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Once Upon An Addiction

Updated on August 6, 2013

Be a Leader and Not a Follower

This hub titled, "once upon an addiction" relates to my past experiences with drinking and abusing alcohol for many many years.

You know, we are all curious and want to experiment with different things in life, such as alcohol and drugs when we are young. Peer pressure tends to make many of the young do things that they would never do if not being forced or shamed into.

My parents always told me when I was young, "to be a leader and not a follower." If I would of listened to my parents and their words of wisdom I might of never become an alcoholic.

Do as I say and not what I do was one more saying our parent tend to tell us when we are young. At least my parents told me that. Be your own person and listen to your heart.

An addiction to alcohol or drugs can change you from an innocent, kind and loving person to someone that others may not even know in the future.

Addictions ruin so many lives as it came close to ruining mine four years ago.

Don't Let This Happen to Your Life


The Experiment of Drinking Turned Addiction

By listening to my buddies and trying out drinking for the first time when I was young turned my experiment into an addiction years later. The taste and feeling of alcohol did something that I never experienced in my life.

The feeling of being buzzed or drunk made me think that nothing in the world would get me down, and that I could do anything I wished to do with complete success.

I should of been my own person and listened to my heart and my parents as well, but I didn't, and now years later I would pay the consequences of being an alcoholic.

As you all know, once the taste of booze touches ones lips and they like the taste and the feeling alcohol gives you, you will hooked if you are not careful.


Have you ever been addicted to alcohol?

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Our Game of Sorts

When me and the guys got together we stole a feel cans of beer out of the refrigerators of our parents. We knew we were about to have a great time and all of us would experience the power of alcohol, small experiences, but powerful in the end.

We would hide and crack the beers cans open and place straws in each one. We passed the beer around our little circle of friendship taking big sips of beers through the straws.

We met at the local baseball field at that time to get the feeling of that buzz alcohol was about to give us. We then ran the bases, home plate to home plate trying and thinking that by running the alcohol would get into our systems faster and we would get that buzz faster by running. That may of worked, but we were so little and wouldn't know the difference anyway, because we never drank before.

You should of seen us after the run and after drinking a few can of beer. To think of that now I just laugh, but the thing is it is not really funny. Even back then as a young child I loved beer and I carried that love for alcohol the rest of my life. What goes best with alcohol? Yes cigarettes. One of the guys father smoked so he stole a few smokes each day from dear old dad until he had enough for all of us future alcoholics to smoke with that ice cold beer.

Of course in my household neither my Mother or Father smoked so you know what that meant right? Yes they smelled cigarettes on my clothes and asked me, "Mark are you smoking cigarettes?" My response as stupid as I was, said NO I don't smoke. The first and second time I got away with it, but after those times of being asked my Dad bought me a park of cigarettes and made me smoke the entire pack, one after another until the pack was empty.

I believe his intentions were to make me sick enough that I wouldn't want another cigarette for a very long time if ever. However, that didn't work, I just loved smoking more than ever, sad to say, but true.

Me and Dad


As Time Passed

As time passed by all of us little children that drank alcohol together at the baseball field started to grow up. Some of us moved on to educate ourselves better, and some moved out of the area altogether, but the memories will always be there drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes when so young and the so called great time we had. Many of the gang that drank and smoked back then when we were young did turn into alcoholics, as well as I did.

Nowadays, I guess it is not uncommon to hear of these stories that I did 50 years ago. Wow, did I just say 50 years ago? I can't believe it has been that long that I had my first taste of alcohol. Yes, I was seven years old then which now makes me 57 as I write this story of my first taste of alcohol.

Many things happen in ones life that upsets us, and sometimes we tend to turn to alcohol or drugs in hopes all will get better, but as we all know that method never works, at least it didn't work for me in the past.

A few things happened to me years ago that brought back the little demons inside me to be huge demons that wouldn't get off my shoulders. They hung on to me like they were part of my life, and to tell you the truth, they (the demons) became a huge part of my life and my families life as well, said to say.

That Experiment When Young Turned Into This


My Sobriety

There was once upon an addiction, but now 50 years later from my first drink of alcohol I am now clean and sober and enjoying life as it should be enjoyed.

No worries of how I am ruining my body by abusing alcohol. No worries of what I might say to someone while I am drunk and under the influence of alcohol. We all know we say things we don't mean while drinking alcohol. The next morning we hate to even face the people we may have insulted or said bad things to them. People say, the truth comes out while being drunk, but I don't buy that saying. We are just loose tongued and the alcohol is telling us to say things that we really don't mean. Alcohol is a powerful thing as we all know.

ALCOHOL destroys lives, families, friends, jobs, health, and so much more.

Being sober now and writing each night about my experiences with alcohol and how I got sober keeps me indeed sober for sure. I can't believe I drank beer 50 years ago. When thinking about it now, it truly blows my mind, but I am sober and living a life of sobriety and that is what really matters in my life now.


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Ruchira Thank you so much for reading and your kind words in the comment. My new path in life is wonderful now and thank you again.

      Mark :)

    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

      I liked how you started with your story about your addiction and then how you ended it.

      Good luck on this new path of life :)