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Online Counseling for Panic Attacks Anxiety

Updated on September 28, 2013
Peter Strong, PhD Professional Online Psychotherapist
Peter Strong, PhD Professional Online Psychotherapist

Online Counseling

How to Stop Panic Attacks and Panic Anxiety

Mindfulness Therapy provides one of the very best ways to learn how to break free from the grip of chronic anxiety and panic attacks. A panic attack represents a very severe anxiety reaction, with a very strong physiological fight-or-flight component, but it is important to understand that the core driver of panic attacks is the core emotional component and not the physiological reaction, which is seen as a secondary reaction to the emotional core.

Make friends with your emotions

Most of us fall into the natural habit of avoiding and fighting unpleasant emotions such as anxiety or depression. However, the very act of avoidance or aversion simply feeds the underlying emotions: You cannot avoid them and you must not fight them; instead we learn how to embrace our anxiety and other emotions with awareness and friendliness (called metta in Buddhist psychology). This combination of awareness and compassion is called mindfulness and research shows that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is one of the most effective approaches available for healing reactive emotions like anxiety, panic and fear.

During sessions of Mindfulness Therapy, we learn how to develop and sustain a relationship with our emotions based on acceptance and friendliness. Instead of running away from them, we hold our emotional pain in an inner space of awareness and learn how to "sit" with our emotions in much the same way that we would sit quietly with a friend in need. The quality of our being, of being present without reactivity, without judgement or any trace of aversion is remarkably effective for facilitating transformation and healing, what is called resolution in Mindfulness Therapy.

When you can develop this way of being present for your own emotions then you can begin to explore what the emotion needs to do to resolve and heal. Your intuition allows you to discover how you can help that emotion, the anxiety or fear, heal itself. This often involves imagery.

Peter Strong, PhD, is a Mindfulness Psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Besides face-to-face therapy sessions, Dr. Strong offers Online Counseling through Skype. Visit his profile and website to learn more about online therapy for panic attack and chronic anxiety.


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