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Obesity in Poor Communties

Updated on July 11, 2013

Fruits and Vegetable are Limited

Obesity is a growing epidemic among our children it has effected so many young children health. Million Of adults across America are also struggling with obesity.

It is a known fact that Afro-American women and their children are at greater risk of being obesity then white women, living in the suburbs. 80% of Afro-Americans are living with class type 2 diabetes hypertension, eating disorders, liver disease, asthma and other chronic diseases. These issues come from bad eating habits and not excising.

In poor Neighborhoods, decent supermarkets prices are too expensive for poor people on fix incomes, so they buy produce with that is unhealthy. Inside smaller markets shelves are fill with unhealthy foods. Fresh Fruits and vegetables are limited in poor communities because store carry the basic. fruits and vegetable. On every corner a Conveniences stores attracts the attention our children. A few days ago I took a walk around my neighborhood at 7.00 Am in the morning before school.Standing in front of a store I saw children from 6 and up going inside coming with bags of candy, cookie, potatoes chips, juice and other unhealthy food.

I stop one little girl who was overweight while was she was eating potatoes and candy at seven in the morning?. What did you have for breakfast I asked her? I don't eat breakfast in the morning, she said my mother is too tired to make me any thing to eat, she just give me money she waddle off to get on a school bus. As I watched her go on her way I thought about all the problems she would face in her young life if she wasn't cared for. Poor Neighborhoods have to educate their children about the danger of obesity.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 5 years ago from Boston MA

      I was born in the South where eating was not a problem, we was told what to eat and when to eat.Each day we excise ourselves by playing games and doing chores.To watch Television was a previous