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LICE getting rid of them, cheap and NO insecticide.

Updated on July 20, 2015

A note from school, your child has LICE!

Relax it will happen to many school age children as lice is much more resistant to treatment than ever before. Lice can be extremely frustrating to remove from people and the home.

Comb, comb, comb! The key to removing lice and eggs.
Comb, comb, comb! The key to removing lice and eggs.

Understand the simple life cycle of lice.

No warmth, no blood meal, and no human host, the lice die in 24 hours. They don't jump off of others onto you and a clothes dryer can wipe out lice and eggs in the bedding and outerwear of persons being treated for lice.

How did you treat lice in your home?

When the time came to treat lice, what did you do?

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Lice are very light sensitive.

When checking for lice, note that they can move out of any light very quickly, making them hard to see. Nits and eggs attach to hair shafts near the bottom of the hair shaft. White and smooth, a little smaller than the head of a pin. You may see these first, well before you see the 1/16 inch long multi-legged adults, these are gray, white, or nearly black. Redness around the ears and on scalp, noteably on the edges of the hairline, can be an indicator of infestation, along with the itching.

Inturrupting the life cycle of lice is the key to controlling infestations.
Inturrupting the life cycle of lice is the key to controlling infestations.

Most directions for OTC lice treatments include.

1.Apply product, some say wet hair, and some say dry hair.

2.Leave on for required time.

3.Keep out of eyes. review allergies and sensitivities for the one being treated before applying.

4. Use proper comb, sometimes comes in the kit, or may be a seperate purchase.

5. Repeat steps as outlined by manufacturer instructions.

Pedicides are insecticides, effective as a first step.

When you treat with a pedicide, realize you will get immediate relief. If you don't follow the box directions very carefully, the lice will resume ther life cycle and the infestation will return. Avoid the expense and frustration of the lice returning by carefully doing the correct steps to erradicate the lice.

Using moth balls in lard, or kerosene can cause injury.

Moth balls and kerosene can cause long term damage to lungs and when absorbed through skin, can have long term nerve damage from solvents. Insecticides as in pedicides have extremely dangerous ingredients. The bug spray you use to kill pests is similar, different ingredients, both are insecticide.

Lice are becoming more and more resistant.

Lice are expensive to treat, with several children and multiple treatments it can be hundreds of dollars to control lice. They can return because of close quarters in school and at work, especially in colder weather. Do not use a community coat rack, no sharing of head gear, jackets, coats or unwashed clothing. Hair touching other hair must be avoided, no sharing brushes and combs.

I found a method for resistant lice from the UK.

I will use pedicides, for my family of 7 it was 140 dollars for 2 treatments each. So having about 6 dollars and 34 cents in the checking account, I tried a well thought out method from a youtube video. In the UK the lice respond to pedicides less and less, each year, due to over use. Click on the video to see a method that can work for many people.

Obtain Listerene type mouthwash, disposable shower cap and a good metal lice comb.

Look at the ingredients on the name brand bottle, then get the biggest bottle of the generic version. The alcohol, eucalytus, and menthol will help to disrupt the lice and kill some of them. With clean hair and towels, a throw away shower cap, and the amber, super strong mouth wash in hand, saturate hair to drippng, keep out of eyes. Have your quality metal lice comb near by. Place shower cap on head, with all hair tucked into it, for 60 minutes. Lice will be very unhappy, unhappy lice are what we need, right now. The hair must be wet for 60 minutes, even longer if you can get the person being treated to allow it, that's why a shower cap is used. I did wrap a head in plastic wrap before, to keep hair moist, the shower cap is much better.

If you have it use it, I have had amazing results with the generic version.
If you have it use it, I have had amazing results with the generic version.

Ok the hour is up, time to comb, comb, comb!

This is the hard part and very time consuming. Use clips and a regular comb to separate small sections of hair. Comb each section completely removing all particles, nits, eggs, and if seen, any lice. The dampness of the mouth wash will slow the lice down so you can remove them. If you miss any areas, you will see a new infestation. Be very thourough.

Consider a final rinse of 8 oz white vineger.

Many feel the final rinse of white vineger can strip out any nits or eggs that are missed. If you have the vineger use it, I have skipped this step with great results.

Shower cap keeps the hair moist for 60 minutes.
Shower cap keeps the hair moist for 60 minutes.

Final thoughts.

Any treatment you use, pedicide or home remedy, please realize this is only the first step. Comb, Comb, Comb! Also wash bedding and tie up unwashables in a sealed plastic bag for 30 days, everything will die.


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