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Fast, Effective Natural Treatments for OCD

Updated on April 5, 2015
B.K. Pravin profile image

Ram Pravin is a distance energy healer and web designer. He does energy healing through his website for health problems.

You Are Safe - Throw Your Fears

Energy healing - One of the Best Natural Treatments for OCD

In this article, I outline my personal experience of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and also the profound understanding that has helped me bring this disorder into order and experience peace and calmness. I started experiencing obsessions and compulsions which were of course fear-based when I was in the 10th grade. But even before that there used to be a generalized anxiety since my childhood. OCD significantly disrupted my education and I was not able to complete my college degree as these fears and self-doubt made life miserable. I have always been taking medications from my college years with no significant relief. Now, after taking medications for 15 years with no real relief, energy healing has helped me to overcome doubts and fears of the mind. Now, I am able to let go of these obsessions and compulsions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been the commonly recommended standard of care for OCD. Though CBT has been effective to some extent, it is a well known fact that CBT has failed to provide any real permanent relief from the suffering. The reason for this is that these therapies conveniently choose to ignore the reason behind the formation of this problem. They ask us to ignore the cause of these obsessions and compulsions or put the blame on the brain. But a sufferer of OCD knows that unless the root cause of the problem is addressed, OCD can only be managed but not healed. They say that once you try to understand the cause you will be caught in the cycle of repetitive thoughts. It is true. But, if you see history, all the great inventions in this world were made by understanding the cause of the problem.

OCD has its roots in our childhood fears and beliefs. These fears have gone so deep into our consciousness. Our energy system gets filled with doubts and fears. This may mostly be subconscious and hence not readily visible to us. Self-doubt and guilt play a significant role in the development of this problem.

OCD is the echo of our fears and self doubts. The fears and self doubts that we had been unconsciously feeding to our minds comes back in our minds as recurrent fearful thoughts and as crippling thoughts of self doubt. But, the truth is that none of these thoughts represent who we truly are. Energy healing cleanses the doubts and fears accumulated in the energy system.

In my case, Spirituality has significantly helped me to understand this problem and has provided me the much-needed strength at times of adversity. With OCD, every day seems to be a hell with mind screaming in fear constantly. With crippling self-doubt the pain gets multiplied. There is light at the end of every tunnel. Energy healing gives us the power to break the negative fear-based beliefs that has entered our sacred inner space causing unimaginable suffering. Energy healing is one of the best natural treatments for OCD.

How Fear causes OCD

Fear is a negativity that we have learned in our journey called life. Fear is an insecure feeling. But the fears become unbearable when we have self-doubt i.e. an inability to trust ourselves at all times. Self-doubt develops in us mostly during childhood when we may have suffered pain due to some of our errors. Errors are common to everyone but due to our childish nature we started believing ourselves to be an unreliable person. Thus, at some point in time when our trust in our own thoughts and actions dips to an all-time low, the condition called OCD develops. Fears may include fear of death, fear of failure, fear of shame, fear of losing respect, and of course fear of committing mistakes. These fears suck our spiritual energy and make our lives extremely painful. To neutralize these fears, we unconsciously develop defense mechanisms such as compulsions that may be physical or mental such as thought ruminations. They do not provide us any relief but instead make our suffering more worse.

Practice Self-Awareness - Move Away from OCD

So, we need to break these negative fear patterns with the self-awareness that we are pure, peaceful, and loving spiritual beings. Remember, there is nothing more dangerous than fear. Peace is more valuable than life. Our eternal nature is peace. The solution for this problem lies in understanding the truth that fearful thoughts are creations of the egoic self or fear-based self which tries to take the position of the authentic self or true self. "You" are the authentic self and fear-based self is the false consciousness formed due to childhood situations and conditions. Fear is death and courage is life. Let us embrace courage and through the light of self-awareness let go the fears from our sacred inner space.

Your brain is not the cause of your problem. In fact, it has supported you a lot. The problem lies in the negative beliefs cultivated unconsciously. Now, let go of these false beliefs and free yourselves from pain and suffering. Energy healing empowers you to overcome OCD and fills you with calmness.


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    • Paul4552 profile image

      Paul4552 7 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland

      I like how you bring to the reader's attention that OCD usually starts in a very subtle way. You explain this very well. Thanks.

    • NATIONALGUARD1 profile image

      Chris Norman 8 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Exellent hub I teach people how to rid themselves of OCD PTSD Anxiety etc. Former sufferer now free. Nick former RUC Special ops Police Northern Ireland