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Regular Doctor Visits

Updated on March 12, 2013

Quality Of Life

I traveled down to East Pointe near Lake St.Clair for my annual check-up with my doctor. It was driving me crazy just thinking about going. I thought about it for so long before I went that I had myself convinced that something terrible was wrong with me. This, I must say, is not going to happen again. That is, I'm not going to wait forever to get checked out next time. It's just better to know where you stand when it comes to your health.

I go to my dentist on a regular basis, why can't I go to other doctors for other parts of the body when I'm supposed to? I have to or I'll flip. Does this make you wonder if you should be somewhere for a little look-see at something? Is it that toenail on your big toe? Is it that mole on your neck? What about a certain pain in your back that seems to flare up right when you need your back strong for some activity?

All of us probably have something to check out if we think about it. It's just that half of the time we don't really want to know if there's a problem with anything. At least, we don't want to deal with the ramifications of any sort of illness. So...You got it. We avoid it like the plague. But, then we have to wonder...I let my mind wander off thinking of terrible scenerios.

In order to keep track of everything regarding your health it's good to keep all of your reports and medical papers in one place. If you're not going to scan them onto the computer it's a good idea to keep a folder or a couple of folders with pockets in them, and a notepad to take with you to the doctor. On this you can write down questions you have, and know what you're going to say ahead of time. This way you won't forget anything. If you have your folder or binder with you it can be a place to record his or her answers. A small calendar would be good to keep in there too, so you can write down the dates for upcoming visits, or lab work, or tests you have to take care of in the within the next 12 months. Basically it's troubleshooting before something is really wrong with you.


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