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Obesity - A Different Take on an Age Old Epidemic

Updated on July 3, 2015
A nurse generally holds no nutritional degrees, however, they can give good common sense advice about eating healthy and making lifestyle changes.
A nurse generally holds no nutritional degrees, however, they can give good common sense advice about eating healthy and making lifestyle changes.

Obesity - A New Focus

Lifestyle Eating Habits Take a Bit of Common Sense

I have been a nurse for over 40-years and have worked with many dieticians, doctors, nutrition counselors and patients regarding diets and nutrition. Even though I do not have any degrees in nutrition, I have done a lot of research in the arena of health through eating a balanced diet and worked with dietary consults for my patients.

I have researched many so called diets early in my career and many more new diets have come onto the market since that time with well over 200 different diets on the market today, it is overwhelming.

Early in my nutritional research, I found years ago that it is not the diet that one pick and chose to go on that makes the difference in a person's life. Forget the diet. Diets are temporary solutions to a lifetime problem. When a person finally makes their commitment to get healthy and well, become physically fit and within their ideal body weight range it is only through a lifestyle change this can occur. I believe this to be true 99.9 percent of the time.

Just 30 pounds over an ideal weight constitutes obesity.
Just 30 pounds over an ideal weight constitutes obesity.

Doctor Deepak Chopra, MD-Award-Winning Author

"Obesity is as Complex and Complicated as Our life"

I was reading on nutrition yesterday and came across a wonderful article by best selling author Doctor Deepak Chopra, MD. I have followed some of his great articles and this article hit the obesity problem in America right on the head, at least in my estimation it did. Someone else will no doubt have a different take on this author's belief regarding obesity, and that is alright. To each their own. This author has had some new and exciting revelations regarding obesity.

First of all it is necessary that people understand we have one of the worst all time epidemics spreading across America and it continues to worsen. If you are 30 pounds over your ideal weight range and can pinch over one inch of fat at the waistline, you my friend are obese. At least this is what a doctor told me years ago, and this was the rule of thumb in the nursing profession.

I believed this Holistic family doctor of our family then and I still believe this to be true. Yes, I am in the same boat as millions of others who are overweight. I am watching what I eat, (well sometimes) and I am walking at least 1.5 miles three times a week, (I try hard).

I have dropped over 50 pounds and still have some to lose. I have lost eight clothing sizes. With all this said, I am still considered obese, which is ok with me, because I am slowly succeeding in reaching my goal of 40 more pounds and one more clothing size and I am satisfied with myself. I am a work in progress for the rest of my life, lifestyle changes never stop when one reaches their goal.

A Different Take on Obesity

Doctor Deepak Chopra has turned his focus onto a different reason for the obesity problem, causing this epidemic in the United States. He says he has exciting new concepts that many overweight people probably have not been looking at, causing their obesity. This doctor goes on to say, "What Are You Hungry For?" This author is not talking about ice cream, pizza and potato chips, he is talking about a personal fulfillment in a life.

What is eating at you? When you hunger for something, it does not always mean you hunger for food, but food seems to be the solution for many people's problems. Food is a comforting asset.
What is eating at you? When you hunger for something, it does not always mean you hunger for food, but food seems to be the solution for many people's problems. Food is a comforting asset.

What Do You Hunger For?

Is your hunger,

  • Peace of mind
  • Peace in your life
  • Peace in the world
  • Love
  • Self-esteem
  • Improved health
  • Improved medical treatments through alternative medicine and even food
  • A new job or career
  • No nagging bills
  • More money
  • Travel
  • Children or for the children to go away for a few hours?

Whatever you hunger for, Doctor Chopra feels that people need to understand and gain a deep awareness of why they overeat in the first place. It is believed that in order to find this satisfaction in life people use food as a substitute for real fulfillment in life. This is a concept that I heard years ago and believed as much then as I do today, even in my own life I am a living testament to this fact.

Like I have said time and again, I believe that diets are not the answer, especially crash diets and all forms of removing nutritional foods from one's life in order to lose weight. Doctor Chopra believes, and I think I do also that once this deep seeded need for fulfillment is achieved and the deep seeded problems are faced and disposed of the person begins to eat normally once again. He feels that the mind and body are strongly attached one to the other. I have found this to be true throughout my nursing career with many of my patients.

Can We 'Will' Ourselves Ill or Healthy?

I have had instances in my personal life as well as monitoring my patients that the mind has a strong bearing on illness and an unhealthy state. I have seen people 'will' themselves to become ill, by dwelling on a particular problem. I have instances where if I have a small thing like a bad headache it only gets worse when I dwell on the problem.

I am not saying that this is true in every instance, what I am trying to say is that each person has the capability to 'will' themselves healthy or not and they may not even be trying. I have seen many of my patients, 'will' themselves to die when they truly felt they were at the end of their life, all hope gone and nothing more to live for, even though they were not in a dying process. A person can enter this dying process simply by willing their mind to do so and no one person or thing can pull them back.

I do realize that this is not true in situations such as terminal cancer or any other illness or disease of which we really have no control over, or do we. Could we have avoided a terminal diagnosis? What could we have done differently or are illnesses such as cancer strictly in the genes we carry. Part of me says, "No."

All Individuals have a Complicated and Complex Life

One thing is for sure, never feel you have a dull, boring life. Your life is complex and complicated and as a rule people find it difficult to change themselves or their life. This change takes an enormous amount of motivation. It a person is not motivated, a lifestyle change can never happen. As I said before, I believe in order to lose weight and become healthy a lifestyle change, through motivation is needed for the rest of one's life and that is a very long time.

Most of us have had and still have bad eating habits. We have bad memories, bad experiences with people and situations that we wish we could erase from our minds, but we fail time and again.

Chopra believes that everyone desires fulfillment in their life and wants to be happy. Who really desires to live an unhappy life? If a person is not fulfilled, they are not happy. All those bad things in our life must be trashed once and for all and never thought of again.

Chopra says that each of us must find what we are really hungry for and this desire will lead us in the right direction towards a fulfilling life and a life without the extra burden of excess weight.

Chopra says that false desire always leads one in the wrong direction. Research what Doctor Chopra is discovering and see if you do not agree with what he has found in his research.

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