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Updated on May 8, 2011


Obesity is a disease that affects a growing number of people with the condition. It’s growing everyday and is a hard battle to overcome. Even though there are a series of medical procedures to help with obesity, many are still unsure and continue to neglect the health risk involved. The battle against obesity has been compared to the battle of quitting smoking even though many say that will-power is a big factor. Being classified as a disease, this allows medicines and surgeries to become alternative solutions to fighting obesity.

Being overweight could lead to diabetes and hypertension. Fast foods are one of the major factors among increasing obesity cases. Exercise and dieting although important may not be necessarily effective when dealing with obesity especially if it’s caused by disease.

Be Nice to the Underdog

Teasing and giving someone a hard time because of this problem could be considered cruel. The younger children that do not have this problem at times are teasing the other kids that are overweight. Not being aware of this problem and not understanding that obesity is not only a health issue, the psychological problems that it could create may not be irreversible.

Obesity and Health


Medical Hazards of Obesity


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