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Oolong Tea: My personal experience with this magical elixir of life!

Updated on January 16, 2010

A healthier better lifestyle.

I have read some amazing hubs on oolong tea (wulong) recently and really feel compelled to add my two cents worth of personal experience with this magical stuff as it has really helped me in my efforts to gain health and lose weight over the past year.

This tea first came to my attention over a year ago on the Tele-shopping sales tv channel and I, as usual, decided to thoroughly research the subject before indulging. The ad promises phenomenal weight reduction as well as health and boundless energy - yeah right - just what I and everyone else on the planet desperately need right now! (P.S. It was purely accidental that I happened upon this channel as don't usually watch it!)

Well, all I found on the web was encouraging info so I decided to give it a try. First off,I decided that to get optimistic results, it was paramount to invest in the purest tea and avoid all the other "weight loss" promising offers, which were probably full of cost increasing, unnecessary additives that, as I have found with experience, are a waste of time and money and then I was guaranteed to get at the very least , vague results of minimal weight lose and at the very most, an empty purse!

After a rather surprisingly easy search - my brilliant husband headed directly for the nearest Toko ( what they call the chinese food and other stuff supply stores here in Holland) and returned home laden with boxes of the stuff - bless him - always overdoing things and buying extra - just in case and within a week, I was hooked. I felt the benefits in this short space of time and decided this was definately for me!

I could place both hands down the waistband of my tightest jeans after a week and the energy effect kicked in 2 to 3 weeks later. I had suffered from the effects of menopause and found this magic little tea a great help in restoring my energy levels as well as melting away the extra pounds around the waist gained from cutting down on excercise due to meno. I had invested in a leg-magic machine a year prior and religiously did my excercises daily as well as having to avoid protein and fats due to overdosing on vitamins but this was really noticeable weight-loss not affected by the diet and excercise - proof positiive!

So, if that was the result going in as an amateur then what could I do with a bit more understanding of the tea and tweeking of the regime! I drink about 8 - 10 cups of the stuff daily and because I have always been an avid tea drinker, took to oolong like a duck to water.

First, get your hands on the real deal - pure oolong tea with no other additives - paramount. I use CHINA FUJIAN OOLONG TEA from XIAMEN TEA IMP, Second, invest in a tea holder such as a boule (ball shaped metal thing you screw apart and fill with about a teaspoon or so of tea) or the teaspoon you can fill with tea and steep in the cup as you would with a tea bag.Lastly, get a rather regal looking teacup from which to cherish and worship the stuff as this tea really deserves to be served in the best way possible! Don't foget to get the facy tea - caddy as well to complete the set! The water should NOT be at full boil when the tea is added so wait a few moments before steeping.

I have found that the same tea can be used up to ten times (ten cups worth - a day's supply) so this for me is a really economical way to lose weight. I start off the day with normal tea/milk and two sugars before I have anything else. There is a good trick to this tea as I have found that drinking at least two, preferably four cups of oolong BEFORE eating anything works the best for me. I love the tea strong and although most people say it has a "peachy" flavour, I taste more of a coconut flavour when it's just right. Whenever you eat, follow with a cup or two of oolong and you will find that it relieves that bloated feeling. You should also find your appetite reduces and ergo food intake lessens without feeling you are going to starve to death which you won't The only side-effect you can possibly give to yourself is drowning in the stuff - little chance of that!

This is the exact one I use and it is the SEA DYKE BRAND reputed to be one the purest and best available.


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