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Ombudsman in Florida-My Story

Updated on November 26, 2013

Ombudsman For The Elderly differ state by state. Some are volunteers and some are paid depending on the state.

Some states have both paid and volunteer, while others are all volunteer.

An Ombudsman is trained to Investigate complaints of elderly people in long term care facilities, adult foster homes, assisted living facilities ect.... and to become an advocate for the individual to assure proper care is taking place.

State run Ombudsman programs are highly respectable programs leading people to believe there is help and hope for neglected elderly individuals.

Do Ombudsman really do what they are trained to do?

Not in my particular case - My father in law was in a nursing facility 3000 miles away from where I live.

I became concerned when he had fallen from his wheelchair for a second time in only 2 weeks.

I became even more concerned when excuses were being made as to why I couldn't talk to him on the phone.

My concern grew at an alarming rate when the nursing facility wouldn't allow At&T to install a phone in my father in laws room.

It wasn't until telecommunication laws were implimented and the home was forced to comply that a phone was finally installed in his room.

A very nice lady at Medicare told me I needed an Ombudsman to go chek on my father in law because something wasn't right.

That was the first time I had heard of an Ombudsman. I called the office and was told a case would be opened.

I felt so much more at ease after reading about ombudsman and all of the good they do on behalf of the eldery... volunteers in a program overseen by the Governors Office. O.k, my father in law will be allright I thought now - I can sleep.

In the meantime I had a family member go in and check on my father in law.

The family member found him totally dehydrated and very ill. She immediatly brought it to the attention of the nurses and I brought it to the attention of the Ombudsmans office.

At that point - this was an Emergency Situation - my father in law needed immediate help!

Well, the ombudsman assigned to the case didn't see it that way, she took another three days before visiting the facility.

She then basically called me a liar and told me this about my father in law ....

"Um - he was sleeping so I didn't want to disturb him but he seems just fine."

The next day my father in law entered ICU in what they call full code , which means... nearly dead.


Sleeping? ...............

Um excuse me miss advocate for the elderly - trusted - trained - for the good of the people person but.......he wasn't sleeping and I wasn't lying! He was sick! Really ...Really ...sick!

Had the Ombudsman done what she had been trained to do she would have checked on him alot sooner, noticed what the family member had noticed days earlier.... and sent him to the hospital. Had she done that my father in law may still be alive today.

I'm not really too sure about other Ombudsman programs in other states and how they operate their offices - but this horribly bad experience with one - has really left a bitter taste in my mouth for them all - I would never trust again any ombudsman to care for - or be an advocate for any family member...or friend of mine

© 2009 starme77


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    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 6 years ago

      yup thats what i did with my mother in law :) she home with me and happy happy :) has been for over 2 years now

    • profile image

      shell 6 years ago

      Why are these people in these places???? Take them home with you and then you will know how they are treated!!! Get a private sitter. We are all gonna be old one day.

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 7 years ago

      I wonder how the assisted living is being paid - they cost quite a bit per month - do you think maybe from the proceeds of the house? If your brother dosn't have any legal documentation that he is in charge - like power of attorney or something - then lots can be done and I would consult an attorney if I were you - the will however they usually are private until the person passes away. Is your mother diagnosed with something like altzheimers? Is she competent to make her own decisions? these are all things I would discuss with an attorney - there are many of them online with free consultations - I would research some that deal with this and contact them ... let me know how it goes

    • profile image

      Margaret L morfin 7 years ago

      my mom's in a assisted living facility, My dad left a will. my brother wont let anyone see the will. my brother says he is the omsbudman for her. my brother is making(writing) specific things that can or cant be discussed with my mom. my brother sold my moms house for 140.000 and wont let me or my sisters know anything wbout where the mony went. my brother threatens us if we discuss anything with mom, what can be done?

    • starme77 profile image

      starme77 8 years ago

      sorry it takes me a while wometimes to get back to comments made since I am at home with my mother in law who has altzheimers and its a full time job, I'm sorry to hear about your mom and I do hope she is still allright, I would keep a very close eye on her if she is still in the facility . Take care

    • sabbatha1 profile image

      sabbatha1 8 years ago from

      Great HUb! Alot of information. Thanks for the advice. With me going through medical school it really meant alot seeing what your hub was all about.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 8 years ago from US

      I have experienced this same thing twice with my mother and it is as if they are afraid to find anything, I even had pictures I sent her of my Moms wounds,very suspicious and the last one after saying she found no fault with the care Mom was getting called me a liar about what she had told me the administraitor had said to her, that family constantly kept check on Mom making me a liar even more because I asked him if that was true, not saying who said it,I call and check religiously and the nurses say no one has been there, why would they lie? To get me there inspecting? I doubt it. He said he absolutely said no such thing and I admired he told the truth which I knew it to be, so I sent back the email she had sent me saying that very thing and told her those were her exact words but to not worry I wouldn't bother her again(she had been on vacation, had a doctors appt and had to have her car fixed before she could even check on my Mom) I will from now on take my Mom straight to ER if I ever see anything like this again. I had threatened to do it then because the doctor was nowhere to be found and wouldn't be before I had to go back home they said, but when I said "She's seeing a doctor today!" the doctor popped up from behind the nurses station. I swear! These people are no good to no one, I have two years stories of almost constant abuse or neglect to my mother,and no one wants to help and not a thing in the world I can do but as I have said that I can see.