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Oldest medical college in India-175 years old-MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE

Updated on April 11, 2011

MMC-the legend

I am compelled to clarify certain facts and add a few more important mile stones since i am an alumni of this college..

The oldest college of Asia was established in Calcutta on JAN 28 1835 followed by Madras Medical College on FEB 2 1835

A train journey after laying the foundation was the difference between the two institutions.

The order was issued on 20th February 1835 to commence activities and intake of students. So both INSTITUTIONS Calcutta medical college and Madras Medical College are the oldest preceded by Calcutta medical college and are 175 years old.

But the hospital of MMC is older by ages than Calcutta. Government General Hospital was started on 16th November 1664 .

SIR EDWARD WINTER paved way to make it a British hospital. For the first 25 years the Hospital functioned from FORT ST GEORGE Governor Sir. ELIHU YALE allotted land within the Fort in 1690. In 1772. the hospital was established in the present place after moving out and serving for full 20 years around the fort.

By 1820, the institution acquired recognition as the model hospital of the East India Company.

In 1827, Dr. D.Mortimar was appointed Superintendent of the Hospital and started the college in 1835 formally inaugurated by Governor SIR FREDRICK ADAMS.

  • The Government General Hospital is the the biggest in ASIA and the biggest in the country
  • The GOVERNMENT Ophthalmic Hospital,EGMORE which is attached(there are 10 institutions attached to Madras Medical College but functioning from elsewhere for want of space) to MMC is the second oldest hospital in the world..
  • The first lady doctor in the world, Mary Scharlieb graduated from Madras Medical College in 1878
  • The first Indian lady doctor Muthulakshmi Reddi graduated from Madras Medical College
  • Open heart surgery in India was performed here by DR SOLOMON VICTOR after his training in USA and UK.Till date the maximum number of FREE HEART SURGERIES in the world are performed here with help from the Chief Minister's fund.
  • The Xray machine installed in the Barnard institute of Radiology ,MMC is the world's second Xray machine after Roentgen invented it.
  • Donavon's bodies was invented by Colonel Donavon in Madras Medical College.
  • Numerous Chief ministers and a famous Prime minister had been patients of this hospital.
  • Rangabashyam retractor was invented in WARD 10 and approved by the Royal college of surgeons,UK.
  • The state of the art telemedicine centre established in this institution is the first in the country
  • A dedicated TRAUMA and disaster management the first in the country was established in this institution.
  • The alumni of MMC has bought a spacious flat in London- MMC flat- for any MMC doctor's visit.
  • The maximum number of diverse specialities has been developed and dedicated to the nation in this premier institute which offers varied MCH courses and PhDs.
  • Successive Governments had been instrumental in developing and dedicating a 1000 crore monumental landmark building for the health of the general public with the state of the art operation theatre facilities and medical therapies.


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    • profile image

      DR.Y.SENA REDDY 2 years ago

      ANDHRA MEDICAL COLLEGE ,VIZAG also started in the year 1923 and KING GEORGE HOSPITAL VIZAG has started in the year 1823.why all people are NOT mentioning this in the old colleges list.First all people learn the proper history.

    • profile image

      Rajan Pradhan 3 years ago

      Seeing the pictures of MMC after so many years brought tears to my eyes. Afterall I'm her alumnus.

    • profile image

      SB 4 years ago

      There was no train in 1835