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Prevent Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer & More---With Onions!

Updated on October 8, 2015

Onions Will Keep You Healthy!

Onions and garlic are cousins, both members of the allium family and both are known to be healthy additions to our diets. They may even help prevent Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. For purposes of this article, however, we're going to focus on the wonder of the malodorous onion!

What Onions Do For Our Health

Onions are rich in a flavinoid that may benefit our hearts, and may even protect against high blood pressure, which as you know, may lead to heart attack and stroke. 

A French study found that women who frequently ate garlic and onions, had a lower risk for breast cancer. It may also protect against stomach and esophageal cancers and other types of this dreaded disease.

Onions are rich in vitamins and minerals including: C, zinc, folic acid, and selenium.  

Protect Your Onions!

1. Don't use onions if they begin to sprout. Throw them away.

2. Don't use if soft, or if they're bruised.

3. Store white, yellow, and red onions in an open container and not in the refrigerator. Do not store with potatoes.

4. Washing onions and cutting onions causes the nutrients to exit quickly. Use them fast after cutting.

5. Don't cook onions at high temperatures.

6. And for breath freshness, try a peppermint after a meal.


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    • profile image

      drbanamalinathnath3 5 years ago

      onion and garlic ----prevent DM-2

    • HealthyHanna profile image

      HealthyHanna 7 years ago from Utah

      I love onions.