far there are many plans, but no clear way to pay for healthcare reform. Will we continue to spend what we do not have, and borrow from China to pay for it? What happens if China should come knocking for its money tomorrow?

Look out, America! California is bankrupt! If America continues on this road, the country might meet the same fate.

Can you imagine China calling the shots in this our beautiful country?


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