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Positive Goals

Updated on March 11, 2013

On The Journey

What should you go around thinking about? I mean what is the most important thing that could be on your mind? Is it something that you have to do, or is it something that you actually "want" to do? Are you always thinking about different things? Maybe it's one thing you focus on, on a regular basis. I guess this is okay if you're not obsessing in a negative way about something.

If we want to live in an optimistic mode we have to focus on positive things. You know, things that may make us happy or successful.How do we define this? Well, how do you feel? What's good for you, and what's bad? Think about it. On one of the series shows of "Sex and the City" Miranda had to make a list of pro's and con's regarding her relationship with Steve. Doing this is always useful when it comes to anything you're making a decision about,.

The next question you may ask yourself is "Do I need to be thinking about anything?" Well, do you? It turns out that you have to balance work and play. Know when you're working, and know when you're not. This of course is easier when you have to keep certain hours at a regular job. But, sometimes even though we have those hours designated for certain things we don't actually end up following through with afformentioned plans. It's good to keep plans You don't always have to though. Sometimes it's healthy to let things just go.

It can feel good to take care of the immediate concerns in your life and then just chill the rest of the time. You really don't have to have any goals. But, if you don't what are you doing on this planet. Are you even going to want to go to the new earth when this one is exhausted? What will you contribute? How will you feel everyday when you get up?

By the way, there is actually a "new earth." Scientists have located it so far away that I can't even quote the distance at the moment. But, it's so very, very far out in space that I don't know for sure if we'll ever be able to travel there in our lifetime.

If people do start living until they're closer to 200 rather than 100, think about how much extra time they'lll have to do that something that's permeating their being.


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