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Obama's National Health Care: Complex Like Taxes

Updated on March 13, 2013
The government expects to have paid navigators (helpers) to assist with the burdensome paperwork, thus, providing employment
The government expects to have paid navigators (helpers) to assist with the burdensome paperwork, thus, providing employment

I like the idea of having a national health care system, where everyone who wants to be covered is covered- not mandatory. Forcing someone to have it seems against the American way of free choice. I guess, it will be like taxes.

So, if you hate doing your yearly taxes because of the paperwork, you will hate signing up for health care in 2014. You will have to wade through 15 pages of data gathering in the 21 steps. This is the preliminary draft that all Americans will have to fill out.

It all begins Oct. 1 for those without insurance.

Three Federal agencies will ask detailed questions about identity, income and citizenship. If you are poor or low income, you will get the free health care. Test groups of the new forms, some 60 pages, state that it takes a fairly smart person hours to fill out it because of the insurance terms. The whole beta health insurance form is already unwieldy for the average consumer involving three agencies.

According to the government, the online version should not take longer than 30 min. to fill out and an hour for the paper, but what does the government ever know about these things? They seem to forget about the learning curve.

Those with no health insurance will obtain it via state exhanges (whatever they are). Those with some form of health insurance, if low income, will be steered to Medicaid and those in the middle class will be eligible for tax credits to pay for private insurance. The federal plan calls for 25 states to run the new insurance markets and states that refuse to cooperate with Medicaid expansion will be left to deal with the poor that have no health insurance. The Feds are expecting that 4.3 million will request financial assistance when filling out the forms.

It is still a beta version with bugs and is about as clear as polluted water.


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