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Bach Flower Remedy: Olive and Exhaustion

Updated on February 13, 2013

The Bach flower remedy Olive stands for refreshment and strength. In its negative state, a person who needs Olive is totally exhausted, both physically and mentally. This isn’t about just feeling exhausted, it is genuine exhaustion that is brought on by overwork. The person just feels drained of all strength and this is because he has been working ceaselessly, not bothering about his health as he is so involved in what he is doing. It’s like he has reached the last straw and his body just cannot move another muscle.


This usually happens when a person has been working or looking after someone without sleep for hours. It could be a result of working on two or more jobs, working and looking after someone ill or small children, or even just being ill for a long time and not having eaten much. All that remains is extreme exhaustion and a feeling of being totally tired and drained. Olive brings in a bit of vitality so the person feels he can move again. It reaches down deep inside to give the person his second wind.


Mentally, too, a person who needs Olive is at the end of his tether. This could be due to a prolonged period of mental stress – work, study or home related. What a few doses of Olive do is to make the mind tick again so the person can change his lifestyle and take better care of his mental self. Olive is of special benefit when a person is in training for an event – like an athlete. Olive helps relieve the mental stress that is built up inside of them and makes them cope with the final event better.


Emotionally, too, these people feel that they have nothing left to give. It could be that they have been through great emotional turmoil and get to a state when they are just too tired to feel anymore. Olive energises them emotionally and gives them back the ability to love and laugh again. It also makes them aware of how to avoid getting into that state of exhaustion again.


From feeling drained, the spirit becomes dynamic and energetic with Olive. Like that branch the dove brought back to Noah, Olive rejuvenates hope in the soul. It draws on inner reserves that you would never suspect existed and brings inspiration to the spirit.

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    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Thank you Ag - I do hope it helps :)

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 8 years ago from Australia

      G'day Shalini, I like your series on Bach Flower remedies, I have a special friend who I will entice to read this particular Hub, ;-)

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      Frieda - thank you!

      Jill - yes, a few doses helps a lot - thanks for coming by.

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 8 years ago from Philippines

      I think I need this! I did not notice that I was physically exhausted during the last few days. I just noticed it when my body could not follow what my mind was telling it to do. This fact was brought to my attention when I could not hit any of my spares (easy ones at that!) while playing bowling.

      Thank you for this hub!

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      This one i'm going to have to bookmark!