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Opiate Dependent? Read this article!!

Updated on May 24, 2012

It can ruin your life!!!!!!!

Getting clean from opiates requires help.

Most people probably think that I am some drug counselor trying to preach my opinion of drugs to the world. Truth is I am not. I am a recovering user of Oxycontin and Oxycodone. I had a serious problem that started with swallowing the tiny pills that packed such power. I gradually found other ways to abuse them starting with snorting them and then to smoking them. It should come as no shock that my addiction was very serious at this time and my tolerance was very high, making it hard to achieve that euphoric recall or high that I craved. This addiction went for about three years and I spent probably twenty thousand dollars throughout this period.

The reason I am writing this article is to try to help keep others from getting to this point, and to help those who are passed this point. As you may have guessed by now I am clean from all opiates. It was not easy, but not as hard as you may think. How did I achieve this you ask? Well I started with a few books on the subject. I learned a great deal on the subject of drug abuse and how to get well. I also found that getting better can be done individually but it is not likely. Getting help from others is very important. I am not saying to check yourself into rehab, but to get help from friends and family. Go talk to your doctor and tell him whats going on. If you want to go to a rehabilitation center that is fine, but I will say that Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is more successful than treatment programs. NA is free and it fits any schedule and location.

I went to talk to my doctor to finally tell him about my problem with opiates. He asked me to check out a few rehab type places and he gave me a referral to see an addiction specialist. I checked out a few of the rehabilitation centers, but they were extremely expensive even with my insurance. I went to see the specialist and he recommended Narcotics Anonymous along with his detoxification program. His detox program is a prescription to Suboxone which is an opiate antagonist. It consist of 2 MG of Naloxon and 6 MG of Buprenorphine. It is not an opiate. It is an opiod which means it is some sort of synthetic. It does not get you high, it just takes away all of the withdrawls and cravings. I have been clean for over six months now and taking it day by day. I enjoy my life with out having to get high anymore and I want others to know how I did it, so they can become drug free and happy too.

Check out some of these great books. They can help you be free from the crushing blow of Opiates!!


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