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Helping Others Helps You Too

Updated on March 21, 2013

On The Journey

There you are in the middle of totally relaxing and you get a call of distress.

Sometimes when others need us to help them we're not always ready at that moment. If we think about it though, that's when our help would mean the most. We can't just always wait for some appropriate time to go forth and do something for someone. In the best of situations we could scrape ourselves up off the floor and jump to it the very second we get a distress call. The better thing to do is, if at all possible, is to take care of of basic needs, and emergency situations of our own first, then reach out. If in fact, there is no time for all this, well then what choice do you have. You've chosen to be supportive in this relationship, so you need to do what you need to do.

Consider how you would feel if you didn't help the person in need and then something tragic happened to them because of it. You know you could relax much easier if you just deal with the situation and then be done with it. Most of the time when someone asks you to do something for them it's because they've got no one else to ask. So choose to help out to make yourself feel better as well as to assist a friend.

There are times when the helping may involve physical labor, but in the end it could turn out to be a giant pizza party where you can meet new friends, and have a great time. In other cases it may be that you have to lend out a prized possession and you're worried about some sort of possible damage. This can be tricky. It seems you'd have to rationalize that whatever it is it can be replaced. If it can't, keep it in a safe where it's never seen by anyone.

Sometimes all the help a person needs from you is for you to listen to them. You know this could seem boring, but think of it as an opportunity to actually know that someone else's life is definitely worse than yours. You know, put things in perspective in your own head. While you may or may not be able to solve the problems the person is talking about you are validating them as a human being just by listening. When we've exhausted all of our other resources listening does make a difference. It lets the person hear themselves and begin to work things out without even knowing it.


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    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan


      For something that could seem like a chore to some, helping others does end up helping the helper.

      Thanks so much for your comment.


    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      Helping someone when no one else help him and her would be like something that would never be forgotten. Most of the time they will be the first to come when we are the one who need help.

      Sometimes we need to put ourselves in some one else position and try to understand how difficult their situation is, how desperate they need help.

      Helping people will put us in the situation where we feel more fortunate, at the end of the day we will be grateful for what we have at this life. Helping is rewarding, soon or later.