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Small works and Habits that ruining your health

Updated on July 25, 2015

Every single day we do few things that can prove to be very dangerous for our health. May be you are used to it or habituate. But we never realize that those small things are actually harming our body. So get alert now. Try to get rid off all these bad habits and try to live a healthy life.

1) Standing straight:
Many of us stand with our knee straight. But have you ever had a thought that you are pressurizing the joints of your knees and because of which your knee joint may face erosion. So whenever you are standing just keep in mind that you don’t need to keep your knees straight.

2) Don’t press your belly towards the bed:
Many of us sleep by giving our belly towards the surface of the bed for some extra pleasure or likings or habit. But you should know that it actually is very bad for your stomach. It also pressurize your backbone and cause bad impacts. So get alert now.

3) Chewing gums all day:
Many of us chew our gums all day long. We do this for a long time. But it is actually causing harm to your mouth’s muscles and bones. So leave this bad habit now.

4) Wearing tight belts:
Many want to show themselves slim by wearing tight belts. But wearing it for a long time would cause extra pressure to your belly and you may not digest your foods that easily. It also will cause acidity.

5) Sitting for a long time:
Many of us sit at one place for a long time and it’s not at all good for our health. It can cause many physical problems. Many specialists say that one should walk for a while after every 45 minutes of sitting.


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