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Old Age Minds or Not?

Updated on November 24, 2017

Before start reading I want to apologize for common mistakes. I did my best for translation.

Many times you can see, hear or even experience old age by making your daily stroll or a family table. But what is really old-age? Some may say how older people think, others link metaphorically to old age with censorship and observance of classical stereotypical perceptions. Let's look at another angle. Gerontocracy, as we all have in mind now, is the age-old worldview of how things should be. At least as he learned and built his own beliefs.

But behind the term "old age" is an ideological basis of social disparity in what is new and aggravates its own existing absolute worldview it has already built. We usually use this term to describe a situation where the elderly are opposed to criticizing anything new or modern. Thus, translating senatorialism as an authoritarian model of contrast, we could detect it in different groups of people and of younger ages. Are you a friend of your reader reading this text, regardless of your age or sex, how many times have you met someone or something that you see him characterize him, why does he go contrary to yours? For example, go on the street and see someone ride a skirt or a woman with a male dress or see a path of homosexuals struggling to recognize their rights, you will immediately criticize or consider the whole presence unacceptable. But here's the problem. Who defines what is right and what does not?

Certainly OK, I caught some fine questions that want pages on pages to analyze. A simpler example. Do not go away. Even now there is a gay-age, old age for tattoos and earrings. According to them Tattoos have only the bums and earrings wearing only gay. But as these grandparents judge a newcomer of our time so comfortably, the older ones of that time have been judged by them for other things they did. It's a vicious circle. The joke is that even his other ages now (30-50), in their teenage age, considered and had in their minds something else that was right and ideal for their time (eg attire, religion, entertainment, entertainment) while still criticizing the elderly, but yet they themselves criticize the younger ones because the younger people consider something else that they do not consider ...... Pfff. And this can also apply to my generation (20 + -) in some years from now. It is a germ that passes from generation to generation.

It is in our nature to question anything new because we believe that what we are living now is just the way the world should be. No. New means new and something new means evolution There are many inventions of today that while we consider them to be and are now useful for our lives, they used to be ideas that do not keep pace with reality. There are many such examples in history that prove that people generally go contrary to anything new.

Imagine in 1769 in France when Nicolas Joseph Cugnot created the first car, when all journeys were made with horse and ships, as it was challenged, or when it was all assumed that long-distance communication would only be done by telegrams, the first electronic device. Well let's not talk about Galileo. So why do not I accept someone who feels that they are expressing the tattoos or later not accepting several holograms or a robot or anything? That's why, before making redundancies or identifying the value for something or someone, you should not judge it with your already formed view of the world, but with an open mind. But above all .. Before you say something negative ,

Go outside and see if the world you've built for your kids is the ideal one. Generations may not match each other, but you certainly leave a heritage of remarkable inventions and a series of mistakes where young people should continue and fight. The world can belong to everyone, but the future belongs to the young. May my generation and the next one come to do great things, maybe nothing. No one knows this, neither you nor me. Let the modern stream travel without a gypsy. the time will show.

Thanks for your time.

© 2017 Novempy


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      11 months ago

      This articles helps a lot and gives readers the opportunity to recive meaningful messages about the elderly.


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