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Balanced Living

Updated on March 12, 2013

On The Journey

I went to Lake Orion on business this morning. I ventured out traveling on country roads in the bright sunshine. I blasted Carrie Underwood on the stereo in my 4x4 and drove in and out of the forest land on my way. What an incredible feeling it is just being on roads like that when the weather is good. It' almost 50 degrees in January in Michigan. What a way to get inspired for my day.

I love nature. Just being outside somehow invigorates me, especially if I am in a warm car. I actually plan to get out and ice skate, snowshoe, and cross-country ski this winter if it takes everything I've got. I live in Michigan as I said. I've got to live like it, and get out there all year long, not just in the good six months of the year. Okay, maybe eight months. In the meantime we need sunshine here, and light any way we can get it. When it's gloomy outside my windows I like to turn on specific bright lights around the house.

Right now, it's so nice outside I've got the windows and doors open. The breeze is flowing through as the sun continues to shine. As I enjoy this I'm going to do some marketing for my businesses. I'll make a list of some creative directors at metro area ad agencies, and then make appointments to drop off my voice over demos. Next, I write a press release citing my Hub Pages writing. After that, I'm off to watch "Waiting to Exhale," with Whitney Houston.


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