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Obesity. Do we need to lose weight?

Updated on February 19, 2016

The average human body has 30 to 40 billion fat cells. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that calories are used by our bodies for fuel our life functions.

The surplus of calories not used for immediate energy needs are stored as fat.... the dreaded “ F ” word.

The evolutionary function of storing energy was critical for mankind to survive. While we, as a society, were living as hunter/gatherers and fighting off saber-toothed cats, giant cave bears and left-over, chicken-like dinosaurs, the times have changed and this lingering survival mechanism is now a detriment to our health. As of this writing... the CDC lists 35.7 percent of adult Americans are listed as obese and 17 percent of children ages 2-19. That is 12.5 million kids, folks.

The most common causes of obesity are poor diet and/or eating habits, coupled with lack of exercise. Of course there are some who have other contributing factors, such as:

·* Glandular malfunctions

·* Diabetes

·* Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar )

· * Hyperinsulinemia ( excess levels of insulin )

·* Food sensitivities / Allergies

· * “The Obesity Gene” has been proven to exist in 2001 but it is only a contributing factor, not a cause.

So there are “experts” all over the world and the internet who have different theories on how and why people become fat and need to lose weight but just about everybody agrees that the key to losing weight is simple:

Eat Less and Move More.

The body has to burn more calories than it takes in.

There were no fat cavemen. Although Fred Flintstone was a bit on the beefy side... too many brontosaurus burgers and pterodactyl pies, I guess.

When we were being chased by ravenous saber-toothed cats and giant, blood-thirsty cave bears, excess fat stores were not a problem. Not to mention, cavemen didn't have to deal with take-out and Taco Bell. Active weight loss was a part of everyday life. We had to work for our food. Now, dinner is just a phone call away or a short trip to the store.

Speaking from experience. The only way for the average obese person to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn in a day. Period. ( That's the big secret.) If everybody knew this... the billion dollar weight loss dynasties would collapse. Just kidding. They will always exist because our society is always looking for the quick fix and next fad diet. Some work in the short term but obtaining a sustainable diet is about changing your life habits.

There are a multitude of healthy diets and recommended foods to eat. Venture out and do your research to find what works for you.

Key things to remember:

· * Alcohol makes you fat. ( No doubt about it.)

* Don't drink soda pop. (Diet or regular... artificial sweeteners are toxic.)

· * Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. ( Duh.. )

· * Eat meals in small portions. ( converting to 'snacker' status has worked for me.)

·* Drink lots of water and/or herbal tea. ( It is so good for you in so many ways. )

· * Cut back considerably on processed sugar and salt. ( Stay away from fast food. )

·* Avoid high fat and fried foods like the plague.

· * Move around more. ( Get off the couch. Put down the donuts and cheetos. )

I have learned that the words “ Diet and Exercise “ don’t work for me. There is a stigma with training your brain to think this way. It’s a psychological thing. When I started to lose weight... I didn't think about diet and exercise as a thing I had to finish or accomplish. I just thought about changing things up a bit, because diets always seemed to end at some point and I wanted this lifestyle to last.

Instead of saying and thinking I am on a diet... I tell myself to try and eat more healthy foods once in a while. I do the same thing with exercise. If I tell myself I need to exercise today, it probably won’t get done. But if I tell myself I need to get up and move around a bit more, I tend to do just that. It truly needs to be a lifestyle change for the healthy weight loss to last.

The point is.... eat smaller meals only when you are truly hungry and move around more. Snacking on healthy treats is key. It is all about self discipline. Good Luck.

© 2012 Jamie Page


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