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Omega-3 Side Effects - Are They Dangerous?

Updated on June 27, 2011

Researchers now believe that having a diet high in omega 3 fats may help prevent many health conditions Some of these conditions include high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, cancer, asthma, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, and ADHD. 

If you have any of these conditions or are interested in taking omega-3 to prevent them, you've probably heard about how beneficial omega-3 is to your health. It's true that omega-3 is good for you, but it's also true that you should never take any supplement without first investigating it and its possible side effects. With that in mind, let's take a look at omega-3 side effects and weigh the risks and benefits.

Omega-3 Side Effects

Enjoy the Benefits of Omega-3 without the side effects.
Enjoy the Benefits of Omega-3 without the side effects. | Source

Omega-3 Side Effects

The most common side effects of omega-3 are belching or 'fishy burps', nausea, bloating, gas, and diarrhea and you can avoid many of these altogether by using a quality omega-3 supplement.

Fish oil can also has thin your blood. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone taking blood thinners like Coumadin, Plavix, Wayfarin, or taking any over-the-counter blood thinners such as aspirin, without talking to  your doctor. 

If you have a bleeding disorder, you should consult your physician. High doses of omega-3 can thin your blood and cause excessive bleeding.

Avoiding Omega-3 Side Effects

If you want the benefits of increasing your essential fatty acids without the side effects of omega-3, what should you do? First, buy only quality omega-3 supplements. The most popular and common omega-3 supplements are fish, cod liver, or flaxseed or krill oil.

Try switching brands if you're having trouble with nausea, burping, or diarrhea. Also, start taking the supplement in low doses and gradually increasing to see how you tolerate it, never taking omega-3 supplement on an empty stomach.

It's very important that you talk to your doctor before taking omega-3 supplements if you are currently on any type of blood thinners. Thinning your blood too much can be extremely dangerous and this is one side effect you definitely want to avoid.

You'll also want to be sure that the omega-3 supplement you choose selected is fish oil, and not fish oil liver. Fish oil liver contains two fat soluble vitamins A and D. If you take too much of these vitamins, it can possibly cause toxicity and have dangerous side effects.

Enjoying the Benefits of Omega-3

As you can see, the side effects from omega-3 are minimal unless you are on blood-thinning medication. Reap all the benefits of omega-3 and its essential fatty acids by taking quality, pharmaceutical grade and purified supplements produced only by reputable manufacturers. By doing so, you can enjoy optimal health and not worry about omega-3 side effects.


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    • Debhsmomof4 profile image

      Debhsmomof4 5 years ago from New York, New York

      It sounds like you have an allergy to fish. Don't take any more Omega 3 and as with any supplement, you should consult your doctor.

    • profile image

      satwant 5 years ago

      with fish my pulse gose high difficulty in breathing appears as if leading to congestive heart failure pse guide