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10 Healthy Office Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Updated on January 2, 2012

Long hours in front of the computer again, yeah? All that sitting and snacking goes straight to your gut – believe me, I’ve been working in front of computers for years now. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your health while in the workplace.

This hub is about ten different office exercises you can do, right now, that will greatly improve your health and overall well being (gotta love that rush of endorphins from exercise!).

1. The “Office Sprint”

While you’re sitting, run as fast as you can – get your legs up and down as if you were sprinting toward the finish line. Try to do this non-stop for a minute and your cardio will jump, a few calories burned and you’ll be feeling better.

2. The “Desk Squat”

Hover above your chair instead of sitting on it – you’re in a squat position. It may be a bit hard but it will definitely work out your legs and stomach from holding the position. If no one is watching, try standing up and sitting back down – the up and down motion may not give you the full benefit of a squat but it’s better than nothing, right?

3. Take the stairs

This one may not be at your desk but whenever you can – take the stairs if you work on the higher levels. Going up just a few levels of stairs will definitely get your heart going and work those legs.

4. Reach Up the Corporate Ladder

Imagine a ladder in front of you – lets go a bit further and say it’s the corporate ladder – now, start climbing it. Raise your arms, over your head, as if you’re climbing up. This exercise will work your arms and help you stretch in between those long hours of typing.

5. Become a Bird

This one may be silly (if people are watching) but flap your arms – seriously! Try to keep your arms going in short movements so you’re putting a lot of resistance on your muscles. To add to it, rotate your arms and you’ll quickly feel the burn after a minute.

6. Long Strides

Walk like a boss! Whenever you’re running errands, take extra long steps so you can stretch out your legs and put more force on your body. You may look a bit silly but hey, at least you’ll shave off a bit of weight in between the office parties.

7. Consider standing (a lot)

Your feet may not like you for this but try standing instead of sitting all the time. In fact, get a standing desk that way you can always be on your feet and shift around. You’ll improve your posture and keep your body active instead of just vegging out in front of the screen.

8. Hustle Around

Use every opportunity to get active around your work area. If you have a bit of downtime in between client calls – go for a brisk walk. Going to a meeting? Try sprinting there. Lunch break? Eat while you walk around the parking lot. Try to be moving all the time when you have the chance – simple, yeah?

9. Pick Up that Paper Weight

Keep something moderately heavy on your desk so you can work your arms every once in a while. You could definitely utilize a paper weight for this purpose or just bring in your own free weights that you can buy on the cheap. If you’re sitting back on a phone call – do a couple reps, it all adds up.

10. Quick Pushups!

You don’t need any gym equipment for this one – do a couple pushups. If you’re struggling a bit than just do pushups against the wall. This will greatly improve your strength, burn some calories and get your heart racing so you can get on that sales call and close the deal!

Working at a desk all day can take its toll on your body – try to be active and you’ll see your health and well-being skyrocket throughout the day.

What office exercises would you recommend?

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