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One of the benefits of collagen is to reduce premature ageing

Updated on May 11, 2011

Benefits of Collagen

As we age the production of collagen within our bodies reduce drastically and the first signs of such slow down the lines and wrinkles that form on our skin during our mid or late thirties. The sprains and strains are more severe and the ability of our body to bear extreme physical activity reduces at a drastic rate. Joint and bone aches will increase and this is the time when you begin to age.  This is when we realize the benefits of collagen.

Until now, we have taken collagen for granted but collagen can be associated with the flexibility that a young and lithe physique exhibits. All the tissues and organs of the human body get their strength and elasticity from collagen and it accounts for about a quarter of the human body’s dry protein weight. Collagen constitutes the natural make-up of many of our vital organs in addition to muscles, joints, ligaments, hair and skin. In fact, three-quarters of our skin and about three-tenths of our entire body is collagen. Reduction in collagen is a sign of aging and once this sets in, we experience more of fatigue, pains and general performance reduction. As the benefits of collagen are leaving us, we  grow older.

If you are into your late thirties or early forties, you would remember how your skin was when you were in your early twenties. The glow on your skin and freshness was loved by all and sundry. However, the glow now has gone down and fine lines have begun to appear. The feeling is not so nice but you will notice that you are running to your pharmacist more often than not to get a take on the latest in skin supplements, creams, rejuvenators and any other products that seem to remotely talk about glowing skin. You are not alone in your quest..!

 After applying loads of grease and getting poorer by thousands of dollars you will realize that the quest was entirely misplaced and you have been treating the symptoms and not the problem or the cause. The first signs of ageing are the wrinkling of hands or discoloration. In some cases this could also be collagen disease which is again nothing but collagen deficiency. However, you may think that an infusion of collagen through medication could be a cure… alas, if it was as simple to imbibe the benefits of collagen into your body..!

 Collagen reduction and collagen deficiency occurs at various levels in various people and it is highly difficult to measure and treat medically.  One method to infuse collagen would be to eat foods that enhance the production of collagen but this does not work in cases of collagen deficiency. However, this will help to a particular extent. The best way to prevent premature ageing or slow down the process would be to take collagen supplements. This will ensure that the benefits of collagen work for you again. However, there is a lot of variety of collagen supplements and you should make an informed choice.


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