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Only give your trust to those who deserve it

Updated on July 20, 2016

Living and learning

In life we all live and learn. A large part of our experiences in life which cause us to learn are our relationships and interactions with other people. Someone once said to me when I was a child “If you do not learn the lesson then you will repeat the class”. You know some things you see or hear in life stick with you? Well this is one of the things that I always remembered and have come to know from experience that it is a true statement. It has become one of my personal mottos as it has helped me to look at situations I go through, especially the situations that keep repeating to see what I am supposed to learn from them. There is a lesson embedded in everything we go through in life.

When we are young and growing through life, we can sometimes trust people who do not deserve it. We can be too quick to share our most innermost desires and personal life with ‘so called friends’ who do not know how to hold someone's confidence or how to be loyal to others. They only know how to take and how to sabotage. Usually these people show many warning signs that show up as ‘red lights’ for us but we choose to either ignore it or to make excuses for them as to why they behave the way they do. We second guess ourselves and doubt the gut feelings we get and dismiss our feelings.

Recognising genuine trustworthy people

Deep down we always have a feeling of who we can trust and who we cannot. There are many trustworthy, genuine, loyal and kind people in this world. Here are some suggestions as to how we can recognise them when they show up in our life:

Genuine trustworthy people usually stand out without having to try.

You automatically feel at ease around them and feel comfortable talking to them.

They are consistent with the way they treat you and the way they behave towards you.

They are extremely loyal, are there for you in your times of need showing you support when they can.

They do not gossip about you behind your back and keep your personal business to themselves.

They are reliable and do not deliberately ignore your texts or calls when it suits them. If they make arrangements with you they try to keep to it or cancel if they cannot.

They are honest with you about what they think and do not try to take advantage of you during your vulnerable times or play on your insecurities.

They do not play mind games – ‘what you see is what you get’.

They do not secretly hold grudges against you when you point out something they don't like or give them constructive criticism.

They show you respect and want to see you do well in life.
They encourage you to go after your dreams and aspirations.

There are so many character traits that genuine people have because each person is unique but I have listed some of the best ways to know who is worthy of your trust. Of course there are different levels you can trust someone. I am speaking of the type of trust you give to close friends and family members.

Lastly...Trust yourself!

Most of all, always trust your gut feeling about someone. If something does not feel right about them pay attention to that feeling and start to observe more.

Trust yourself first and foremost and try not to beat yourself up for any mistakes you make. Everyone makes mistakes, we are only human!


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