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Oops, I'm gaining lbs again, 5 tips to stop! Then reverse...

Updated on April 5, 2012

Oh, how i hate to fail, but it seems like every spring i am right back where i started last spring, losing the excess lbs that i gained during the winter. Seemingly, effortlessly! It is easy to gain weight during the winter because like every other creature in the world our bodies tend to naturally do things - like hold onto fat and grow more hair to keep it insulated against the cold.

Yes! We humans do this as well. It is a scientific fact that the body takes care of itself and as a part of the normal protection plan against the cold, we gain weight. Or at least we hold onto the fat. This happens when we don't make the effort to keep it off or add time to our exercise routine to guard against our bodies natural inclination to store protective fat. This includes watching what we eat.

Weight gain is effortless! At least it seems that way. There are lots of reasons for this! But it is actually evident if you are not paying attention and eating more calories for whatever reason and not exercising enough or checking the scale regularly, the pounds do creep back on.

What a miserable roller coaster, but it doesn't have to be so. Thank God!

This is always hard because nutrition plays an important role in this as well as how much exercising you are incorporating in your daily or weekly regime. If you take in an excess of calories usually about 500 to 1000, and don't exercise to compensate for the increase you can gain a pound or two without even realizing it until it has reached a noticeable amount.

We should always make a conscious effort to weigh ourselves, weekly or if you prefer you can test your weight gain and weight loss by fitting your favorite outfit or not. Sometimes the scale fluctuates too much for weighing daily to go well on a daily basis but your favorite pair of jeans or cocktail dress maybe a better indicator of trouble and success!

It is good to have a favorite outfit that you look good in and feel good in hanging somewhere so that you can see it daily.

This is your motivation. It gives you a daily visual reminder of your goal of weight loss and success. Believe me, i use this concept but find it easier to keep that special pantsuit hanging on the back of my bedroom door.

Why? Because i see it every night i go to bed and every morning i wake up and it motivates me to exercise and plan my days nutrition accordingly.

An old photo of yourself is another way to motivate yourself to success or even one of those women that you admire and feel is close to your body type.

Anything that will inspire you - Use it!

The thing to remember though is you control what you put in your mouth, what you do with your body and your self talk. I think self talk is the most important of the three, but they are all necessary for the success you want to see.

Living in the moment is vital to success in every area of your life and regardless of what we want to admit our bodies are a great indicator of our emotional life, and self talk is what makes this even more drastic - if it is good or bad.

You are your best cheerleader! And worst critic!

I suggest we make the effort to be more encouraging to ourselves and then to others.

  1. Chuck the idea of perfection! That is an illusion that will derail you from your success.
  2. Chuck the idea of comparison! This is a dream killer.
  3. Chuck the idea that you have to give up all your favorite treats. This is a plan sabotage, everything in moderation and you will see success.

Give yourself time! Remember everything takes time, effort and losing weight slowly according to all reports tends to being successful for a lifetime.

Varied exercises.
Varied exercises. | Source

Checks for weight gain.

Tracking any weight gain is important and paying attention to any variance in your diet that includes added calories need to be noted.

If you are a person that struggles with weight you know you have to be vigilant about whatever you put in your mouth and how much exercise you incorporate in your daily or weekly life.

Tracking methods:

  1. scale- don't do it everyday, once a week at the same time, same place with the same clothes is the best way to keep track of what your body is losing.
  2. clothes- i personally like this way of tracking best because the scale can fluctuate too much but if you have a favorite outfit or jeans this is a great way to check on what your body is doing.
  3. body- taking measurements with a tape or checking you body fat with other gadgets or just eyeballing your curves can help gauge where you are or not .
  4. food diary- keeping a diary is therapeutic, the writing makes what you are striving for more tangible and seeing what you are eating in black and white or ink and paper makes all the difference in tracking what is going on. It makes you acutely aware of what you are putting in your mouth, reinforcing MINDFUL EATING!
  5. exercise diary- this is vitally important because movement along with nutrittion makes all the difference in losing weight and keeping the pounds off, but beyond just looking or feeling good, exercise is recommended for reversing diseases and aging in those who make it a part of their lifestyle. Remember cardio and strength training make a whole lot of an impact on how your body feels and looks.

Other suggestions:

  1. Mini meals - from morning, within an hour of waking up, til night, at least 2 to 4 hours before bedtime. Six to eight small meals and snacks consisting of protein, healthy fat and a healthy carbs, typically a fruit or vegetable.
  2. Sleep - get enough rest at least 7 to eat hours is still the best recommendation for optimal health, because the body restores and rejuvenates itself when our conscious mind is shut down.
  3. Exercise - six days, Interval training - shorter, more intense and varied.
  4. Cook - the fresher, and simpler the food the better. Cutting out fried, battered, white carbs, especially sugar, white flour and man tampered food, the better. Increase H2O / water.
  5. Reward yourself - preferably not food but if you have to don't deprive yourself, have a small enough amount that satisfies. Substituting fruit for sugary desserts is beneficially stimulating to your body.

As always enjoy the process, the journey is the reward and the destination is the goal...


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