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Oil of Oregano: All-Healing Wonder Oil

Updated on September 25, 2013

Oil or Oregano is an essential oil that comes from the plant Oregano Vulgares. It is steam distilled from the dried leaves of this plant. It shouldn't be confused with the spice in your kitchen, which is usually Oregano Marjoram. So don’t be trying to shake out some spice on your arm and rub it in, thinking its going to work. It would probably look funny though that’s for sure. Oil Oregano is one of the highest rated herbs in Progesterone binding activities, high levels of Progesterone can have a protective ability against formation of cancer cells.

Oil of Oregano pretty much is an anti-everything it's a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antioxidant (higher then fruits and veggies), anti-parasitic, decongestant, antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-allergy, anti-venom, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, immune system booster and anti-pleomorphism. If you're like me, which you're not but for the sake of some explanation lets pretend you are, then you are probably like “What's Pleomorphism?” Well here is your answer. Pleomorphism is bacteria, viruses and fungi within the body that changes because of the changing chemistry within your body. Basically like shape shifting inside of you. So maybe your cold turns into the flu or into an ear infection or turns you into a rabid beast that feeds on the crusts of peoples pizzas left out on the street, waiting to be picked up by the garbage man the next morning.

External Use:
Using it topically you can dilute it with olive, almond or pure vegetable oil. Try to avoid using commercial vegetable oils like canola. For pain it is as strong as Ibuprofen and Morphine!
6 drops 3 times a day, more or less depending on pain and area of it.
Arthritis, Athletes Foot, Back Pain, Bites, Neuritis, Eczema, Ringworm, Head and Body Aches, Congestion, Bronchitis, Asthma, Sinusitis

Internal Use:
Normal dose it about 1-4 drops per day but full strength Oregano Oil can be irritating and shouldn't be ingested without diluting first with water or other drink, or even put on food. You can also find Oregano Oil in capsule form if you don’t like the taste of the oil.
2-3 drops per ½ cup boiling water and have a towel over your head and steaming is great for colds and as a decongestant.
3-6 drops 3 times a day for:
Sore Throat, Food Poisoning, Flu, Colds, Cold Sores, Congestion, Gastritis, Candida, Colitis, Prostatitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Allergies, Tooth Ache, Gum Diseases and Fatigue.

Woman and Oregano Oil:
Oregano Oil is great for woman to take especially because it helps regulate a woman's menstrual cycle. If yours is all out of whack and/or painful Oregano Oil will help stimulate the blood flow in the pelvis and uterus. Woman with problems having light or infrequent period’s this oil will help provoke your cycle (except for pregnancy).
Also, something I think all woman might be interested in, regular use of Oregano Oil helps push back menopause to a later date. Eliminating premature menopause.
You should talk to your doctor before using it when pregnant or breast feeding.

Side Effects:
There are some things to look out for when taking this essential oil. Allergic reactions can happen with it as well as other plants in the same family as Oregano. For example Thyme, Basil, Mint, Marjoram. Also it shouldn't be applied in full strength to the skin without diluting, as it can burn the skin, especially on sensitive skin areas and don’t get it in your eyes! Another thing to note is that taking Oregano Oil can reduce your bodies ability to absorb Iron, so take your iron supplements, or which ever, at least 2 hours before or after you take the oil.
One ingredient called Thymol, that’s in this oil, has the potential to be toxic when its taken in high doses. So when you initially start using it start off small and see how your body reacts to it. Another thing to be careful about is that Oil of Oregano is a pathogen, it causes organisms that aren’t supposed to be in your body to die off. This process can cause headache, nausea and dizziness if a large “die-off” happens at once. This can be prevented though if you drink a large amount of water when you take the oil.

Oil of Oregano is definitely a wonder oil. Its healthy for you in the correct amount and keeps you healthy. It is 2nd hub of 3 of all-healing wonder oils. Another great oil is Tea Tree Oil. I have written a hub about it as well, feel free to take a browse. If you found this hub helpful please share also post any comments you may have. :)


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    • audaciousangel profile image

      audaciousangel 3 years ago from Greater Manchester

      I've been experiencing headaches after taking oil of oregano. I take a 40 percent carvacrols per drop. I've been applying it neat to my feet to treat Athlete's Foot and my feet most definitely look better. Incorporating this with oil pulling and the results are great. Trying to treat depression, brain fog and candida. Also, my candida growth in 2013 from the spit test was disgusting. The spores almost fell to the bottom of the glass immediately, but I did the spit test last week, and wow there is much difference. For information, been doing oil pulling with coconut oil every morning for ten days, and have taken oil of oregano orally for five of those ten days. Applied it to feet three times. I hope it works to help me feel better. Good article

    • profile image

      Oil of Oregano 6 years ago

      A very detailed information on oil of oregano. Oil of oregano has many essential benefits especially in treating different diseases. Oil of oregano is a very good alternative to antibiotic.