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Omron HBF-510W Full Body Composition Monitor with Scale Review

Updated on August 10, 2010

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“This product is more than just a scale. It’s an accurate and easy-to-use weight and body composition monitor. Overall, I am very pleased with this device.”

“I was extremely happy to find a scale that had a full body composition program at a price lower than $80. So far, I’ve used it about five times and it’s worked wonders. It’s been greatly accurate every time. I’m glad I made this buy.”

“I would describe this scale as consistent, accurate, and very light weight. It’s by far the fanciest bathroom scale I have ever had. You can even get your measurements and weight quickly and easily.”

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Need to measure your body composition at home? How about a device that measures up to five fitness indicators including body mass index, weight, body fat percent, and more? Or one that uses two sensors for your hands and four for your feet? How about the Omron HBF-510W Full Body Composition Monitor with Scale? It’s a great device for tracking your total body composition and it even looks like a regular scale when it’s not being used. Also, it measures your visceral fat level and your skeletal muscle percent. The Omron HBF-510W Full Body Composition Monitor with Scale helps to reach your fitness goals by letting you see your muscle mass build by the numbers, plus, it uses this data to minimize your “rebound” weight gain in the future. It’s clinically proven to be as good and accurate as the expensive medical devices that the professionals use. Another bonus, it’s that it’s a four person profile. In fact, you can place this product at floor level, making it easier to step up on it and off.


  • Better accuracy due to full body sensing, with hand to foot technology
  • Monitors Body Fat Percentage
  • Body Mass index (BMI)
  • Monitors Body Weight
  • Four Person Profile


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