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ObamaCare Health Insurance Plan

Updated on July 3, 2012

Will Obamacare Work?

I'm trying my best to decide if the ObamaCare Health Plan would help or hurt people now and in the long run. In my opinion the Health Care system has not and is not working for the people. If you are lucky enough to afford Health Insurance that's great but even if you're able to afford it does not mean your medical bills are covered all of the time. Many Insurance companies take people's money each month and when people need the insurance to pay for medical examinations, tests, x-rays or treatments, many Insurance companies turn around and tell them that they will NOT cover the cost. What? This happens all the time and it's high time someone forces the Insurance companies to do what they are being paid to do. I had Health Insurance and needed a couple of tests done and the Insurance company had the balls to send me a letter that they would not cover the cost of the tests. What? I had to fax the letter to my doctor, he read it then called me to say that he would take care of it and weeks later I received another letter telling me that the tests were actually covered. A few months later I received a letter from the Insurance company telling me my Insurance Premium was going up AGAIN. Bull-crap to say the least. I chose not to disclose the Insurance company name of the fear of being sued but I know that many Insurance companies have done the same to other people in the past. I'm hoping that the ObamaCare Health Plan finally makes Insurance companies do what they are paid to do and FINE THEM for discontinuing people's Health Insurance policies because all of a sudden they need medical care and actually need their Health Insurance company they paid years into kick in to cover the costs.

If you're against the ObamaCare Health Plan please don't leave nasty or rude comments below INSTEAD please share your thoughts and opinions because I'm still on the fence with the whole thing BUT I'm working towards understanding the proposed ObamaCare Health Plan more than I do now. What the United States has working now in my opinion IS NOT WORKING so Health Care NEEDS to be addressed to try and figure out HOW to create affordable Health Insurance Plans to fit all. Low-income families who do work, pay taxes and follow the law of the land should not have to live without Health Insurance, the middle-class should not have to go broke or lose their homes because they need to pay for high cost Health Insurance and the wealthy should not have to pay more than everyone else because they are successful and wealthy. What the United States has set up now DOES NOT WORK! The United States continues to lose money because in many cases medicaid cover people who don't even pay into the system. There are so many people who receive great medical care and they DON'T PAY TAXES. Another bunch of bull-crap in my opinion.


I started paying Health Insurance at the age of eighteen in the year 1986. Health Insurance was affordable and in the first ten years of paying for Health Insurance the premium only went up in price a couple of times. In the late 1990's Health Insurance started to go up again and it did become more expensive but it was still affordable and it was something I could write-off on my taxes but what I did not appreciate in the 90's was when I needed to see a doctor and the doctor ordered me to have two tests done and the Health Insurance company sent me a letter telling me that the tests were not covered. I was paying for the best coverage the Health Insurance company had available. The doctor could not believe the letter I showed him and the doctor stepped in, took that letter and contacted the Health Insurance company himself. A few weeks later I received a letter telling me that the tests were covered BUT then a few weeks later the Health Insurance company raised my premium. I thought to myself how unbelievable but there was nothing I could do about it. In my opinion I was paying to be a victim. In the year 2007 the Health Insurance I was paying skyrocketed in price. It hit a whopping $450.00 a month. What? When it hit $450.00 a month I had to cancel my Health Insurance plan and went without Health Insurance for a year before I could apply to another Health Insurance company. The Health Insurance companies punish people for shopping for affordable Health Insurance Plans. The Health Insurance companies have some nerve making me feel as if I should live without Health Insurance before I find another Health Care Plan to cover myself. I felt as if I was being punished for supporting and taking care of myself when people all around me were telling me to apply to medicaid and to learn how to work the system to get Health Insurance free. Wow, I could not believe how many people were proud to say they work the system. Because of the people who worked the system for so many years I feel that is why the ObamaCare Health Plan was approved and soon will be enforced because of all the A-holes who worked the system most of their life and also because of the people who receive medical care and never pay for the service they received. I believe the ObamaCare was created to help replace all the money non-insured people used for years. Medicaid should be there for people who need it instead of people who feel they deserve a free ride. There are physically handicapped and mentally ill people who need it but instead perfectly healthy people work the system because they don't want to adjust their lifestyle to insure themselves. Instead of being grateful for being physically and mentally healthy, healthy people work the system to receive free coverage.

In 2008 I hit hard times. The economy hit rock bottom and I was earning the lowest income I ever earned in my life that I had no other choice but to apply for medicaid and food-stamps. I was not proud BUT I did pay into the system for years and paying into the system for years helped people get free Health Insurance so I felt I was entitled to the help when I needed the help the most. Medicaid covered me for two years and during the two years of receiving medicaid, I took the opportunity to BETTER MY FINANCIAL STANDING FOR MY FUTURE. Instead of telling people to work the system to get medical care for free, I learned to stretch my dollar using coupons, I taught myself to be more frugal (not cheap but frugal), I stayed home a lot instead of going out spending money, got a better job AND I worked building an Internet Business that now earns me residual income every month. Instead of planning on working the system for years to come, during the time I received help I turned around my financial situation so that I can purchase Health Insurance again.

My experience dealing with Health Insurance companies, dealing with medicaid and listening to people who are proud to work the system has made me realize that maybe, just maybe people should be forced to take care of themselves if they are perfectly capable of doing so. If you are physically and mentally healthy you should be forced to pay your own way. I'm starting to see it this way. If people live half their life without paying some kind of mandatory tax each year for not insuring themselves, when those same people need medical attention and get it and decide not to pay for it, why should I pay higher taxes and a higher Health Insurance Premium to cover the cost? Why should people who insure themselves get penalized? Each time someone uses the emergency room, clinic or sees a private medical doctor and does not pay, do you think the doctors get paid? Where do you think the money comes from when people receive medical attention? I'm tired of paying for people who feel it's OK to go through life having other people pay their way? I don't mind helping but perfectly healthy persons who are on the books or not on the books should pay their own Health Insurance and if they decide not to pay a monthly premium they should be forced to pay a mandatory tax.

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    • HealthExchange profile image


      6 years ago from Midwest

      Here's my opinion, based on 30+ years in the health care business.

      We do need health care reform. I'm just not convinced that an overhaul of a system that worked for 80% of the population was the answer.

      Increased funding, tax benefits and utilization of HSAs along with stronger state high risk pools would have accomplished more at a fraction of the cost.

      But I'm not here to bash Obamacare. Let's see how it plays out after 2014 and talk about again!


    • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Cesare 

      6 years ago from New York


      Thank you for leaving a comment to share your thoughts, opinion and experience dealing with Health Care. Yes, I feel that there needs to be some type of control put into place to control Insurance Companies who feel they have you by the balls.

      I would have to think the closer the Presidential Election gets the more people will comment and I want the comments to continue because I need help deciding who I should vote for. I understand that there are so many other concerns Americans have but for me right now Health Care is a major concern for me.

    • ncemarketing profile image


      6 years ago

      I am a mother of a special needs child. We are both working parents with more than average paying jobs, but the insurance premium is crazy due to his needs. We are willing to pay to take care of our child and our responsiblity, but there needs to be some type of control with the insurance companies. I hope this Act will help all Americans.

    • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Cesare 

      6 years ago from New York

      Healthy Pursuits (love the username) - Affordable Care Act, thank you. I understand how Obamacare came about. I felt writing this article would help me and others learn more about Affordable Care Act. I figured I would not be the only person concerned about what might come.

      ib_radmasters - It's obvious you are anti Obama but do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinion. I want to hear both sides because Health Insurance has become a daily topic at home and it's driving me crazy.

      I noticed that many of the United States problems started when Bush was President so go figure. The economy was going sour then.

      teaches12345 - It's easy to write about stuff that happens to me personally. I'm sure their are others who shared my experience dealing with Health Insurance Companies and tired of not being able to afford good Health Insurance.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I see you have a lot of arguments for the plan. I am not sure what the plan details, but will look into it soon. I do appreciate your sharing of how health insurance has affected your life. I agree that people should be able to obtain affordable health insurance on their own and not through a company. Thanks for pointing out the issue in more depth.

    • Healthy Pursuits profile image

      Karla Iverson 

      6 years ago from Oregon

      If I may comment again - id radmasters - as I said I will read the Act for myself. Your comment may very well have pertinent parts. However, I can't seem to find commentary that doesn't contain phrases that either clearly say the author is pro-Obama or anti-Obama. You are obviously anti-Obama, so I can't count your comments as neutral. I want some personal basis for my own opinion, and realistic, logical arguments that were not constructed by some political group.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      6 years ago from Southern California

      First of all no one reads the ACHD bill, and those that have tried to read it get confused.

      1.Remember what a great job that the government did with SS and Medicare, while the government employees have Defined Benefit Pensions, and Health insurance thanks to the taxpayers.

      2. Adding 32 million more people to the health care system is not going to improve its already pathetic quality.

      3. Stealing money from Medicare to fund part of it is not a brilliant move.

      4. The AHCD would be OK if everyone in the country had the same system, that is lets take away the excellent health insurance that the politicians and the government employees have and give them the same as what the average worker has in the private sector.

      5. President Obama and his democratic congress spent the 2009 and 2010 on AHCD, while the economy, employment and people losing their homes was not their concern. Unfortunately, it hasn't even been their concern now.

      6. Instead of cures, major diseases still exists and new ones are found every year, and the last cure was the Salk vaccine for Polio. This is the real problem with healthcare. In addition, the FDA adds 800 million to one billion dollars to the pharmaceuticals companies cost of getting FDA approval for their drugs. Then in many cases, the drug is the major focus of large law firms suing the pharmaceutical companies.

      7. Drugs are part of health care and they should be integrated with health insurance, and not made a separate policy. I would say the whole purpose of going to a doctor is to get some drug that will be used to fight your sickness. It would be an improvement to healthcare, if the patient could and afford whatever drugs were necessary to treat their illness.

      8. Like SSA, the AHCD will just increase the size and scope of the federal government which is already Rotund and can hardly move under its own weight.

    • Healthy Pursuits profile image

      Karla Iverson 

      6 years ago from Oregon

      It's really called the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare was coined during the election, and has been used so much to put a negative spin on it with misinformation that the name Obamacare has negative connotations now. I'm going to read the summary myself, because I'm tired of all of the rumors and idiocy surrounding this Act. There are a lot of people going off half-cocked about it and they're doing that because of rumors that they haven't even bothered to verify.


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