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One Day Diet

Updated on August 11, 2015

While we all know it isn't a long term solution sometimes we just need to shed those extra few pounds after indulging. Whether we need to attend a special event or need to get into a bathing suit for a day at the beach it's good to have a little quick trick in our pocket. Found in a magazine on a day it was most pressing I'd like to share an emergency diet to lose around 4 pounds overnight without pills or cleanses, just healthy food in the right portions.

Here's a quick list to check your kitchen for and pick up if you need: Low-fat Greek yogurt, raw almonds or pistachios (unsalted), mixed berries, boneless chicken breast or no salt tuna, and whatever you like for a tossed salad (veggies and herbs, avoid croutons, cheeses and anything particularly fatty), add some protein like wild caught salmon. You'll want to have tasty food so use the recommended spices and extras like turmeric, ground cumin, cayenne, olive oil, ground ginger, and vinegar. Drink water, coffee or green tea. When I tried it I had to switch the Greek yogurt of Balkan due to availability but here's what I ate on my one day experiment: Breakfast was 1/2 cup of Balkan yogurt (fat free) with a 1/2 cup of mixed berries into which I added a small pinch of ginger. I drank both 10 ounces of water and had a cup of green tea.

As a snack in the middle of the morning I ate unsalted almonds, 15 of them and repeated my beverages from breakfast.

At lunch time I had 3 cups of a salad including spinach, half a red pepper, iceberg and romaine lettuce, and half a tomato and put on 3 or of broiled unseasoned chicken. I used oil and vinegar dressing with just a small hint of cayenne pepper. I had 10 or of water and a cup of black coffee. In the mid-afternoon I snacked on a hardboiled egg and six baby carrots, again drinking 10oz of water and a cup of green tea.

At dinner time I ate 4 oz of broiled salmon which I brushed with a mix of ‘/2 tablespoon of olive oil, some dill and a little lemon. I had 2 cups of steamed spinach on the side over which I sprinkled a little coriander and then had a half a cup of baked sweet potato. Ten MORE ounces of water and another cup of green tea were my beverage. I did not eat again that evening but did deviate from the plan by adding one more glass of water before bed.

I considered the experiment a success when the next morning I was down 3.5 pounds and my clothing fit the way I had hoped. Did I burn a bunch of fat? Of course not, but the lack of salt in the diet allowed me to shed water weight I had been holding. Using low-sodium super foods is a great way to rid yourself of water you are retaining and get those tight jeans to fit just right.


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