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Optifast AND JumpStartMD Journals

Updated on June 3, 2016

The program in brief

Optifast AND JumpStartMD Journals


What is Optifast? Optifast is primarily a liquid diet. It consists of 8oz liquid shakes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. You are allowed to drink 6 of these a day. THAT'S IT MY FRIENDS. NOTE: 6 shakes are based on a BMI below 40. If your BMI is at or above 40 then the amount of product you get may differ.

The program in brief

UPDATE: I started the Optifast program in February of 2010. I detail my day-to-day on that program for many months. Three+ years later, in June 2013, I started theJumpStartMD program. The day-to-day on that program is just below and my Optifast adventure from 2010 is further down in this document.




IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE MY LAST UPDATE. I AM NOW ON ANOTHER WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CALLED JUMPSTARTMD. IT IS A LOW CARB APPROACH IN WHERE YOU TRY AND MAINTAIN A STATE OF KETOSIS - which is a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in the body. You can look it up. My OPTIFAST effort is at the end of this journal.

From July 2011 until 6 weeks ago I had gained back a lot more of the weight I had lost on Optifast - Surprise!!!! I hit 223lbs sometime in this period. Six weeks later I'm 201.8lbs as of this morning of July 19th, 2013. JumpstartMD (only available in the SF Bay Area) is all about whole foods, low carb, and not that much to eat -Surprise!!!I'm going to continue to put any reader, unfortunate enough to land on this link, into a coma so they can lose weight the easy way - intravenously. If you manage to stay awake maybe I'll impart something useful. Doubtful, considering all the crap I've said during the months above in 2010/2011, since I've ended up fat circus boy all over again. Anyway, stay tuned if you dare...

SATURDAY, JULY 20TH, 2013: ___203 lbs. : Did not eat all that much yesterday so this bump from yesterday is just normal variation that happens sometimes. Think of a 1 pound steak and the notion of the body actually fully losing or gaining that much in a day.

SUNDAY, JULY 21ST, 2013: ___???lbs. : Forgot to weigh.

MONDAY, JULY 22ND, 2013: ___201.8 lbs. : Back down again. Nothing much to add.

TUESDAY, JULY 23RD, 2013: ___200.8 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, JULY 24TH, 2013: ___200.4 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, JULY 25TH, 2013: ___200.0 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, JULY 26TH, 2013: ___200.0 lbs. : Uneventful, other than to say it seems hard to get through this last one pound of the 200s and hit the 190s....

I had my blood work done this week and good news there. All numbers normal - except my fasting glucose which was 114. Should be under 99. My HA1c was 5.9. Cholesterol HDL was 40 and my LDL was 83. Total Cholesterol 137. All other numbers, in a pretty full set of blood tests, were normal. This low-carb stuff seems to help on the glucose numbers.

I've not been quite as verbose, here in these new writings, as I was on Optifast - at least not yet. I need to start thinking about what I'm doing here pretty quick. Thing is, once you get in the groove, the losing weight part is not all that difficult. Granted, cravings hit, you sometimes eat too much of the right things or eat the wrong things, but for the most part it becomes a routine. You start to think to yourself, "I'm not sure why I have not always been able to just eat this way." You kid yourself into thinking a few/several months of eating less (a lot less) teaches you something. Well, it don't my friends. I'm 57 and I've lost 50lbs to 60lbs more than once and other amounts at other times AND when I gave my opinions back in 2010/2011 - that might have suggested some insight on my part? Wrong! I've not learned diddly crap!!! So, this time, I need to start paying attention because when I meet my goal of 170lbs I want to have some chance of staying there for a couple more years. They say you have a pretty good shot at keeping the weight off if you can do that.

SATURDAY, JULY 27TH, 2013: ___199.6 lbs. : Broke 200! Let's see if I can keep going the right direction and, hopefully, NOT venture into the 200s ever again for the rest of my life? Hmmmmm.

SUNDAY, JULY 28TH, 2013: ___199.8 lbs. : Well, I did some good things and some bad things. I had some Greek yogurt with blueberries/raspberries for breakfast. I walked the dog and got a mile in. Walked to and from the movie theater and got another 4.5 miles waling in. I did not eat any popcorn or anything else at the movie as well. I had some homemade soup with salmon and vegetables for a late lunch. All good so far and until maybe 5:00pm. Then I got hungry. Nothing in the house, but I found a bag of sweet potato chips in a cupboard and had some of those. First time, in the 7 weeks I've been going this program, have I had a chip. Then, I found a box of macaroni and cheese in a cupboard. Cooked that up and ate it all. I don't think, from a full day calorie intake, it was particularly bad, but the chips and the macaroni are high carb so I'll drop out of Ketosis for a time.

MONDAY, JULY 29TH, 2013: ___200.2 lbs. : I ate very little yesterday, but anyone reading this has probably done the same thing i.e. thinking that each day, if you behave, will show on the scale and if you misbehave that will show as well. It don't work that way. I don't get discouraged on the day-to-day weighing, but wait until I see a trend that suggests a plateau or that I'm not watching it as much as I think. Regardless weighing every day is necessary in my opinion.

TUESDAY, JULY 30TH, 2013: ___200.2 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, JULY 31ST, 2013: ___200.8bs : Clearly, this 200lb precipice is a PAIN!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 1ST, 2013: ___200.2bs : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUGUST 2ND, 2013: ___198.0 lbs. : I actually cheated yesterday and had some ice cream AND more calories in general although the rest of the food I ate was on the program. We'll see if this holds....

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3RD, 2013: ___200.0 lbs. : Maybe day-before-yesterday caught up on me. I was not all that well behaved today either so tomorrow might bring more misdirection.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 4TH, 2013: ___201.8 lbs. : Well, I said I misbehaved a bit yesterday, but man! I think, and forgive me for putting this in writing, I need some laxative assistance. That’s my story and I'm sticking with it...

MONDAY, AUGUST 5TH, 2013: ___200.8 lbs. : OK, back the right direction at least - Geez!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 6TH, 2013: ___201.4 lbs. : Don't ask me (??)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 2013:___198.8 lbs. : Don't ask me (??)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 8TH, 2013:___199.0 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH, 2013:___197.0 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, AUGUST 10TH, 2013: ___200.0 lbs. : I did eat a bit more in the evening. Some of that due to not eating much all day at work (banana, hard-boiled egg and a string cheese) and being hungry. Still....?

SUNDAY, AUGUST 11TH, 2013: ___199.2 lbs. : Went to Sonoma (Sebastopol) to an apple festival and had apple pie and later on an apple scone so a couple things I'm not supposed to have (lots of sugar and lots of carbs), but otherwise I behaved. However, if I look back over the weeks, which I’ve been dancing around the just over/just under 200lb mark, I have to admit there have been many more "transgressions", if you will, than in the weeks prior. Some minor and some not so minor. So, it might be a plateau, and I think it is, but I've also exacerbated it with my dalliances with a bit more calories or carbs or sugar or all three.

MONDAY, AUGUST 12TH, 2013:___ 199.2 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDAY, AUGUST 13TH, 2013:___ 198.4 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14TH, 2013:___ 198.2 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2013:___ 196.8 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUGUST 16TH, 2013:___ 196.2 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, AUGUST 17TH, 2013:___ 195.0 lbs. : Well, I behaved 100% these most recent days and maybe that got me past this 200lb plateau. I hit 200lbs even on July 25th and weigh 5lbs less this morning so a little over 3 weeks. I did not even feel confident that I had gotten past it until this morning. All the in-betweens of those 3 weeks was over and under 200lbs so.... I think I'm on my way again... I make the point so anyone, not familiar with losing weight, will understand that plateaus will happen and they can derail you if you get overly discouraged. Eventually, you get past them. It has to happen if you are eating less. It has to happen.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 18TH, 2013:___ 197.4 lbs. : OK, I had a super chicken burrito, from the Burrito Factory, yesterday and a little candy at the movies. Calories for the day probably not too much since I only had some sliced salami and one string cheese the rest of the day, but... I, obviously, did not gain 2.4 lbs. from Saturday to Sunday any more than I lost 1.2 lbs. from Friday to Saturday. Honestly, it was worth it. The Burrito was great! Time to behave again....

MONDAY, AUGUST 19TH, 2013:___ 197.4 lbs. : I did not eat too many calories on Sunday, but I did go to San Francisco and at Pier 23 (right next to all the America's Cup installations) and had a cup of clam chowder and a couple fish tacos. Then we went to Half Moon Bay and I had an appetizer that had some potato so from a CARBs perspective is was not a good day.
NOTE: It has always been my nature to sort of splurge, take a step backwards, when I hit a point where I feel good about my progress. I hit 195lbs Saturday morning and instead of that driving me to be more motivated (considering how long it took to get past the 200lb plateau) I treated myself. Anyway, back to behaving...

TUESDAY, AUGUST 20TH, 2013:___ 196.6 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21ST, 2013:___ 197.2 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, AUGUST 22ND, 2013:___ 196.6 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUGUST 23RD, 2013:___ 195.8 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, AUGUST 24TH, 2013:___ 197.0 lbs. : I was good until we hit a comedy club last night. Two drink minimum (I had a Long Island and a Rooster Juice). Then I ordered Chicken Nachos. Then, on the way home, I shopped for aspirin, was hungry, and bought a sandwich from the deli in the grocery store. Anyway, there you go, there I go...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 2013:___ 196.4 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, AUGUST 26TH, 2013:___ 197.4 lbs. : Uneventful, other than I did behave all weekend. FYI: Constipation is a big issue with this program and I am pretty much in "that state" all the time. However, a few minutes ago, I experienced a successful call from Mother Nature.... OH, the bliss!, the bliss!... I expect to weigh 130 lbs. tomorrow. Only kidding. AND, don't thank me. I love to share!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 27TH, 2013:___ 194.8 lbs. : Uh, not 130 lbs. (see entry just above), but...

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28TH, 2013:___ 194.2 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, AUGUST 29TH, 2013:___ 194.6 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUGUST 30TH, 2013:___ 194.8 lbs. : Drove down to LA, from SF Bay area, Thursday night. Weighed myself on a different scale. No two scales are alike so not sure if what I weighed is accurate relative to my scale at home or not. I ate some on the drive down and probably had more calories overall, but nothing worth mentioning.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 31ST, 2013:___ 195.0 lbs. : Uneventful

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2013:___ 195.2 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND, 2013:___ 195.2 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2013:___ 196.2 lbs. : Was pretty good on my 4 days in LA, but did get a bit hungry the last night there and maybe at a bit more than I should AND we then drove all night to get back to San Jose and I ate a bit (jerky) during the drive that I would not have normally done - because I would be sleeping... Duh! Anyway, I'm OK with it. I'll be back on track today and going forward...

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH, 2013:___ 197.2 lbs. : ?? - Not sure what happened here. Up three lbs. from last Wednesday. I did probably put more calories in me from time-to-time this past week and I was in LA on vacation for 4 days, but I was pretty good for the most part. Anyway, this stuff can be slow sometimes...

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2013:___ 196.0 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2013:___ 194.4 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2013:___ 193.6 lbs. : Uneventful

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2013:___ 193.6 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2013 :___ 193.8 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2013 :___ 193.6 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2013 :___ 193.4 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2013 :___ 192.8 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2013 :___ 191.8 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2013 :___ 194.6 lbs. : Uneventful up through 5:00pm last night. Had eaten my dinner. Then we drove up to Napa to see a comedy show (Wanda Sykes). I ordered triple vodka. Then, after the show was over, I was starving so we hit a restaurant. I ate some bread and butter, had soup and a pork entrée`. Nothing too egregious, but not to plan of course. See the bump from Friday to this morning when I weighed - 2.8lbs. Obviously not a true gain, but it does show how easy it is to head the wrong way. Regardless, I’m fine with it.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2013 :___ 193.4 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH, 2013 :___ 192.8 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2013 :___ 190.8 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, 2013 :___ 190.0 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2013 :___ 190.2 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2013 :___ 190.6 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2013:___ 191.2 LBS : Uneventful other than a glass of wine and a little extra calories added to the day...

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2013:___ 191.8 LBS : Ate a burrito yesterday. That probably says it all. I ate an egg/bacon for breakfast and then had to do a bunch of stuff and then it was 3:00pm with no water or snacks or lunch so I was starving by 3:00 and there you go... Bing!!! Time for comfort food.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2013:___ 192.2 LBS : Celebrated my Father's 90th B'day on Sunday. My Mom had been in a rehab center (for 3 weeks) and had just gotten home the day before - my Father's actual B'day. I was in a goof mood, I did not want to think too much about food beyond eating it. I actually was quite good and did not really go off the deep end at all. I did eat cake though. After all, could I not eat cake on my Father's 90th? I mean.... Anyway, the lowest weight I reached was last Wednesday when I hit an even 190. Crept back up bit-by-bit the past 4-5 days. I'm OK with it though, I'm ready to concentrate again...

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2013:___ 191.0 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH, 2013:___ 189.2 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2013:___ 188.8 lbs. : Uneventful, but I left for a 4-day business trip today, with a day on either side flying to and from, so 6 days away from my routine and I'm heading to the heart of barbecue - Memphis, Tennessee. Can I not go to Corky's or Charlie Vergo's Rendezvous? I guess not, but...

NOTES WHILE IN MEMPHIS: No scale in my hotel room so I cannot weigh myself while in Memphis from today, Friday 9/27, through 10/1. Next entry will be on 10/2. I was pretty good this first full day in Memphis, but I did have a small mac&cheese from Panera and a piece of a baguette so definitely overcarbed it... On Saturday we went to Corky's and had a brisket/rib combo. Ate all the meat and that was it, but it was too much i.e. I could have stopped before finishing it all, but I went ahead and cleaned house. That was my swan song on this trip and plan to behave again... Well, on Sunday, Monday and on the trip home on Tuesday I had a little bit more carbs than I should have, but nothing that bad. Have no idea what the scale is going to say Wednesday morning...

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, 2013:___ 190.2 lbs. : OK, between last Wednesday and today I'm up a pound. However, I left for Memphis last Thursday morning and got home Tuesday night. There were some things I ate during those 6 days, in Memphis or in airports to and from, that had more carbs in them, but overall I was pretty good on this trip so I'm perfectly happy with the fact I did not go too far the wrong direction.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3RD, 2013:___ 188.8 lbs. : Uneventful, but what I weighed last Thursday morning when I left for Memphis. So I'm happy that I basically broke even.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4TH, 2013:___ 189.2 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5TH, 2013:___ 188.2 lbs. : Uneventful

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6TH, 2013:___ 189.4 lbs. : Had popcorn at the movies and maybe a bit more calories - overall - yesterday, but nothing crazy...

MONDAY, OCTOBER 7TH, 2013:___ 189.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Was a good boy so the scale did not compute except maybe it is due to the bathroom not beckoning me much lately...

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8TH, 2013:___ 189.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9TH, 2013:___ 187.4 lbs. : Uneventful. My intestinal behavior improved a little...

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10TH, 2013:___ 187.8 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11TH, 2013:___185.8IBS : Uneventful

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12TH, 2013:___185.6 lbs. : Uneventful

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13TH, 2013:___186.2 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, OCTOBER 14TH, 2013:___186.2 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2013:___185.6 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH, 2013:___185.6 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH, 2013:___185.6 lbs. : Uneventful, but appear to be super locked on 185.6....

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, 2013:___185.8 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19TH, 2013:___186.2 lbs. : Had house quests so my girlfriend made a big dinner of which I ate a little too much, although, not the wrong stuff.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 2013:___??lbs. : We went to San Francisco Saturday afternoon and spent the night in a hotel to see friends, go to dinner and then attend the Nike Women's Marathon on Sunday. No scale in the hotel, but I did eat a nice dinner which included spaghetti, bread, dessert and a glass of port. Then, after the marathon, we went to a place for breakfast and I had a breakfast burrito which was probably OK except for the tortilla, but still too many calories regardless. Bottom line... I expect to have tipped the scales up a bit more when I weigh tomorrow.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 2013:___188.4 lbs. : OK, expected... and I'm 100% OK with it. AND, I've not visited the "little boy's room" so... I expect a pretty significant drop come tomorrow morning's weigh-in. At least I hope so....

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22ND, 2013:___187.4 lbs. : Uneventful. My body likes to tell me that how easy it is to stop and reverse momentum which I suppose is a good thing. A good lesson about the limitations I will need to embrace in my day-to-day relationship with food. I had a couple of larger dinners and a breakfast Burrito one morning and it will take me a week to get back to where I was before those things. AND, that is OK with me. Just need to know that will always be true...

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23RD, 2013:___186.6 lbs. : Uneventful. I'm up 1lb from last week Wednesday and that is about right based on some of the 'eating' I did, I'm content. Tomorrow is another day, and, Scarlett, "I will be hungry again!"

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, 2013:___186.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25TH, 2013:___186.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, 2013:___??lbs. : Did not weigh today

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27TH, 2013:___186.4 lbs. : Uneventful, but I need to kick it into gear here since I'm getting nowhere the past month+.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2013:___186.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2013:___187.2 lbs. : Simply put, I are too much yesterday and have been eating a little too much lately in general. Nothing egregious, but enough to have me weigh today what I first weighed on Oct 9th - some three weeks ago. Part of it is due to getting close to a weight I've typically stopped at in diets past and that is 180lbs. I've been at the weight on quite a few occasions and have not ventured past it much in the past 3 decades. I want to get to 170lbs or even less to give me a little buffer so that I might be able to settle at 170lbs at some point. Well, once I started heading towards 180lbs I sort of eased up. Part of that due to getting tired of the process to be honest. AND part of it feeling like I was reaching the end since I could get into all my clothes I bought in mid-2010 that I've not worn since early 2012.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, 2013:___186.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2013:___187.0 lbs. : Uneventful, but a little disappointing. I’ve not been eating too much and in fact thought I had been pretty good yesterday and thought I might have dropped back to 185.x, but…. Maybe the times where I veered recently are catching up to me. No problem though. I’ll just keep trudging…

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND, 2013:___185.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, 2013:___184.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH, 2013:___183.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 2013:___183.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, 2013:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH, 2013:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH, 2013:___183.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH, 2013:___184.6 lbs. : Uneventful, but I've not visited the bathroom since Wednesday so...

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH, 2013:___183.6 lbs. : I did not weight myself on Sunday and then I left on a business trip at 6:00am on Monday. I did not weigh myself before I left for the airport so the weight listed here is from the scale in my hotel room. I think it is accurate. It was in kg and said I was 83.3 and that converts to 183.6lbs. I behaved yesterday pretty much with a yogurt and fruit for breakfast and a soup/salad for dinner, BUT I kind of over did it a bit the few days prior. A Quesadilla at El Polo Loco on Saturday and some popcorn and non-diet soda at the movies on Sunday - AND - a little too much of this here, that there, etc. Just was not in a super disciplined mood is all.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH, 2013:___185.6 lbs. : I did eat more and it included a lot of carbs. I was just not "in the mood"....

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH, 2013:___183.4 lbs. : Uneventful. I did not weigh on Thursday since I got up at 4:00am to catch a plane back home. Then straight to work from the airport.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2013:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH, 2013:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH, 2013:___181.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH, 2013:___181.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20TH, 2013:___183.6 lbs. : Uneventful. ??? I have no idea what this is all about. I have not had an "eating episode" or anything. I've not been to the bathroom of late so that might be part of it.... 1.8lb shift though? Oh well. I want to get to 170lbs. I started this effort weighing 222lbs. Roughly 40lbs. I've weighed in the area of 180lbs to 185lbs many times in my life and it is a major set-point area. That is why I have not been too discouraged about my slow progress lately, but I thought this past several days was a sign that I was going to dip into the 170s here pretty quick. That is still probably true, but this particular morning I had not expected to see this upswing. No big deal.... on I go...

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST, 2013:___182.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND, 2013:___183.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD, 2013:___182.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH, 2013:___183.8 lbs. : I went "completely" off-grid yesterday. Started off normal with a yogurt in the morning. Then I went to the movies. I bought two of those hot bogs wrapped in pretzel dough? Came with some cheese dip? Yummy! Ate those before going into the theater. Then, I got myself a box of red-vines (red licorice). Then, later on, I went to San Francisco to have dinner and see a play with friends. For dinner I had a salad, Filet Mignon, baked potato, ate a couple of pieces of bread AND had dessert (small piece of pecan pie and whipped cream). I enjoyed every bite and have ZERO regrets.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2013:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH, 2013:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH, 2013:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Tomorrow through Sunday is the Thanksgiving Day weekend. My lady friend is heading down south to be with her son. My family cannot have Thanksgiving tomorrow so we will get together on Saturday. I'll be doing the cooking. I don't plan to behave myself much on Saturday, but plan to "keep it real" tomorrow, Friday and Sunday. I'm on-my-lonesome, for three of the four days, and my goal is to weigh somewhere close to what I weighed this morning. Being alone makes that harder. Probably should not make all that much difference, but if I "get the urges", what do I do? This program has not taught me about that just yet nor have I been able to teach myself this past 57+ years.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH, 2013:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Thanksgiving Day, but... We are not having our celebration today. I will not be tempted with all good things until Saturday. Today and tomorrow will simply be the challenges I might encounter if those "urges" hit me...

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH, 2013:___183.6 lbs. : Urges did hit me. The main thing was I ate quite a few dinner rolls w/butter. I also had popcorn w/butter (junior-size) at the movies and a small-size root beer (non-diet). If I had not had the dinner rolls (I ate 6-8 of them I think) then the day, overall, would not have been that bad. Had some yogurt, barbecue shredded turkey and some egg salad (two eggs). No burgers, pizza, etc. type splurging.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 2013:___184.2 lbs. : OK, so I'm not behaving much this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Today will be no better since we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. I'm the cook and have made all the standards and then some. Sunday and onward I will get back on track...

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST 2013:___186.6 lbs. : I hit this same weight one month ago. Thursday morning, of this past week, I was at 182.2. Thursday and Friday I did eat too much which included carbs, dessert, etc. Then, yesterday, a big, belated Thanksgiving meal. Honestly? This is good for me. I would not eat like I did yesterday normally and who does really. However, Thursday and Friday were not "at all" unlike how I might have eaten before I started this weight loss effort. So, it just sends the message home once again that I truly never internalized during my many past weight loss efforts. It's simple. I’m putting it in bold and quoted. "What you eat, and how much you eat, to achieve weight loss, and achieve your weight loss goal, is virtually the same as what you will eat, and how much you will eat, to stay at your weight loss goal and to never return to your former selves." The notion of the end of a diet simply does not exist. Your diet changed to lose weight and that same diet becomes your ongoing eating life - forever. The only alternative is how much exercise becomes a part of your life. That will certainly allow some leeway, but we all know that exercise only goes so far...

MONDAY, DECEMBER 2ND 2013:___184.0 lbs. : Uneventful, I went back to sanity eating and visited the bathroom more than usual so...

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD 2013:___183.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4TH 2013:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5TH 2013:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6TH 2013:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7TH 2013:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8TH 2013:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY/TUESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH/10TH 2013:___$$ lbs. : I did not weigh these days. One morning I forgot and one morning I got up early for work and dressed before I remembered (happens sometimes), and I did not want to strip down again so... Readers (if anyone reads this silliness of mine) will be especially fascinated by this little story...

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11TH 2013:___183.2 lbs. : Uneventful, but clearly I'm, again, going nowhere and up 0.6lbs from last Wednesday. Not a big deal, but I still supposed to be losing every week until I reach 170lbs. Man! that last 10lbs is going to be tough!!

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12TH 2013:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH 2013:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14TH 2013:___182.8 lbs. : Went up to the city to have dinner and see a comedian. Had clam chowder, garlic mashed potatoes, new york steak, bread and butter, and glass of Pinot and shared a dessert. A planned event and I'm just fine with it...

MONDAY, DECEMBER 16TH 2013:___182.8 lbs. : I did not weight yesterday, but I'm sure it was close to what I weighed today. I was pretty good on Sat/Sun so not much to speak to.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17TH 2013:___182.0 lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19TH 2013:___181.6 lbs. : Uneventful. Forgot to weigh on Wednesday.

OBSERVATIONS: I'm not getting anywhere and I'm not likely going to eat less since I'm not exactly "pigging out" as it is. So, it is time to start exercising, Something I have not been doing on this program so far and, interestingly enough, not something the program pushes me on much. They certainly encourage it, but they don't put near as much importance on it on the road to goal weight as much as something to incorporate when you near your goal weight. I've lost about 40lbs of the 50lbs I wanted to lose so that is close enough. Let's see how many of these daily updates transpire before I report to you that I managed a sit up or walked to the kitchen and back instead of my lady friend walking for me. AND, NO!, I'm not a guy that expects my lady to spoil me. I was being funny.... No?

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20TH 2013:___182.0 lbs. : Uneventful

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21ST 2013:___183.4 lbs. : Went to a restaurant last night. Had wine, bread, potatoes, dessert... Scale shows it...

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22ND 2013:___182.0 lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, DECEMBER 23RD 2013:___182.4 lbs. : Uneventful

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24TH 2013:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 25TH 2013:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful, but... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! My weigh-in tomorrow will likely not be pretty and that is because I intend to eat pretty "at will".

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26TH 2013:___183.8 lbs. : Well, it is what it is. I had crackers, dip, rolls, potatoes and beer on the carb side along with prime rib, ham and cheese on the protein side. Then pie and whipped cream for dessert. AND, again, I'm OK with the weight up-shift and am back on-track today - in theory at least.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27TH 2013:___183.8 lbs. : I ate some popcorn and an icee at the movies and had some snicker doodles that my girlfriend made (6 to be exact). Food wise I did not overdo it, but with Christmas day bringing up the rear I'm not surprised at the scale. Nothing to tempt me from here on out, holiday season wise, so my only enemy is me.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29TH 2013:___183.2 lbs. : I did not weigh on Saturday. I behaved pretty much on Friday and Saturday, but maybe more calories than usual. I'm not surprised by the scale this past week.

OBSERVATIONS (JumpstartMD): I've not actually spoke much on the program and to be honest I have only followed it in as much as I keep my carbs low. You visit the JumpstartMD office once-a-week. They weigh you, give you an amino acid injection (not mandatory) and see how you did the past week, ask you about challenges you faced, what your goals are for the next week, etc. All nice people, but some less qualified and less experienced than others. I often meet with a 25-year-old kid, who is a physical trainer on the side, and let's face it, what does a kid that has never been fat in his life, know about the life-long struggles with weight that this 57-year-old cat has had? However, I had a meeting with another person once who was quite good. She gave me a simple rule 90-100gm of protein per day and 50-60gm of Carbs. That is the amounts and the ratio while you are losing the weight. However, and here lies the rub, if you get advice from someone that seems to know their stuff OR from someone that might just be parroting some general guidelines...? If you don't then execute on them then... Nothing Happens... I'm still just playing-it-by-ear and just trying to keep it sane. I think that is probably what thin people do by default i.e. they simply check-and-balance themselves naturally whereas, us other folks need to learn the behavior and constantly "work it". So, as of this writing, I'm going to try and keep it to the 90p-100p / 50c-60c ratio and see if I can get past this low 180s plateau and hit the 170s within a couple weeks. I leave for Playa Del Carmen on Feb 3rd. I want to be 175 lbs. by then. 6 weeks and 8 lbs. or 1 1/3rd lbs. a week.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31ST 2013:___181.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Did not weigh Monday morning.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1ST 2014:___182.4 lbs. : HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Went to my cousin's place. Drank wine, had some crackers and dip and cake for dessert. Not all that much of any of that and dinner was grilled salmon, broccoli and salad so not all that bad for a family gathering.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD 2014:___185.2 lbs. : Holy Cow! I have been doing OK this week. Missed weighing Thursday morning, but I figured to weigh close to what I did Wednesday. Not! Maybe the holidays caught up - even though my transgressions have been pretty tame.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 5TH 2014:___183.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Ate a little too much at dinner. Had a couple Christmas cookies still hanging around that I had been avoiding. I had a Jr Popcorn at the movies as well. Nothing major.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've been doing this weight loss effort for 7 months - as of today. However, I've been in and around 183.2 lbs. for 2 months now. I've basically been on a hamster wheel for the past 60 days or so. I'm pretty comfortable at this weight, but I still have some gut and the love handle thing going although not that much. I figure my initial goal of 170 lbs. is still a good goal. The only way I'll get there is exercise though. I'm not going to starve myself to get there so the only way is to keep the calories down, stay away from carbs (something I plan to for the rest of my life by the way) and add some walking/running and some body core exercise to my day-to-day life. That's it. Not complicated. BUT DAMN! Not near as easy and straightforward as it sounds.

MONDAY, JANUARY 6TH 2014:___184.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Honestly, not sure what is going on. As I stepped on the scale this morning I was thinking/expecting 182.X, but instead I see 184.2 (??). It is what it is... I guess I need to look at what I ate and see if I'm assuming wrong on some of the things I've eaten as far as calories, fat, etc. Maybe I'm getting too lax here.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 7TH 2014:___181.8 lbs. : Uneventful. OK, a 2.4 lb. swing from yesterday. Your guess is as good as mine. I did not visit the bathroom, if you get my drift, and I did not eat less so you got me. Not complaining. Could have been water weight I guess.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8TH 2014:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 9TH 2014:___181.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 10TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Hurray! First time that I have made it under 181 lbs. since I started this program on 06/06/2013. I'm 10 lbs. away from my goal. Based on how long it has taken to go from 190.X to 180.X (the first time I hit 190.0 was on 9/18/2013 and the last time before I went into the 180s for good was 10/6/2013 - 13 weeks ago!). That is about 0.8lbs a week. I'm not sure what I need to do going forward, but we'll see what happens. Again, exercise is what is going to do it since I don't want to take 3 months more to hit my target.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH 2014:___179.6 lbs. : Uneventful. BUT, another Hurray! I'm in the 170s! Yeah!

I wish my hitting the 170s for the first time did not happen at the beginning of a weekend since weekends are a little harder to get through than weekdays without sometimes overdoing it, but I really want to keep the momentum - downward - no matter how slow it might be. It's now 3 weeks until I leave for a week in Mexico - all inclusive - which means food available most anytime and a ton of tempting stuff I will need to avoid. I want to arrive there as close to 175 lbs. as I can get. Even then, my goal will be to come home a week later and not have gained much if any. I spent a week in Maui last July and managed to do that so... However, we had a kitchen, in our hotel room, in Maui and we cooked all our meals and ate only one dinner in a restaurant that entire trip - no breakfast or lunches in restaurants. In Mexico it will be high-end restaurants, buffets, etc. A challenge for sure.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 12TH 2014:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful. Just normal up and down stuff.

MONDAY, JANUARY 13TH 2014:___180.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 14TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15TH 2014:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful. Just normal fluctuation i.e. water gain, etc. since I've not been Eating Bad. My new terminology - me being a Break Bad fan!

THURSDAY, JANUARY 16TH 2014:___181.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17TH 2014:___180.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18TH 2014:___180.0 lbs. : Uneventful. Ate more yesterday than I normally do. My Mom's 85th B'day is today. I'm in charge of the food, cake, etc. and so I'll probably end up eating more than I should today, but it is a day I'm OK in doing that.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 19TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : At my Mom's B'day party I had cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, roll, potato salad, brisket, chicken, coleslaw with dressing, wine and a big piece of Bundt cake. All yummy! All I'm OK with. My Mom does not turn 85 every day.

MONDAY, JANUARY 20TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21ST 2014:___180.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22ND 2014:___180.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23RD 2014:___180.6 lbs. : Uneventful. Weird to be the same weight, down to the ounce, for 3 days running. I don't recall that happening before. Getting annoying.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24TH 2014:___179.4 lbs. : Uneventful. OK, 13 days ago I was 179.6 lbs. That for one day. Since then and up through yesterday I was between 180.X and 181.X. At this rate it will take 100 years to get to 170 lbs. I know exercise is the key, but have just be unable to kick myself into gear on that.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH 2014:___179.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 26TH 2014:___179.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Well, three days under 180 lbs. Hopefully I can keep that going... I will be in Mexico in 7 days. 6 full days of beach and all-inclusive eating (non-eating) challenges. Damn!

MONDAY, JANUARY 27TH 2014:___180.4 lbs. : Uneventful. ?? Just the ebb and flow...

TUESDAY, JANUARY 28TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29TH 2014:___179.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 29TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful. It is early Saturday morning. Leaving for the airport soon. Headed for LA. Then, on Monday, LAX to Cancun. A shuttle from Cancun to Playa Del Carmen, where our hotel is, for a six night stay. All inclusive. Total of 10 days away from home. Our hotel room has a scale so I can weigh and I'll probably have more to say on the food side since there are 7 or 8 restaurants at this resort and I'll need to navigate the menus, buffets, etc.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH 2014:___179.4 lbs. : I was in LA on Sunday. I weighed 177.6 lbs. on a scale there, but that seemed too low so I ignored that. I did not weigh on Monday and then just weighed myself, here in Mexico, on the hotel bathroom scale, here at the Hotel Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla. BTW: Is it really necessary to name a hotel like this? Every time a shuttle employee, etc. asked me where I was staying I'm going, "Uh, Duh... it has La Perla in the name - Duh!". Anyway, I don't trust the scale to be exactly like mine back home. That because I ate more on Sat/Sun/Mon (especially SB Sunday... I'm from Denver.. PAINFUL!) than I normally do. However, 179.4 lbs. will be my gauge while here. I will try to stay around that weight and not venture too far north of it and make the effort to, if anything, head south.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH 2014:___179.8 lbs. : Had breakfast, lunch (that included a beer), dinner (that included a couple cocktails) and some measure of carbs above and beyond the norm, but hard to say just how much. I did not eat much in the way or bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. and in fact next to none, but there were sauces and things so... Anyway, I'm keeping things sane and between swimming and walking a long ways on the beach I probably burned a "few" more calories than I would have at home.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH 2014:___181.4 lbs. : OK, I guess the restaurants are catching up to me.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH 2014:___182.4 lbs. : I ate more on Thursday than any day here so far. The scale did not surprise me at all. I succumbed to the Buffet Gods.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH 2014:___181.8 lbs. : Toned it down a bit yesterday

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH 2014:___181.4 lbs. : Behaved OK. I skipped dinner, but ate a bag of potato chips and a 6-pack of Oreo cookies instead so not the best choices I make sometimes.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : I'm back in the US, but in LA and not quite home to San Jose just yet. This weight was on a scale, like the scale in Mexico that might or might not be similar to my scale back home. I weighed 180.2 lbs. on Saturday the 1st the day I left on vacation. Tomorrow morning, when I weigh on my scale back home, we shall see if that scale tells me something close to 181.0 lbs. If that happens then I'll be happy.

NOTE: I try not to get too tied up in the 181.0 vs. 180.8 vs. 179.2, etc. but I fall into that trap often, as my recent postings clearly show. In one word it is ridiculous. From here going forward I think I will still post my daily weight, but only comment once a week. That will make more sense and be less painful for you readers - that assuming anyone ever has or ever read this dribble.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH 2014:___181.8 lbs. :OK, after 11 days away from home, 6 of which were in Mexico at an All-Inclusive resort, I gained 1.6 lbs. I can live with that.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH 2014:___179.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 2014:___179.6 lbs. : I ate a lot more than normal and the wrong stuff after I go home last night. For the very first time I hit McDonald's and got a couple burgers off the dollar menu, then had homemade Borscht and two slices of cheesecake. That might show up on the scale later on, but last night's eating would have been just another day at the office if not for this effort I'm on.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH 2014:___179.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Went to see Bill Maher last night. Had a couple beers and some trail mix there. I thought I could get something to eat there so had the beers and mix instead and never did eat dinner.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH 2014:___179.8 lbs. : I ate a lot of cheese/turkey/crackers and some barbecue shredded pork. Both of these packaged food from the grocery store. A lot of calories and carbs. I was alone (lady of cousins took off for a day in San Francisco) so no police on a day where I was looking for some comfort food. I might see an uptick, but probably not if I don't repeat today.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH 2014:___179.0 lbs. : Uneventful. Maybe this means I'm in the 170s now. 5 days in-a-row, under 180 lbs., and today, at 179.0 lbs., my lowest weight to date. However, having lunch with a friend today and a lunch with some other friends on Thursday. Have not done that since starting this program back on 6/6/2013. No big deal and no reason why a couple lunches amount to anything. My point is it does not take much to go back up. Amazingly little in fact so...

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH 2014:___179.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH 2014:___177.6 lbs. : Uneventful. I think I'm in the 170s now. I don't think this drop today will necessarily hold, but I don't think I'm going to flip back to 180+ anytime soon.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21ST 2014:___177.2 lbs. : Went to lunch with my old crew from a past job. I had Sea Bass over rice, a piece of bread and a beer. Decided against a big bacon cheeseburger that had been my plan. Anyway...

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND 2014:___177.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD 2014:___178.0 lbs. : I went to lunch with some family and had orange chicken and brown rice. I also had this good-sized muffin that tasted too good i.e. it had to be too bad. The scale did not surprise....

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH 2014:___180.0 lbs. : I was not all that bad yesterday, but I did have some rice and pasta. AND, two pancakes (no butter/syrup) in the morning. I think the 2 lunches last week, the lunch day-before-yesterday and eating more, combined, the past several days caught up. So, it's Monday and I have no lunches planned so I can get back on track...

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 2014:___179.6 lbs. : I ate more for dinner last night. Had two big chicken breasts as opposed to less than one. I was hungry!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH 2014:___176.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH 2014:___177.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST 2014:___177.4 lbs. : I got hungry yesterday. Was fine during the day at work, but at home my lady had made this meat-centric soup that I ate a ton off. Then I went to the store and got an 8-ounce thing of beef jerky and a box of 8 Mrs. Fields oatmeal raisin cookies. Pretty small cookies, but I ate em all!! Ate the jerky as well. Clearly, the evening hours was not an example of balanced eating, measured eating or anything that can be categorized as good or disciplined eating. It is what it is. No high crimes or misdemeanors here, but just a flag to set in the mind how easy the compulsion habits can lie dormant and then...

SUNDAY, MARCH 2ND 2014:___177.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, MARCH 3RD 2014:___178.6 lbs. : I'm spending weekends listening to online lectures and doing homework assignments for two courses I'm taking. I hardly move since I'm in front of a computer AND I eat a bit more on weekends than during the week. The scale shows it.

TUESDAY, MARCH 4TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MARCH 6TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, MARCH 7TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MARCH 8TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH 2014:___177.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, MARCH 10TH 2014:___177.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, MARCH 11TH 2014:___177.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MARCH 13TH 2014:___179.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, MARCH 14TH 2014:___178.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MARCH 15TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, MARCH 16TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, MARCH 17TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful. I weighed just under 180.0 lbs. over two months ago for one day. For the past month I've been under 180.0 lbs. by as much as 3.4 lbs., but that was for just one day. Lately I've been sitting in the 177.x lbs. to 178.x lbs. most of the time. My goal of 170.0 lbs. is going to take time - simple as that.

TUESDAY, MARCH 18TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19TH 2014:___178.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MARCH 20TH 2014:___177.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, MARCH 21ST 2014:___177.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MARCH 22ND 2014:___180.8 lbs. : I had three beers and a late dinner, but the day, overall, was not that crazy. I guess it is a fluctuation thing...

SUNDAY, MARCH 23RD 2014:___179.8 lbs. : Had guests at the house, barbecue, etc. At a lot.

MONDAY, MARCH 24TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : I felt bad all day yesterday (headache), but was hungry too (?) so I was in a "screw it!" mood. Ate too much, lots of carbs, etc. So Friday night at home when our guests arrived, the barbecue the next day and then yesterday... were all over-indulgence days. Back on track is the order of the day.

TUESDAY, MARCH 25TH 2014:___179.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26TH 2014:___179.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MARCH 27TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH - THURSDAY APRIL 3RD 2014: On business trip - no scale to weigh myself.

FRIDAY, APRIL 4TH 2014:___180.6 lbs. : It has been 8 days since I last weighed myself. Starting on Friday the 28th I showed some control, but soon enough I had abandoned that and was eating potato salad, macaroni and cheese, chips, sandwiches (bread), wraps (flour tortilla), rice, cookies, etc., etc. Not much, if anything, at breakfast, but always lunch and dinner. On Thursday, when I got home, I had a day-late B'Day dinner (turned 58 on 4/2) that included a couple beers, wine, homemade dessert... Then, this morning, I weighed myself and I only gained 4 ounces since March 27th. When I went from 177.4 lbs. to 180.8 lbs. in one day (March 21st to March 22nd) that made no sense. Gaining 0.4 lbs. after all I did for 7 days makes no sense to me either. Regardless, my plan was to get back on-track today and that is what I'm going to do. My guess is, getting back to 177 lbs./178 lbs. might take a while.

SATURDAY, APRIL 5TH 2014:___179.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, APRIL 6TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : No surprise here. I was studying all day, was alone all day, ate OK most of the day, but then at a lot of macaroni and cheese at night. Not that I gained weight overnight, but all that is still sitting "inside" me as it were? Ahem!

MONDAY, APRIL 7TH 2014:___182.2 lbs. : Bottom line, I did eat too much on Sat/Sun. AND, maybe the week before in Memphis caught up to me. I could not figure out how all that restaurant eating for 7 days had not shown up on the scale when I first got home. Anyway, no big deal. I'll get back on track starting today.

TUESDAY, APRIL 8TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9TH 2014:___178.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, APRIL 10TH 2014:___177.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, APRIL 11TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, APRIL 12TH 2014:___178.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, APRIL 13TH 2014:___178.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, APRIL 14TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : I had popcorn and a non-diet soda at the movies and I did eat more at night, but it was vegetables, sweet potatoes and some Swedish meatballs (no sauce) so nothing egregious.

TUESDAY, APRIL 15TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : I guess I've been eating a bit too much. I have been relaxing the police-what-I-eat effort a bit and maybe too much. 178.0 lbs. on Sunday to 181.0 lbs. on Tuesday though? No. I've not eaten enough of anything to explain that so probably a mix of calories and the normal variations if water retention, etc.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16TH 2014:___179.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, APRIL 17TH 2014:___178.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, APRIL 18TH 2014:___180.2 lbs. : Went to lunch with a friend and ate more than normal. Ate a bit more at night at home. No big surprise the scale shows a bump. I've grown used to that. Again, until I add exercise I'm not going to venture far from the, roughly, 178 lbs. to 180 lbs. circle I'm on.

SATURDAY, APRIL 19TH 2014:___181.8 lbs. : Ate too much again yesterday. I did so today as well. I expect, come morning, I'll be seeing a similar number - maybe more. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday so it won't get better. Come Monday I will have to get back to business...

SUNDAY, APRIL 20TH 2014:___183.6 lbs. : Before the Easter Sunday festivities even begin I have this weight to face. 5+ lbs. (on the scale at least) between Thursday morning and this morning. I'm not worried about getting back on-track, but it is an excellent gauge for how easy it is to get off-track. I have not, literally, gained 6 lbs. in 72 hours, but the scale says 183.6 - no matter how you slice eat.

MONDAY, APRIL 21ST 2014:___185.0 lbs. : I was actually a bit surprised at first, but if you add up the last few weeks... where I was in Memphis for a week eating restaurant food twice a day, eating more on some days and doing that more frequently, then eating quite a bit more through Friday and the weekend it is not really all that big a surprise. Part of what kicked it off was being 178.2 lbs. last Thursday. That gave me a false sense of what I can get away with. Anyway, another lesson learned.

TUESDAY, APRIL 22ND 2014:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful. Just trying to "get sane" again.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23RD 2014:___180.0 lbs. : Uneventful. HOWEVER, I did walk 4 miles at lunch today. Since I started this weight loss effort, on June 6th, 2013, I think this is the first time I have done a 4-mile walk. Plan is to do so at least 5 times a week. Have not walked today so far.

THURSDAY, APRIL 24TH 2014:___180.6 lbs. : Uneventful. I did walk the same 4 mile walk so 2 days in-a-row... Whoopee!

FRIDAY, APRIL 25TH 2014:___179.8 lbs. : Uneventful. I did not walk yesterday. Got busy at work. I'm writing this at 3:00pm on Friday and it's raining so probably won't walk today either, but I will this weekend.

SATURDAY, APRIL 26TH 2014:___179.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, APRIL 27TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : Uneventful, but I did eat a bit more than I should have.

MONDAY, APRIL 28TH 2014:___182.4 lbs. : Did a pretty strenuous hike up a mountain in Carmel Valley - at least for this old man. Some pretty steep switchbacks and a decent hump to the top. Also had pizza afterward, a beer, dinner later, etc. so the hike did not erase all of that. That was yesterday. Today I did my 3.5X mile walk.

TUESDAY, APRIL 29TH 2014:___181.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30TH 2014:___183.4 lbs. : Uneventful, but I ate too much

THURSDAY, MAY 1ST 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful, , but I ate too much

FRIDAY, MAY 2ND 2014:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful, , but I ate too much

OBSERVATIONS: The last half of April I've had more days where I went off-track and more days where I did a bit too much eating and not readjusting as well when I did overindulge and I've added more carbs back into my diet. I have been walking since last week for roughly 3.5 miles most days so I'm at least doing something. However, I'm going to revisit the JumpStartMD literature and see about adhering to it as if I just started the effort. We'll see how that goes to get me to my goal of 170 lbs. I've not been 170 lbs. since the 1970s so unfamiliar territory for my, my mind and my body. My body adjusts to the 180 lb. +/- a couple/few lbs. very easily.

SATURDAY, MAY 3RD 2014:___184.6 lbs. : Yesterday I was very good before I got home. I walked 4 miles, had a banana for breakfast and a salad for lunch... At home my GF has made backed beans. I took some hot dogs and cut them up in the beans and ate way too much.

SUNDAY, MAY 4TH 2014:___184.4 lbs. : Yesterday I went to my cousins house, for a Cinco De Mayo party. All the Mexican food you could ask for and I ate a ton. Had 4 beers and cheesecake to boot. Everything I could possibly have done wrong in calories, carbs, etc. I did in spades. AND, after waking up Saturday weighing 184.6 lbs. Anyway, today is the beginning of a refocus. This is all feeling like that critical juncture I've been in before where things/momentum shifts the wrong way. I want to catch it now. Let's see if I do.

MONDAY, MAY 5TH 2014:___185.6 lbs. : I was a good boy yesterday, except for buttered popcorn at the movies, so this is overeating catching up to me. It is so easy to go the wrong way. During the weight loss effort, I started in June 2013, I hit 185 lbs in early November. On April 26th I weighed 179.0 - some 8 days ago. This extra weight won't be here very long, but MAN! it does tell the story. You just have to eat one way and one way only.

TUESDAY, MAY 6TH 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Walked my 4 miles yesterday, ate sane.. That's it.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 7TH 2014:___181.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Walked my 4 miles yesterday

THURSDAY, MAY 8TH 2014:___180.0 lbs. : Uneventful. Walked my 4 miles yesterday

FRIDAY, MAY 9TH 2014:___180.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Walked my 4 miles yesterday

SATURDAY, MAY 10TH 2014:___181.2 lbs. : Uneventful. Did not walk yesterday, had popcorn at the movies. I did walk 4 miles this morning.

TUESDAY, MAY 13TH 2014:___184.0 lbs. : Did not weigh myself on Sunday and Monday. Ate a ton on Saturday at a barbecue at home. The next day, Mom's Day, I just laid around the house, with tons of leftovers, much of which I'm normally not tempted by. Some of the same on Monday, but I did walk Monday and I did not go completely off-grid like I had on Sat/Sun. AND, the resulting bump in weight? Makes sense to me...

WEDNESDAY, MAY 14TH 2014:___183.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Did not walk yesterday, but I walked today. Ate a little bit more at night last night, but nothing too bad.

THURSDAY, MAY 15TH 2014:___184.4 lbs. : Uneventful. Not sure why I went up... I did not walk today

FRIDAY, MAY 16TH 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MAY 17TH 2014:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful. We did barbecue and I had a good sized steak, a beer, asparagus, green beans, salad and carrots with ranch dip - the dip not such a good idea and overall too much food... No sweets or bread or rice or potatoes...

SUNDAY, MAY 18TH 2014:___181.8 lbs. : Went on a hike in Carmel Valley so burned a few calories. Had a couple beers, quite a few tortilla chips and some carne asada tacos with rice. I felt I over indulged, but not so much compared to some days in the past couple/few weeks.

MONDAY, MAY 19TH 2014:___184.4 lbs. : No comments....

TUESDAY, MAY 20TH 2014:___183.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 21ST 2014:___182.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MAY 22ND 2014:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful. Not curbing food intake though. I'm sort of bouncing around the 181 lb-184 lb range instead of the 177 lb-180 lb range.

FRIDAY, MAY 23RD 2014:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MAY 24TH 2014:___182.2 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, MAY 25TH 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful. Took a pretty rigorous 5 mile hike in Big Sur...

TUESDAY, MAY 27TH 2014:___184.8 lbs. : Did not weigh myself Monday morning. Up again. Sunday and Monday II ate too much says it all. I'm off track. I just need to regroup is all. Not feeling discouraged or anything at this point. No concerns about what to do. Just need to do it.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 28TH 2014:___184.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, MAY 29TH 2014:___183.0 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, MAY 30TH 2014:___183.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, MAY 31ST 2014:___183.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JUNE 1ST 2014:___184.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, JUNE 2ND 2014:___183.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JUNE 3RD 2014:___185.6 lbs. : Uneventful. I did have popcorn at the movies and ate some cracker things at night, but otherwise I'm not sure why I spiked (??).

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4TH 2014:___185.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6TH 2014:___182.6 lbs. : Uneventful. 70th anniversay of D-Day

SATURDAY, JUNE 7TH 2014:___182.8 lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH 2014:___183.6 lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, JUNE 9TH 2014:___185.2 lbs. : The weekend was not actually uneventful as I state above... I ate too much this weekend. Enough said.

TUESDAY, JUNE 10TH 2014:___185.4 lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11TH 2014:___184.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JUNE 12TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JUNE 13TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, JUNE 14TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JUNE 15TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : I ate more than a should is pretty much going to explain the scale until I stop doing same. Not ready to blabber on about the whys. I'm 7lbs heavier than I was, for a while i.e. for a decent stretch in and around 178lbs, where I felt I had beat the 180s and was going to stay in the 170s. Not so. That is my 1st goal to get back under 180 and the 2nd goal to get to 170. I will target getting under 180 by July 14th and get to 170 even by October 6th.

MONDAY, JUNE 16TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JUNE 17TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Uneventful. I did go out to eat (extended family visit), but I did not abuse the privilege. Still, I had plateaued around 178-180 for a time and now I'm plateaued around 183-185.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JUNE 19TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JUNE 20TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, JUNE 23RD 2014:___??lbs. : I did not weigh myself this weekend nor today. I ate pretty well between Friday night and Sunday night. I’m in route to Memphis right now (in Dallas as I write this) on a business trip and will be eating in restaurants for the next week. I then have the next week off for vacation. I’m already up 6lbs from my best weight so need to get my butt in gear or things are going to get ugly. I’m at a crossroads of sorts. I really feel this is where I need to correct the ship’s course or end up on the familiar road to fatdom…

WEDNESDAY, JULY 2ND 2014:___187.6lbs. : Eventful. I just got back from 8 days (that includes getting to and fro) in Memphis. Breakfast in holtel, lunches/dinners out every day. I did not curb myself at all. I'm now exactly 11lbs up from my lowest recorded weight on February 27th of this year. Granted, that was one day, but from then, through March and April I managed to hover within the 177lb - 180lb range. From late April onward I've slowly worked my way up. I did not walk the past 9 days. Will walk today and every day going forward and, of course, get back on track. I'm not discouraged actually and the reasons I'm up is becuase I ate too much - DUH! I do have a good feel of what it takes to keep my weight stable and I simply went off track. This past week I just chose to not worry about it. i'm home now. Time to get down to business. Off for my 4-mile walk right now.

THURSDAY, JULY 3RD 2014:___186.6lbs. : Uneventful. Walk 4 miles yesterday and just walked 4.3 miles this morning. I ate OK yesterday, but had popcorn at the moview I could have done without. Otherwise I was sane.

FRIDAY, JULY 4TH 2014:___186.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, JULY 5TH 2014:___187.6lbs. : Uneventful. I figured I would have dropped a bit and definitely not go back up, but that happens sometimes... When you get into a lb this way or that way it is a bit ridiculous. I should be more concentrated on the fact that I'm up 9lbs from my lowest (sort of) stable weight.

SUNDAY, JULY 6TH 2014:___187.8lbs. : Uneventful. Other than a medium popcorn with butter( a pretty big popcorn I must admit) I was pretty good yesterday. I've walked 4 miles and change every day since I got back form Memphis - including today - but have not curbed my calories enough it is clear to see. So, starting today, I'm going back to the eating habits I started out with on the JumpStartMD program. In all honesty, no matter how the JumpStartMD program chooses to define itself the plain fact is this program, as are most weight management efforts, is all about less calories-in and very few of those calories being carbs. The former a no-brainer and the latter something that has worked well for me.

MONDAY, JULY 7TH 2014:___187.6lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JULY 8TH 2014:___185.6lbs. : Uneventful. Walked yesterday and today.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 9TH 2014:___184.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JULY 10TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JULY 11TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, JULY 12TH 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JULY 13TH 2014:___185.4lbs. : Invited to my cousins place where I had a few beers, ate chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, ribs, chicken, potato salad, peach cobbler and ice cream so…

MONDAY, JULY 14TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JULY 15TH 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16TH 2014:___182.8lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JULY 17TH 2014:___184.0lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JULY 18TH 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JULY 20TH 2014:___182.0lbs. : Uneventful. I did not weigh myself on Saturday and I did not weight this morning until after a did a 4-mile walk in the early morning. Never did that before and I doubt I'll weigh 182.0lbs tomorrow morning.

MONDAY, JULY 21ST 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful. Went to Monterrey Bay Aquarium, ate a brownie and a couple snicker-doodles (just wanted to write that name down at least once in my life) and had a chicken burrito (pretty big one) later on in the day which ended up being my dinner. Has some eggs in the morning. Did my 4-mile walk plus some more doing stuff in Monterrey so based on my comments for Sunday I ended up just about exactly where I expected.

TUESDAY, JULY 22ND 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 23RD 2014:___184.2lbs. : I ate more yesterday. Was simply... hungry! I ate more at lunch, played hooky from work and saw a movie and got a half-and-half popcorn/kettle corn and a small side instead of my normal Jr size and then had chicken and risotto at home. The risotto pretty heavy on all things not so good.

THURSDAY, JULY 24TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, JULY 25TH 2014:___185.6lbs. : What can I tell you? I was really hungry yesterday. AND, more or less, I satisfied that hunger - real or imagined. You don't gain 2lbs in one day. We all know that. BUT, the scale rarely swings that far if you have not overindulged.

BTW: I have been very good about walking 4 miles every day. Since I got back from my last Memphis trip on July 1st, I have walked every day starting on the 2nd through today. AND, I was getting in at least 5 days a week prior to leaving for Memphis for some months. When I got back and saw the scale I decided to make it an every day - without fail - commitment. Could some of my weight gain be muscle that is heavier than fat because of my walking? Maybe, but I would not be inclined to give myself more than a couple lbs for that.

SATURDAY, JULY 26TH 2014:___185.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, JULY 27TH 2014:___185.4lbs. : Too many calories yesterday. I was home alone and I grazed. I did my 4 mile walk both days this weekend. The roughly 28 miles a-week that I've been walking, at a 15 minute mile pace, is burning some calories I'm sure so this tells me things - what the scale tells - would be worse otherwise.

MONDAY, JULY 28TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, JULY 29TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 30TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, JULY 31ST 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful. Although, every evening this week and most evenings of late I've been eating too much. That is what is keeping me from getting back to the 178lb neighborhood that I had managed to achieve and maintain for a little while - certainly long enough that it was a weight I could maintain and keep losing from if I had not gotten off track.

FRIDAY, AUG 1ST 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, AUG 2ND 2014:___183.2lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, AUG 3RD 2014:___183.8lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, AUG 4TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Ate Taco Bell on Sunday.

TUESDAY, AUG 5TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Uneventful, but I did eat too many calories.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 6TH 2014:___183.8lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, AUG 7TH 2014:___184.0lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, AUG 8TH 2014:___183.2lbs. : Well, the scale says I dropped a bit, but I had, what I would suggest is, the first binge-type eating experience since I started the weight loss effort on June 6th 2013 - some 14 months ago. I had a yogurt for breakfast, a banana a few hours later and a salad for lunch... All good. AND typical for all my days.

However, when I got home last night I did this:

  1. I grilled 3 good sized (20oz total I would say) boneless chicken breasts - ate them all
  2. Went to the store and bought a 4-pack of those ice cream drumsticks - ate them all
  3. At the store I also bought a can of cashews (8oz) - ate them all

I've overeaten, ate the wrong things, too much of the right things, etc. on many occasions and then try to make up for it later on - which I always do in fact. The same will happen here, but this time was different. I don't recall the last time I just went "off the deep end" like that. Not sure what to make of it just yet. Maybe I should not try to make anything of it and move on - yes? OK, that is what I'll do.

SATURDAY, AUG 9TH 2014:___183.0lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, AUG 10TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful, for the most part. Ate a big breakfast at a restaurant, had popcorn at the movies and then ate some of those cheese/lettuce/turkey rolled in a flour tortilla things from Costo? They cut them in 1.5" sections and I ate about 6 of those I think.

MONDAY, AUG 11TH 2014:___186.0lbs. : Ate too much on Sunday...

TUESDAY, AUG 12TH 2014:___186.4lbs. : Uneventful. I have wakled 4 miles, and change, every day for 41 straight days - roughly 166 miles. I'd been walking at least 5 days a week, for some months prior to the past 6 weeks, and decided to make it an every day thing. Eating more has been something I've been doing all of that time as well.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 13TH 2014:___185.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, AUG 14TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, AUG 15TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, AUG 16TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : I ate too much and I weighed after my 4-mile walk so not likely accurate.

SUNDAY, AUG 17TH 2014:___187.4lbs. : I ate too much again so the weight bump does not at all surprise me in the least. I took Friday off and pretty much ate as I wanted the past two days which included, pizza, breakfasts at restaurants twice, bread, garlic cheese bread, pelmeni, baked beans, cheesecake, muffin, etc. WAY more carbs than I normally do and, SIMPLY PUT, the exact eating patterns that got me to 220 lbs -to- 240 lbs and what kept me there until I chose to do different.

I'll be less than 187.4 lbs tomorrow and I have to get back on track. I can get down to, say, 178 lbs in a month or so - maybe 6 weeks. I weighed around 178 lbs for long enough, a few months back, and it seemed to be my new plateau.

I'm at that place again where I'm going to keep creeping up or a I adjust and get going in the down direction again. I've made this speech at other times in this blog and have done so very recently. So, to date, those speeches have not been 100% heard by yours truly.

NOTE: I've walked 4 miles (usually a bit over 4 - 1/10th to 3/10ths over) every day for the past 45 days (184 miles). I'm taking today off because the ball of my right foot is hurting quite a bit and, on top of that, I got a water blister on the flat of my foot - same foot. I hope a day rest is enough. Crap!

MONDAY, AUG 18TH 2014:___187.8lbs. : Well, so much for my prediction that I would weigh less today than on Sunday.

TUESDAY, AUG 19TH 2014:___186.0lbs. : Uneventful

WEDNESDAY, AUG 20TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful

THURSDAY, AUG 21ST 2014:___183.8lbs. : Uneventful

FRIDAY, AUG 22ND 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful. Not sure what the bump-up was about.

SATURDAY, AUG 23RD 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, AUG 24TH 2014:___183.8lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, AUG 25TH 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, AUG 26TH 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 27TH 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, AUG 28TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, AUG 29TH 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful. I did eat too much though...

SATURDAY, AUG 30TH 2014:___184.2lbs. : Uneventful until about 6:30pm when I arrived for dinner at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Had a beer, dessert, bread along with an appetizer and a nice entrée. Very nice meal – no regrets. Then saw a Fab Four concert which was wonderful… On a night like that… Calories be Damned!!!

SUNDAY, AUG 31ST 2014:___184.2lbs. : Uneventful

MONDAY, SEPT 1ST 2014:___182.0lbs. : Uneventful. I was not feeling well so I did not each much so I don't think this weight drop means much.

TUESDAY, SEPT 2ND 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful. I behaved other than a popcorn w/butter at the movies. Weight this morning was pretty much expected.

WEDNESDAY, SEPT 3RD 2014:___183.4lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, SEPT 4TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, SEPT 5TH 2014:___184.2lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, SEPT 6TH 2014:___184.2lbs. : Uneventful. I walked in the morning and then had breakfast before I remembered to weigh myself. Probably not all that skewed.

MONDAY, SEPT 8TH 2014:___187.8lbs. : Had a barbecue on Sunday. Missed weighing that morning, and I ate a ton that day as well - weight... enough said

TUESDAY, SEPT 9TH 2014:___186.8lbs. : Uneventful other than eating ice cream left over from the BBQ that I otherwise would never have.

WEDNESDAY, SEPT 10TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, SEPT 11TH 2014:___187.0lbs. : Had a team-building event in San Francisco. They fed us after the event so ate all the wrong stuff and too much of it. However, my team won the event so WooooHoooo!!!!

FRIDAY, SEPT 12TH 2014:___186.8lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, SEPT 13TH 2014:___185.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, SEPT 14TH 2014:___187.0lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, SEPT 15TH 2014:___187.2lbs. : Uneventful. However, I did eat too many calories this past weekend and in recent months AND I have added too many carbs back into my diet - albeit far less than before I started this effort. If I had not been walking 4 miles per day – religiously – then it would likely be worse. Anyway, time to refocus…

TUESDAY, SEPT 16TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful. Not sure why the drop to be honest, but I'll take it...

WEDNESDAY, SEPT 17TH 2014:___184.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, SEPT 18TH 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, SEPT 19TH 2014:___184.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, SEPT 19TH 2014:___186.2lbs. : Had a big dinner out, had booze, had dessert.

TUESDAY, SEPT 23TH 2014:___188.2lbs. : Did not weigh on Sunday or Monday. Ate way too much on those days. Have simply fallen off the "weight watching" wagon as it were. Been the case, to a lessor degree, for quite some time. However, I've been religious about walking 4-miles per day and since July 2nd I've missed only 2 days walking so 77 days - 2 days = 75 days or 300 miles walked. I've walked to Los Angeles from San Jose... Anyway, I know what to do as I always have...

WEDNESDAY, SEPT 24TH 2014:___186.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, SEPT 25TH 2014:___186.4lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, SEPT 26TH 2014:___186.6lbs. : Uneventful. BUT, eating too much in the evenings… That is all that it takes to go the wrong way and all that I need to stop to get going the other way. Simple... Easy Peasy... So, why is it such a freaking chore? Oh well...

SATURDAY, SEPT 27TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, SEPT 28TH 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, SEPT 29TH 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, SEPT 30TH 2014:___185.0lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, OCT 1ST 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, OCT 2ND 2014:___184.4lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, OCT 3RD 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, OCT 4TH 2014:___183.6lbs. : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, OCT 5TH 2014:___184.6lbs. : Uneventful.

MONDAY, OCT 6TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, OCT 7TH 2014:___185.2lbs. : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, OCT 8TH 2014:___184.8lbs. : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, OCT 9TH 2014:___184.0lbs. : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, OCT 10TH 2014:___184.0lbs. : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, OCT 11TH 2014:___184.0lbs. : Uneventful. I weighed after my walk so not apples to apples. My guess is I'll be "up" tomorrow. Mainly because I took my brother to dinner and we ate a lot, drank some....

SUNDAY, OCT 12TH 2014: 187.6lbs : I ate pretty good on Sunday. I weighed 156.4lbs yesterday after my walk (and bathroom break) so the truth lies somewhere in between, but up the scale nonetheless...

MONDAY, OCT 13TH 2014: 187.6lbs : Ate too much on Sunday as well. I'm off-the-grid right now. I'm still walking my 4 miles every day so not completely off-grid, but I did weigh (if only for a day) 176.6lbs a few months back so, clearly, I need to stop writing about what needs to happen and actually do something to get back to 176.6lbs or less AND for good and not a day.

TUESDAY, OCT 14TH 2014: 187.6lbs : I behaved no better so no surprise.

WEDNESDAY, OCT 15TH 2014: 188.6lbs : OK, stop the presses. It is getting away from me. AND, damn! I'm heading to Memphis (BBQ, etc.), for a week, in a few days. Crap!

THURSDAY, OCT 16TH 2014: 186.6lbs : Crap the operative word for today...

FRIDAY, OCT 17TH 2014: 187.0lbs : No Crap the operative word for today...

SATURDAY, OCT 18TH 2014: 187.0lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, OCT 19TH 2014: 184.8lbs : Uneventful. Still eating too much. did not walk today. Needed to fly to Memphis for a week. Ate at Chili's - Dallas/Ft Worth - and ate sliders and fries, but ate salad for dinner in Memphis so not too bad today. Five days of restaurants. Plan to walk every day and otherwise keep it sane - I hope!

MONDAY, OCT 20TH THRU SUNDAY OCT 26TH 2014: 186.8lbs : I ate very good in Memphis. I never walked my 4 miles. I got home Friday the 24th at 11:00pm. I did not weigh myself Saturday. I did weigh myself Sunday after my 4 mile walk. That weight above. Saturday I had two Atkins shakes and two Atkins bars and popcorn at the movies. Maybe 1000 calories for the day.

MONDAY, OCT 27TH 2014: ???? : I was down-for-the-count all of Sunday on into Monday. Did not weigh myself this morning. Bad headache. Hit the bed at 10:30am on Sunday and never got out of bed until Tuesday morning. I did walk 4 miles on Saturday and Sunday before I hit the bed.

TUESDAY, OCT 28TH 2014: 183.4lbs : Bedridden on Monday. Not much eating and no walking.

WEDNESDAY, OCT 29TH 2014: 181.8lbs : I've been eating very little and walking. Actually, today, I realized the calories in minus the calories burned (walking 4 miles) has me at "maybe" operating on 600-700 calories the past 5 days. Today, I felt week and had to cut my 4-mile walk down to less than 2.

THURSDAY, OCT 30TH 2014: 183.8lbs : Ate more yesterday evening based comments above. My weight makes sense to me. The weight Wednesday morning was probably due to being a bit dehydrated along with everything else.

FRIDAY, OCT 31ST 2014: 182.4lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, NOV 1ST 2014: 183.2lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, NOV 2ND 2014: 185.6lbs : Uneventful. I did eat too much yesterday, but not all that bad i.e. it was not gorging on pizza or anything. Still, calories are calories when push comes to shove...

MONDAY, NOV 3RD 2014: 184.6lbs : Uneventful. Ate too much again...

TUESDAY, NOV 4TH 2014: 185.4lbs : Uneventful. Uh, ate too much again. I'm OK until the evening as has been my main stumbling block forever. Weekends as well...

WEDNESDAY, NOV 5TH 2014: 186.0bs : Uneventful. Hungry is the operative word. One thing about walking 4 miles a day is you are more hungry than if you did not walk - DUH! I've been walking 4 miles every day (missed only 9 days since July 2, 2014) and have been hungrier for it no doubt. Still, I need to figure out how to "get through it".

THURSDAY, NOV 6TH 2014: 186.2lbs : Uneventful. Hunger Games...

FRIDAY, NOV 7TH 2014: 184.0lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, NOV 8TH 2014: 185.4lbs : Uneventful.

MONDAY, NOV 10TH 2014: 187.2lbs : Ate too much - DUH! Missed weighing on Sunday

TUESDAY, NOV 11TH 2014: 185.0lbs : Uneventful. Went home early yesterday. Not feeling well. Did not walk my 4 miles.

WEDNESDAY, NOV 12TH 2014: 185.2lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, NOV 13TH 2014: 185.6lbs : Uneventful. Cannot get a handle on my evening hunger.

FRIDAY, NOV 14TH 2014: 185.4lbs : Uneventful.

MONDAY, NOV 17TH 2014: 187.8lbs : Uneventful. started using and (internet site and iPhone apps) to help track what I eat, miles walked, calories I eat, calories I burn, etc.

TUESDAY, NOV 18TH 2014: 186.8lbs : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, NOV 19TH 2014: 185.4lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, NOV 20TH 2014: 184.6lbs : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, NOV 21ST 2014: 184.8lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, NOV 22ND 2014: 186.2lbs : Uneventful. I took some old co-workers to lunch yesterday and had beef sliders and clam chowder. Ate a salad and lot of crackers and cheese last night.

MONDAY, DEC 1ST 2014: 189.6lbs : I did not weigh on Sunday 11/23. I took the Thanksgiving week off and fell off the "watch yourself" wagon completely. Too much eating every day between 11/23 and 11/30. I walked 4 miles every day but one so I at least kept some measure in place. The scale, again, tells the tale. I weighed 3lbs less exactly one year ago so from that perspective I've not been doing too bad, BUT, I did get down to 178 lbs earlier this year and was within 8 lbs of my goal. Now I'm 20 lbs away.

TUESDAY, DEC 2ND 2014: 186.6lbs : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 3RD 2014: 186.0lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, DEC 4TH 2014: 187.0lbs : Got home famished. I ate some pelmeni, a buch of carne asada meet and quite a bit of cheese slices. No idea how many calories, fat, carbs, sodium, etc. WAY too much though.

FRIDAY, DEC 5TH 2014: 186.4lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, DEC 6TH 2014: 184.8lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, DEC 7TH 2014: 188.4lbs : I walked 4 miles around home and hiked another 6 miles in Felton at a state park.

MONDAY, DEC 8TH 2014: 186.6lbs : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, DEC 9TH 2014: 187.1lbs : Uneventful. Missed walking today. Did not feel well.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 10TH 2014: 186.4lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, DEC 11TH 2014: 187.4lbs : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, DEC 12TH 2014: 188.8lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, DEC 13TH 2014: 187.8lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, DEC 14TH 2014: 188.5lbs : Uneventful.

MONDAY, DEC 15TH 2014: 188.0lbs : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, DEC 16TH 2014: 187.0lbs : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 17TH 2014: 186.6lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, DEC 18TH 2014: 186.1lbs : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, DEC 19TH 2014: 188.1lbs : Uneventful.

SATURDAY, DEC 20TH 2014: 188.1lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, DEC 21ST 2014: ??lbs : Did not weigh.

MONDAY, DEC 22ND 2014: 189.1lbs : Uneventful.

TUESDAY, DEC 23RD 2014: 187.3lbs : Uneventful.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 24TH 2014: 188.6lbs : Uneventful.

THURSDAY, DEC 25TH 2014: 187.1lbs : Uneventful.

FRIDAY, DEC 26TH 2014: ??lbs : Did not weigh.

SATURDAY, DEC 27TH 2014: 188.9lbs : Uneventful.

SUNDAY, DEC 28TH 2014: ??lbs : Uneventful.

COMMENTS: I've been putting Uneventful as my only comment since eating too much and also eating too many carbs seems the norm of late. Just cannot get in the swing of things. Walking is helping me to keep from going off the deep end, but I'm inching up so I'm clearly a solid 10lbs above my lowest weight achieved. Maybe I need a New Year's resolution when 2015 starts in less than a week...

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH 2015: ??lbs : I weighed on Tuesday the 17th and I was 189.5lbs. I've bounced around the 187lbs to 190lbs range lately. I've been walking religiously, but have been, if not the same, worse on the food side since my last posting here. I'm going to continue to take a break from adding daily weight updates to the blog and I'll come back when something has chnaged significantly e.g. I get it in gear or I keep going the wrong way.


THURSDAY, OCT 15TH 2015: 172.3lbs : By August I was still in the 190lb range so I went back to JumpStartMD on 8/12/15 and restarted the program. Since my last post on 2/19 I was very dedicated to my walking. I've been walking 5 miles day religiously and have introduced more of a power-walk, but it was not enough to keep ahead of my eating. Well, this time around I adhered to the diet more stringently that the first time around and I've lost 17lbs and am now down to a weight that I've not seen since the ealry 1980s. My goal is now 165lbs or 7lbs to go. It is going to be a hard fought 7lbs because it has become very diffciult to budge much the past 6 weeks where I have only gone from roughly 176lbs to 172lbs.

Tonight, I leave on an 18-day vacation. I will be in Florida for several days and then we fly out of Miami to St Croix in the Virgin Islands for 10 days. My goal is going to be to not gain one pound and, if possible, lose weight. That has never been my goal on a vacation. I'm very curious to find out if I can achieve this goal. Stay tuned...

FRIDAY, NOV 6TH 2015: 167.9lbs : When I returned from my vacation I was 173.3lbs - see post just above. So, I managed to keep-it-real while vacationing. That was 4 days ago. Each day since I've been dropping lbs much faster than usual. Not sure why, but I've not been this weight (below 170lbs) since the 1970s.

I'm pretty much done losing weight. I'm 5'8" tall and I could loose another 10lbs, but I'm not going to. If and when I return to this blog it will be to report on how I manage to stay at this weight or make excuses as to why I'm not.

FRIDAY, NOV 13TH 2015: 165.2lbs : Reached my goal today. No plans to lose any more weight. Goals going forward is do stay in and around this weight and add strength training and continue my 5-mile daily walk that I've been doing religiously for about 16 months now.

I will drop back in 6 months from now and we'll see how well I've done. So long...

TUESDAY, DEC 22ND 2015: 163.4lbs : I lied. I'm back about 5 weeks later - not 6 months. I've bounced around 165lbs, or a bit lower like I weighed today, since my last post. I've been sticking to the same overall "diet", but I have occasionally "gone off the reservation" as it were. I just don't allow myself too much of that. Bottom line, I need to eat pretty much as I did to get here... to stay here. That is what I have learned on this last effort. Getting the weight off can be difficult, but the mistake I've made many times in the past 3+ decades of yoyoing, and the mistake most people, that fail to keep the weight off make, is we think there is some other diet waiting for us when it fact there clearly is not. The only option is once you get to your goal weight and in order to eat more and enjoy some of the things you gave up? Answer: Move more. I've probably made statements similar to this in earlier posts, but I've been working on this blog since 2010 so have no idea how repetitive I've been. Anyway, I will report back in May 2016 if I remember and not before. I plan/expect to have stayed around 165lbs by then. If I'm successful then "maybe" I have this figured "it out" this go around.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22ND 2016: 163.3lbs : I lied again. I'm back a month later. I went as high as 170lbs at one point this past month. The holidays (I pigged out) and a business trip to Hungary (that land of meat, potatoes and bread. By the way, gulyás (goulash) is just soup) took their toll, but I bounced back easy enough and am back to fighting weight.

MONDAY, MARCH 21ST 2016: 165.0lbs : Been a couple months since last post. Been doing pretty good. Added a little running into my daily 5 mile hump (run one, walk four) and I do 7 miles on weekend days now. No other exercise though. Have not added strength training, etc. I was 162.2lbs on 2/26/16 which is my lowest weight so far, but that did not last long (on freaking day) and since then I've been eating too much some days - more often than in the past. I don't think it is something to worry about. BUT, I'm paying attention you know what I mean?

MONDAY, MAY 16TH 2016: 162.5lbs: I was laid up last week with a bug so this weight is based on a relatively light "eat week". I was 172.5lbs on 5/3 when I got back from a Florida vacation. Before I got sick I was back to 163.9lbs so maybe it is real. However, ever since I hit the mid-160s, back in late November 2015, I've bounced around the mid-160s up or down a few pounds and the spikes (like 172.5lbs) were business trips or Florida vacations where I ate and drank like I wanted.

It has been 9 months since this last effort started. I've lost close to 30lbs. My first effort, documented here, started in Feb 2010 when I weight 238lbs so if you count from there I'm about 76lbs down. Think of a 5'8" dude at 238lbs and then 162lbs. Folks still talk about my weight change. Frankly? I'm ready to call the subject closed and leave it alone for good.

I'm now walking 3 miles / running 2 miles on weekdays and walking 5 miles / running 2 miles on weekends. I try to do that every day. I manage to honor that pledge most of the time.

AND, I hit the big 60 on 4/2/16.

I can still fall into most all the bad eating habits of my past - if only for a day - easy as pie. I had two pints of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream on Friday and Sunday last no less. I had Macaroni and Cheese yesterday. I've bought a 12-packs of Oatmeal-Raisin cookies and took 'em down in one sitting recently. I had a small (that was not that small let me tell you) pizza a week+ ago that was WAY more than a one-person/one-sitting meal, but I ate it anyway.

However, I have managed to curb those impulses such that I do 'em and then go back to sanity. That and being religious about my walking/running and I think I've got this things licked.

Still, I won't be convinced unless I can come back to this blog, sometime around December 2017, and report that I'm still around 165lbs. They say if you can loose the weight and keep it off for two years then chances are you will not gain it back. I hit my target around December 2015 so... See you then either way, good or bad, IF this old man can remember.

Funny, no one but me reads this thing so, on-and-off for over 6 years, I've been talking to myself.

Maybe a cyber-ologist will come across this in the 25th century or something.




UPDATE: I started the Optifast program in February of 2010. I detail my day-to-day on that program for many months. Three+ years later, in June 2013, I started the JumpStartMD program. The day-to-day on that program further down in this document.

DISCLAIMER: What is written below is my personal experience and, the requirements of the program I'm doing, may not be the same as other programs.

NOTE: Optifast also offers what amounts to an energy bar or breakfast bar that you can eat in replacement of the liquid shakes. However, you are allowed two bars a day maximum on my program. Therefore you could actually chew on something for two meals and then drink the other four meals.

IN ADDITION: You are asked to drink a gallon of water a day. You can add Crystal Lite to the water in case a gallon of water proves difficult to get down. Trust me; it is difficult - for me at least.

EXERCISE: This program expects participants to exercise daily. That is considered a deal breaker if not honored.

IMPORTANT: You are allowed what else? NOTHING. I MEAN NOTHING. If NOTHING does not spell it out then think of it this way. Other than the drinks and bars and water you put NOTHING in your mouth and that does not just mean calories.




Age: 53


Goal Weight: 165lbs (Have not weighed in the 160s since the 70s)

My exercise of choice: I walk 4 miles a day as often as I can. I try to walk at a 15-minute mile pace. I might add some running at some point, but not sure about that just yet.











Weight - start of WEEK 1: 240.8lbs (minus weight of clothes: 238.6lbs) NOTE: I wear the same clothes to the weekly meetings where we get weighed. I weighed myself at home (with and without those clothes) and the delta is about 2.2lbs. So, my starting weight is really 238.6lbs.

END OF WEEK 1: Uneventful

NOTE: This first week we were instructed to watch what we eat and to exercise. WE DID NOT START PRODUCT IN WEEK 1. ___

Weight - start of WEEK 2: 238.4lbs (minus weight of clothes: 236.2lbs)


WEEK 2 - DAY 1: Uneventful. I drank one shake at 8:00am, one around 11:30AM, one around 3:00pm, a bar when I got home around 5:00pm. Two more in the evening. It was not a difficult day.

WEEK 2 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 2 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 2 - DAY 4: Uneventful - for the most part. I did have some stronger hunger pangs than in previous days, but nothing that ever tempted me to head for a fast food joint. In fact, I did not even have the last two shakes because I was tired and went to bed. NOTE: The program is very clear that you must consume the entire product i.e. all 6 meals (shakes/bars) every day.

WEEK 2 - DAY 5: Uneventful

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: The first feelings of doubt about this program and how well it will prepare me for a life minus the weight. After 16 weeks of this fasting stage then what? I have a lifetime of bad eating habits and those won't be fixed come WEEK 26, or WEEK 40 or WEEK 92. I go to a movie. There is a scene with a guy sitting at a bar. The bartender asks the guy "Do you want something to eat?" The guys ask, "What do you have?" The bartender answers, "Club Sandwich and Clam Chowder." I'm sitting in the theater thinking, "Man! I'd love a club sandwich and clam chowder right now!" It's those kinds of mental triggers, and acting upon them (eating) more often than not, that separates people who eat normally and those like me that don't. Just writing about it here has me suddenly starving for real food. How do I / will I ever fix that?

WEEK 2 - DAY 6: Uneventful. Did not have any trouble with hunger or the thought of food. I had to let one of my employees go so that is stressful and maybe contributed to being less focused on me. Who knows?

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: Writing this at the beginning of day 7. Only comment I have is that the first full week was not as hard as I thought.

I'll be in China and Taiwan next week where I will have to keep to the program with the temptations of business dinners, bars/nightclubs, etc. My goal is to head for my hotel room at the end of business each day and skip those outings, but I might not be able to do that without offending our hosts. How many Chinese do you know that are weight challenged - especially mainlanders? Not entirely sure they will appreciate my plight. I could go, drink water and be social - which what I should do. We'll see.

WEEK 2 - DAY 7: OK, it's 10:30am and this is the first time where I'm "hankering for a hunk a cheese". Stay tuned...

Weight - start of WEEK 3: 232.9lbs (minus weight of clothes: 230.7lbs) ___


WEEK 3 - DAY 1: Uneventful. FYI: I did not give in to the hankering of WEEK 2 - DAY 7.

WEEK 3 - DAY 2: it is 5:45pm, just got home. HUNGRY. Have two shakes and one nutrition bar left that I can eat for the day, but I WANT SOMETHING GOOD! This is my first real test and it came on the 9th day of this program. Damn! Too soon! Nothing in the house to tempt me. However, my girlfriend is visiting her son at UCLA. No police to stop me. I could get something BAD and EAT it. Should I? I'll let you know. UPDATE: I did it. I went to Eric's Deli Cafe and ordered an REO Speedwagon sandwich and ate like it was my last meal. Don't feel much guilt and I won't likely weaken as quickly next time because the sandwich was good, but not really worth it compared to keeping the rhythm going.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I’ve not been drinking the gallon of water that is required. I need to start doing so, but lack of thirst makes it difficult. I don't know if that might have curbed my appetite for the REO Speedwagon sandwich yesterday or not, but...

WEEK 3 - DAY 3: I blew it - a little - again tonight. Had some left over NutriSystem meals that I ate in lieu of a couple shakes.

WEEK 3 - DAY 4: Getting on a plane for China today. 14.5 hour flight to Hong Kong, 1.5 hour drive from Hong Kong to mainland China. Put shakes in checked baggage and brought nutrition bars on the plane. Ate two bars during the flight - not enough, but... Drank a shake at the hotel which was Sunday night - see day 5 below.

WEEK 3 - DAY 5: Due to flight and time zones not sure how I did as far as product is concerned, but I did not go off product.

WEEK 3 - DAY 6: Uneventful. Stuck to program. Had to sit through business lunch and dinner sipping water while everyone else ate.

WEEK 3 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 4: 230.0lbs - unofficial since I was not weighed at Kaiser (minus weight of clothes: 227.8lbs)

WEEK 4 - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10th, 2010

WEEK 4 - DAY 1:Replaced three product meals with a room service club sandwich. Otherwise an uneventful day.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've had trouble having all 6 meals in China. Partly due to time change maybe and who knows what else. Regarding the club sandwich it was less about hunger and just dreading three more shakes.

WEEK 4 - DAY 2:Busy at the client, then to the airport and to Taipei. Had only two shakes today and am currently in my hotel room around 10:00pm. Ordered a salad from room service. I know I'm doing it wrong, but I'm heading back to the US tomorrow where I'll get back in swing - all-in-all I did good this trip. If Dr. Ashok is reading this then I'm in trouble I suppose...

Well, since I left Taipei for the US today and gained a day coming back I ate one airline meal on the plane since I did not have any product with me so another no no... However, all but one of my "slips" put me over the 960 calories I'm on with 6 meals. Not to say that distinction is going to fly with the program leaders.

NOTE: The chronologies for the first two days of WEEK 4 above might be confusing so don’t bother trying to make sense of it.

WEEK 4 - DAY 3: Uneventful - 6 shakes, no pangs of note...

WEEK 4 - DAY 4: Uneventful

WEEK 4 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 4 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 4 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 5: 224.9lbs (minus weight of clothes: 222.7lbs)

NOTE: The scale I weighed on last, a week ago in China, must have been off a bit. I doubt I lost 5.5lbs between last Wednesday and today. ___

WEEK 5 - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17th, 2010

WEEK 5 - DAY 1:Well, went to work and forgot my product. Yeah, sure you did Stan! Could not go home and my girlfriend, who normally brings me my product when I forget, was not at home. So, for lunch, I had a Chinese chicken salad from the deli in my building. Bad boy Stan!

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've been pretty good about getting 4 miles a day walking (not counting normal day-to-day walking) so I'm getting my 10,000 steps most days. However, I've not walked today and missed yesterday. Promising myself to walk when I get home today. I usually walk between 5:00am and 6:00am.

WEEK 5 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 5 - DAY 3: Uneventful, although I'm thinking of good stuff to eat tonight - much more than usual.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I miss one of the 6 meals more often than I should and do not drink as much water as I should either. I need to focus on getting control of both those things. I'm into WEEK 6 of the program (week four of the actual product) and wondering more and more how to resolve this 1st 16 weeks, the following 14 weeks and beyond. What am I learning?

WEEK 5 - DAY 4:Uneventful until 7:00pm or so. Had two 150 calorie Nutrisystem lunch items - left over from when I tried NutriSystem in case you are wondering. I went 300 calories over for the day. The pangs were killing me. I should have had another shake instead, but...

WEEK 5 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 5 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 5 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 6: 223.1lbs (minus weight of clothes: 220.9lbs)

NOTE: Only 1.8lbs? I guess I should not complain. At least it is the right direction. ___

WEEK 6 - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24th, 2010

WEEK 6 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 6 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 6 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 6 - DAY 4: Uneventful

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I weighed myself today and I have hit the 20lb weight loss mark since starting this program.

WEEK 6 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 6 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 6 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 7: 220.1lbs (minus weight of clothes: 217.9lbs) ___

WEEK 7 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 7 - DAY 2: Headed for LA today for a four day weekend. My B'day is tomorrow. Had two shakes and one bar and maybe 3/4 gallon water. Walked 4+ miles. Then my lady friend and I went to dinner. I had a glass of wine, two dinner rolls, clam chowder and a Roquefort encrusted filet mignon. I have to tell you. It was worth it!

WEEK 7 - DAY 3: Today - 4/2/2010 - is my 54th birthday. It was the day I had planned to eat i.e. cheat and have a birthday dinner. Well, I ate yesterday instead - see WEEK 7 day 2 above. Thing is, I still wanted to eat my B'day dinner so I justified it by eating nothing all day (no product) and then have my B'day dinner with a little less guilt. I did just that, but I showed zero control and had way too much to eat. Lobster spring rolls, chopped salad, dinner rolls, wine, salmon main course and then the restaurant brought me a free chocolate-fudge-cake-ice-cream-thing-from-hell (heaven really)! Really, really good dinner, but I showed zero self-control and do feel quite a bit of regret as I pen this. However, it might be a good thing going forward. I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and it made me realize how pointless it is for me to do so considering what I'm trying to accomplish here. That is to lose weight and understand why I overeat and why I have a destructive relationship with food. This over-the-top dinner simply tells me I've got a lot of work to do and many miles to go before I'm thin and likely to stay thin.

WEEK 7 - DAY 4: Plan is water only today. I know making up for too much food one day by fasting the next day is not the answer ordinarily, but I want this mini-jump-start to get back on track. UPDATE: The plan failed. Drank nothing, but water all day and then picked up my girlfriend's son at LAX. Got back to UCLA around 7:30pm. The kid took us out for a walk in Westwood... Ended up in a Mexican restaurant where I ate chips&salsa and some Carnitas Quesadillas. Damn! Not done there though... There is the place in Westwood- very popular with the young crowd - that sells these ice cream sandwiches. There was a huge line waiting to order. You pick two cookies e.g. chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, etc. and an ice cream and they make a sandwich out of it. Very good, but absolutely no reason to have eaten the Mexican meal let alone the dessert. However, nothing I can do about it now.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: One thing I do know is that I'm not ready to be taking vacations. I have not learned how to resist the temptations of the meals described in my last three postings here. It just so happens that going to nice restaurants is one of my favorite things. It always has been. I love it in fact. It is something I will never give up and something I will never modify much as to what and how I eat. I will account for it however by exercising more, not going out to restaurants quite as often, avoiding desserts, having less bread while waiting to be served, cutting out appetizers, etc. Maybe not all those things every time, but...

WEEK 7 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 7 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 7 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 8: 219.1lbs (minus weight of clothes: 216.9lbs) ___

WEEK 8 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 8 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 8 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 8 - DAY 4: Uneventful

WEEK 8 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 8 - DAY 6: Uneventful

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I think I might have passed a plateau. I weighed myself on Sunday and I was 212.2lbs or 214.4lbs with the clothes I normally wear to meetings when I get weighed. If that holds up through Tuesday night I'll have lost 26.4lbs in 8 weeks or 3.3lbs per week on average. Not too shabby.

WEEK 8 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 9: 215lbs (minus weight of clothes: 212.8lbs) NOTE: Did not quite make the 214.4 mentioned above so it's 25.8lbs so far. ___

WEEK 9 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 9 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 9 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 9 - DAY 4: Mostly Uneventful. I did eat a little yogurt and fruit in lieu two products. I was in tennis class for two hours and walked 4 miles in addition to that so zero guilt.

WEEK 9 - DAY 5: Uneventful - went to Angel Island and walked the perimeter of the Island - about 17K steps that day. Again a little yogurt and fruit in lieu of two products. I weighed 208.2lbs this morning or 210.4lbs with the clothes I wear for weigh-ins. That's in the morning so I'll probably be about 212lbs on Tuesday afternoon at the weigh-in -getting close to 30lbs lost.

WEEK 9 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 9 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 10: 212.0lbs (minus weight of clothes: 209.8lbs) ___

WEEK 10 - DAY 1: Busy day at work. Had two products prior to 6:00pm. Well, went to California Cafe and had dinner. Salad, bread, tea and some salmon wrapped scallops. No guilt. Felt fine.

WEEK 10 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 10 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 10 - DAY 4: Bad day. Was good until 4:00pm. Girlfriend's son and a friend were up from LA. Girlfriend cooks like crazy for the kid and this friend loves her cooking, she knows it, so she showered the kid's with food. Kids are 25 so not really kids, but... All the food smells and eating going on got the better of me. Anyway, had a salad, borscht, pelmeni and a pancake i.e. I grazed... Oh well...

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I’m practicing too much "early transition" as the program director likes to call it. We will be going back to real food in June and that is our transition time. Anything you eat besides product prior to that is "early transition". I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING SAME AND I SHOULD STOP. The problem is I know that the real story is. I have to learn to eat within reason based on true hunger and not based on my brain triggers. Drinking liquid and a couple nutrition bars a day for 16 weeks is NOT going to help me with that. I knew that going in. The liquid and nutrition bars were, for me, a simple way to control what I ate. Beyond that there is no magic pill here. The program does not claim there is I might add. However, they do seem to think "early transition" is more of a crime than I do. "It's just food". I have to start eating food again the 1st week of June 2010. I have eaten real food on quite a few occasions now, between February 2010 and yesterday - April 24th 2010. I've lost 28lbs so far and I'm pretty happy about/with that. If I had never "early transitioned" maybe I would be at, say, 32lbs now, but I'm doubtful much more than that so what's the big deal?

The most important thing I've learned - AND IT'S A HUGE THING - is that I can control my eating most of the time and it is not a huge sacrifice. I had gotten to a point where I was not so sure that was possible. I'm confident now that I will be able to keep my impulses to overeat to a low roar. I won't need to satisfy myself with a large pizza or a Carl's Jr. "pick your poison". I won't give those things up, but it will be far less pizza and Carl's and far less often. I know that making it through the evenings without eating too much - my worst time - is not that tough after all. In fact, during transition, I plan to eat food at breakfast or lunch and stay with product in the evenings. I won't transition to evening meals until week 31 OR later in the transition period between weeks 17 to 30.

Bottom line: I don't justify nor recommend "early transition" to anyone. However, one cannot turn off their instincts and assume the doctors, dieticians and nurses - that run these Optifast programs - have all the answers. I don't buy a lot of what is said during group meetings. I think the program's views on exercise are totally bogus and unrealistic. Don't bring in age 20 something trainers to suggest to me what is best for a 54 year-old man. Don't even mention the term P90X - absurd! Gyms? Forget it. Those are not the answers. The notion that if you walk 4 miles a day that this is just "OK", but that you will need to do more to be truly healthy and fit? Bull! That is where the health industry is just simply wrong. Don't pat me on the back and at the same time tell me to do more. You better be damn sure about your science before you have everyone training for marathons. The goals must be real and the true benefit must be weighed against the reality that confronts all of us... That is, most of us are not likely to stick with overly aggressive exercise programs day after day, month after month and year after year.

WEEK 10 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 10 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 10 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 11: 210.5lbs (minus weight of clothes: 208.3lbs) ___

WEEK 11 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 11 - DAY 2: Ate a little dry cereal and a little pasta and chicken - just a little.

WEEK 11 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 11 - DAY 4: Spent the night in San Francisco. Had dinner (salad, steak, baked potato), I don't think I had any product that day. Saw a play, walked my girlfriend through the Tenderloin district like the idiot I am. The area looked kind-of- scary, but I did not know it was the Tenderloin - DUH!

WEEK 11 - DAY 5: Uneventful. Went sailing on the bay, but other than that...

WEEK 11 - DAY 6: Uneventful. Some pasta with chicken so actually... a bit eventful

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've lost a bit of focus. Nothing criminal, but I have "early transitioned" in little, and not so little, ways too often. I doubt I lost any weight this past week and expect to be very near the 210.5lbs I was last weigh-in. However, I'm refocused and expect to behave more going forward. I feel good overall just the same. This effort is lifelong for someone like me and regular food has to be a part of it so the fact I've probably "early transitioned" more than anyone of my 19 fellow group members (maybe even combined) does not concern me. I don't want to go back and don't intend to. This is the VERY FIRST time that I've lost weight where the notion of what to do post-weight-loss was even on my radar. The journey to the last pound lost was it. That is why I'm confident that I won't go back.

WEEK 11 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 12: 208.1lbs (minus weight of clothes: 205.9lbs) ___

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've lost 32.7lbs between February 16th and May 4th 2010. That is11 weeks or 77 days or 0.42lbs per day on average. That translates to 2.97lbs per week on average. Far less than some people in my group. There are individuals that have lost 50lbs, 60lbs, 70lbs so far and others far ahead of my roughly 33lbs, but that's OK. What my weight would be now if I had never "early transitioned"? Who knows. One thing I do know is I have no fear of when we officially start our transition to real food in week 17 - some 5 weeks from now. If I were to loose 2lbs per week between now and week 17 then I will be about 196lbs in my B'suit. That leaves me about 30lbs to hit my goal weight of 165lbs by week 30. That is what I'm shooting for. I will have to "step it up" a bit to achieve that. That last 30lbs will be tougher than the first 40lbs+. Will need to exercise more and make sure the food intake is no more than 1600 calories a day. At least that is the calorie target I've decided to stay on.

WEEK 12 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 12 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 12 - DAY 3: Replaced one product with some steamed broccoli and salad with just a hint of light dressing. My guess is I went above the normal 960 calories per day by 300-400 calories, but no way of really knowing for sure.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I'm hungrier lately. In other words, even though I've chose to "early transition" during this program it was usually planned and not due to a cravings or to-the-minute loss of control. However, I should document here, that I should never had planned any early transitions. BUT, back to my point... I'm more often finding myself hungry and more prone to you know what. The broccoli and salad today a perfect example.

WEEK 12 - DAY 4: Uneventful

WEEK 12 - DAY 5: Uneventful

WEEK 12 - DAY 6: Uneventful. I picked my brother up at the airport tonight. He is my height give or take and rail thin. He had 32" waste pants on - with belt - and was still having to pull them up - hate him! Anyway, he was a bit hungry and mentioned Carl's Jr. Ultimately, we did not go there to get him anything, but between that possibility and just talking about food (since he knows I'm in this program) had me pretty darn hungry when all was said and done. However, it passed and I remained "good" for the day.

WEEK 12 - DAY 7: Family in from Colorado and New Zealand. Everyone at Mom's house. Ham and potato salad - my favorite - to be served. I skipped all 6 products today and had dinner with family. Was a nice evening and I'm having no regrets. Had a roll (no butter), maybe 8oz-10oz of ham - maybe less than that, a small portion of potato salad and some green beans. I was pretty full.

Weight - start of WEEK 13: 204.5lbs (minus weight of clothes: 202.3lbs) ___

WEEK 13 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 13 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 13 - DAY 3: Uneventful

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: This is not so much a new observation, and not that important either, but we get weighed every Tuesday, in the evening, fully clothed. My clothes weigh 2.2lbs (I always wear the same thing) and I'm usually 2lbs heavier on the scale at night. I weighed 204.5 last Tuesday evening, but the next morning I would be closer to 200lbs in my b'suit if weighed right out of bed. I know I'm 5'9". I was curious back in 2008 and had the nurse measure my height at the doctor's office on two separate visits. As part of this program all 20 participants should have been measured for accurate height. They took every one's word for that. It's not that people lied, but that most people think they are a little taller than they really are. I started to think maybe I was not as tall as I thought. In my case it turned out I was 5'9" like I thought. I'm pretty sure some others in my group have it wrong. Heck, some might be taller than they think and can lose less weight. Others that are shorter- than they think they are - might need to lose more to get to a healthy BMI.

WEEK 13 - DAY 4: Uneventful

WEEK 13 - DAY 5: Had the family over for a barbecue. I was good until 4:00pm or so. Problem was, I had been busy cooking chicken, hamburgers, being host, etc. and I did not have any product all day. Then, all the great food started to look too good. However, I did not go "nutso". I had a hamburger patty and a boneless chicken breast. AND, a very small piece of cheesecake with some strawberries. Those things and one Optifast nutrition bar. I don't think I had any more calories for the day had I stuck with product. In this case, unlike 95% of the other "transition practice" episodes, going off product was not planned.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: This morning I weighed 199.6lbs. I won't be in this zip code - as we refer to it in the program when you go from, in my case, 200lbs to under 200lbs - come Tuesday evening where I expect to weigh, maybe, 203lbs. However, I'm less than 200lbs as of today in my book. Last time I weighed less than 200lbs was in 2002. Also, we had blood work this past week and my numbers were very good. I'm a diabetic and my fasting glucose was 102. My total cholesterol was 140, LDL was 94 with no medication, HDL was 30 (that dropped from 36 just two months ago and from 40 in Oct '09, which is already low in both cases... that concerns me and I'll be curious to hear what Dr. Ashok has to say about it). All other numbers were good.

WEEK 13 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 13 - DAY 7: Uneventful

Weight - start of WEEK 14: 202.3lbs (minus weight of clothes: 200.1lbs) ___

WEEK 14 - DAY 1: Uneventful

WEEK 14 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 14 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 14 - DAY 4: I went to Olive Garden. Had a salad, salmon, broccoli and an ice tea. I had one shake today as well. I'll probably come in around 1500 calories for the day. Olive Garden has a nutrition booklet at each table so I know pretty much what I had calorie/fat/sodium wise.

WEEK 14 - DAY 5: Had three shakes by 3:00pm. Went to bed with severe abdominal pain around 4:00pm. Spent an excruciating 17 hours in bed.

WEEK 14 - DAY 6: Went to the hospital and, after some blood work and a CT scan, I was diagnosed with appendicitis. By 3:00pm that day I was in surgery.

WEEK 14 - DAY 7: Spent entire day in hospital recovering from surgery. FYI: Post op can be described in one word. HORRIBLE. Being in a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV, getting prodded and probed all the time? One word. HORRIBLE.

Weight - start of WEEK 15: I ate virtually nothing from 3:00PM Sunday to Wednesday afternoon when I got home. I weighed 197lbs in my B'suit Sunday morning. On Wednesday (WEEK 15 - DAY 1) I weighed 210.8lbs (minus weight of clothes: 208.6lbs) NOTE: Even though I did not eat 3 days I was on a constant IV drip. Other factors post op caused this temporary 8lb+ gain from last week - at least I hope so!

WEEK 15 - DAY 1: First day home from the hospital. Not too fun. Ate little.

WEEK 15 - DAY 2: Second day home from the hospital. Not too bad. Had a little soup (homemade so not loaded with sodium) and some fruit and a little yogurt.

WEEK 15 - DAY 3: Third day home from the hospital. Feeling better. Had a couple Optifast shakes and some of the same soup mentioned in DAY 2 above.

WEEK 15 - DAY 4: Feeling pretty good. Still tired, but I did some yard work, pool stuff, went and bought a mattress, visited my parent's i.e. rejoined the world a bit. I did eat a couple Safeway deli sandwiches (both turkey). Those and one Optifast shake for the day. Not planned. I had an urge to eat something and compromised with a couple sandwiches as opposed to fast food joints.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: The column below labeled 5/10 shows my numbers as of now. This Optifast program has made a significant difference in my diabetes. In fact, my numbers are now non-diabetic. In addition, my cholesterol is significantly improved. I compare the new numbers to 5/08 (as opposed to 1/10 for glucose) because the new numbers are without medication. 5/08 was the last time I had blood work before being put on cholesterol meds.

BLOOD TEST___5/10__1/10___Normal Range
GLUCOSE(FASTING)............. [102]...[123]........60-99 mg/dl
GLUCOSE(EST AVG)..............[114]...[137]........85-126 mg/dL

BLOOD TEST___5/10__5/08___Normal Range
CHOLESTEROL......................[140]...[153].........<239 mg/dL
TRIGLYCERIDE.......................[78]....[99]...........<199 mg/dL
HDL.........................................[30].....[37]...........>40 mg/dL
LDL CALCULATED .................[94]....[150].........<129 mg/dL

WEEK 15 - DAY 5: I weighed 196lbs this morning which was 8.6lbs less than 4 days ago so I felt better emotionally. I drank one shake around 10:00am. Then... I realize now that my Optifast radar and focus has just gone out the window this past week. I've not overeaten, but I've had very little water, very little Optifast, etc. At 5:00pm we went to California Cafe. I had a little cheese appetizer, a little calamari and a piece of chicken. As far as "calorie intake" is concerned no big deal, but it's Monday (Memorial Day) and I'm ready to start this week back "on track".

WEEK 15 - DAY 6: Uneventful - back on 100% product

WEEK 15 - DAY 7: one shake, two nutrition bars and some homemade soup. Soup had 4oz or 5oz of chicken - give or take. I also found some tortilla chips left over from a barbecue. I ate quite a few of those so I definitely messed up there. I was going for some pecans and spotted the chips hidden behind the pecans - oh well.

Weight - start of WEEK 16: 195.1lbs (minus weight of clothes: 192.9lbs) NOTE: I broke 200lbs - 45.7lbs lost to date.

WEEK 16 - DAY 1: Screwed up! Girlfriend headed for class at DeAnza. I check out the24HourEatweb site. This site lets you order food, for home delivery, from participating restaurants. Used it often pre-Optifast program. Ordered two appetizers - potato skins and some spring rolls. VERY BAD! They arrive and I eat it all! VERY BAD! This is the first time I transitioned where I used ZERO discretion and is the first time I truly regret the entire thing. Could not begin to tell you how many calories, fat and sodium I consumed, but astronomical comes close. I might find that nutritional info on the restaurant's web site, but I don't want to know.

WEEK 16 - DAY 2: Uneventful

WEEK 16 - DAY 3: Uneventful

WEEK 16 - DAY 4: Two shakes, 1 bar and two barbecued hamburger patties w/ketchup. I'm guessing the two patties were 6oz each, but maybe more. I weighed 188.2lbs this morning. I went through the 190s pretty quick.

WEEK 16 - DAY 5: Uneventful. Actually, I had one shake, one hamburger patty, some fruit and a bowl of homemade vegetable soup today. Calorie-wise I think I was good. Weighed 186.4lbs this morning.

WEEK 16 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 16 - DAY 7: 3 bars, some homemade soup, a small salad and a piece of whole wheat bread.

Weight - start of WEEK 17: 189.7lbs (minus weight of clothes: 187.5lbs)


WEEK 17 - DAY 1: I had two shakes, two bars, some homemade soup, and a piece of whole wheat bread. OK. Then I had what amounted to a small ham and cheese sandwich. The latter probably due to not eating during the day - got busy at work.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I have learned, although not always practiced, that eating the shakes and bars evenly throughout the day works best to keep the hunger - if any - under control. Keeping the water intake up as well. It's the days where I don't follow that model that I slip at home in the evenings. I did not actually realize that fact 100% until last night. Anyway, I plan to refocus on that.

I've lost 51lbs now and everyone is commenting on my weight loss so I don't want to get lulled into a sense of "I'VE ARRIVED". I'm not there yet and I still have not learned how to stay where I am so far either.

WEEK 17 - DAY 2: Uneventful - went back to full product today. Make up for a little too much transitioning in prior days. Nothing big, but I'm feeling the need to regroup.

WEEK 17 - DAY 3: Had lunch with a couple guys that work for me - Iced Tea, Grilled Salmon and one piece of bread. A small salad for dinner. No product today.

WEEK 17 - DAY 4: Two shakes, a bar, about 4oz of grilled chicken, broccoli and green beans.

WEEK 17 - DAY 5: Same food as yesterday, PLUS, a chicken w/swiss deli sandwich from Safeway. I'm guessing about 1500-1800 calories for the day.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I'm sitting around 186lbs for about a week or more now. Figure I'm at a plateau since I've weighed in the 186lb range in the past for quite a while. Maybe that has nothing to do with it, but I'm predicting that I might not drop weight very fast between now and my goal of 169lbs. Why 169lbs? That represents the exact weight that puts me in the NORMAL weight range BMI i.e. I would no longer be considered overweight. I have not weighed 169lbs since the late 1970s.

WEEK 17 - DAY 6: Uneventful

WEEK 17 - DAY 7: homemade soup, slice of whole wheat bread, three nutrition bars.

Weight - start of WEEK 18: 188.3lbs (minus weight of clothes: 186.1lbs)

WEEK 18 - DAY 1: two shakes, a whole wheat tortilla with vegetables and 2oz chicken, some homemade vegetable soup, and 1 bar

WEEK 18 - DAY 2: Boss took team to lunch. Had chicken kabob - maybe 4-6oz grilled chicken, a little balsamic rice, cooked tomato, green beans, ice tea and a small piece of flat bread. Only other thing I had today was two nutrition bars in the evening. Hard to know how many calories I had at lunch. Two bars are 320 calories. That left 640 for lunch if I were to keep on the 960 calories.

WEEK 18 - DAY 3: Two shakes, one bar, a whole wheat tortilla with vegetables and 4oz chicken and a salad.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I'm still sitting around 185lbs. A definite plateau. No big deal. Even though I need to lose an additional 16lbs to get into a BMI considered "NORMAL" I'm feeling pretty good about being at 185lbs. No plans to go back up, of course, but I won't be stressing about not losing at a fast rate like I have been this past 4 1/2 months. Besides, I've reached a point where people comment on my weight loss every day and people are also saying things like, "Don't lose any more weight". People say things like that to be nice, but it means I'm getting close.

WEEK 18 - DAY 4: two shakes and a bar. Headed to Monterey for the US Open. Went to dinner. Had iced tea, one dinner roll, chopped salad (ate half), Fillet Mignon (6oz maybe), mashed potatoes (ate half) and some asparagus.

WEEK 18 - DAY 5: Breakfast was some raisin brand with 2% milk (can't take skim - sorry). On the course at Pebble Beach from 11:00am to 6:30pm. Could not carry food in. Had a turkey/cheese sandwich, and a chicken wrap.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I weighed 184lbs on Saturday morning before leaving for Monterey. Weighed 187lbs this morning (Monday). No surprises. If you look at WEEK 18 - Day 4 and 5 (above) it makes sense. However, I'll behave until the next time I'm somewhere and I either don't have product, cannot use product or just have no interest in product. I'm feeling reasonable confident that I can navigate this transition and my future without product. One simple rule I'm going to go by (one my brother has used all his life) is if my pants start to feel tight (say I settle on 34 waist pants) then time to re-evaluate my eating habits. That and never having ANY clothes around that don't fit me at my ideal weight i.e. good will is doing pretty good business with me now because my house is going to have ZERO big pants, ZERO big shirts, ZERO big coats, etc. lying around.

WEEK 18 - DAY 6: Three shakes, two bars, some homemade soup and a piece of whole wheat bread.

WEEK 18 - DAY 7: One shake, one bar, homemade veggie soup, a piece of whole wheat bread and some fruit with a little Greek yogurt.

Weight - start of WEEK 19: 189.2lbs (minus weight of clothes: 187.0lbs) NOTE: Gained 0.9lbs from last week. First time my weight went up since starting this program.


WEEK 19 - DAY 1: Two shakes, homemade veggie soup, a piece of whole wheat bread and some fruit with a little Greek yogurt and a whole wheat tortilla with vegetables and 2oz chicken.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I'm not sure of what my calorie intake is. Take yesterday for instance. The homemade soup is all veggies. The fruit is blueberries, raspberries and strawberries with maybe 4 tablespoons Greek non-fat yogurt. The whole wheat bread and whole wheat tortilla are 200 calories combined. Maybe 2oz chicken in the tortilla. The two shakes are 320 calories. Everything is healthy that I'm eating, but... I've been sitting at about 185lbs, give or take, for a couple+ weeks.

WEEK 19 - DAY 2: Same exact food intake as day 2 above.

NOTE: From here on I'm going to post my daily weight - in the mornings when I first get out of bed. AND, I added some charts at the bottom of this blog.

WEEK 19 - DAY 3: Weighed 185.2lbs this morning. One shake, whole wheat tortilla with vegetables, a little Greek yogurt and 2oz chicken, some fruit with a little Greek yogurt, some veggies and maybe 3oz chicken.

WEEK 19 - DAY 4: Weighed 184.6lbs this morning. Pretty much the same food as the previous days. Two shakes, one bar, small amounts of chicken, homemade veggie soups, fruit, veggies, very small amounts of nuts... Most everything has a little non-fat Greek yogurt mixed in - in lieu of sauces, dressings, etc. The stuff is a great substitute actually.

WEEK 19 - DAY 5: Weighed 184.0lbs this morning. Had some cereal, fruit and Greek yogurt mixed together, homemade veggie soup, about 2oz of grilled chicken, some peas and asparagus, one shake and one bar.

WEEK 19 - DAY 6: Weighed 184.0lbs this morning. Went to a company party thing. Had some appetizers - a little calamari, a couple thin slices of French bread with tomato and onions, one very modest slice of thin crust pizza. In the evening some cereal, fruit and Greek yogurt mixed together and some homemade veggie soup.

WEEK 19 - DAY 7: Weighed 184.2lbs this morning. Two bars, some carrot, celery mixed with a little Greek yogurt. Some homemade veggie soup, one slice whole wheat bread.

Weight - start of WEEK 20: 185.3lbs (minus weight of clothes: 183.1lbs)
NOTE: Uhmmm! I apparently experienced some digestive readjustment between my morning weigh-in and the weigh-in at Kaiser. 55lbs lost to date.

WEEK 20 - DAY 1: Weighed 183.6lbs this morning. Had a shake in the morning. Babysitting quarter-end production today at our contract manufacturing (CM) site. The CM brought in Togos. Had a regular Roast Beef. Then I went to the Internet and checked the nutrition facts for this sandwich AFTER eating of course! Crap! 680 calories, 22g fat (7g saturated fat) 1460mg sodium. Geez! That's 840 calories so far today. I'll stick with product the rest of the day e.g. a couple bars and a couple shakes and I'll be at 1480 calories for the day. I might have just three more and come in at 1320 for the day.

UPDATE: Did not get out of work until 8:30pm and ended up eating another Togos. This time a turkey and an additional half tuna salad. The turkey was 600 calories, 18g fat (7g saturated fat) 2960mg sodium. What the "!#@!!" on the sodium? The half tuna was 300 calories, 14g fat (2.5g saturated fat) 950mg sodium. Total calories, fat and sodium for today? 1740calories, 54g fat (16.5g saturated fat) 5370mg sodium. CRAP! CRAP!

LESSON: The Togos sandwiches seemed pretty tame. Roll, lettuce, tomato and some meat. Look how easy it was to eat a monster amount of fat and sodium. I would NEVER have guessed these numbers by looking at these sandwiches as I ate them. NOTE: One thing that guided me towards the Togos was that I was not about to eat the pizza and Chinese food that was also brought in.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: All of us in the program probably paid little attention to our calorie intake before starting this program. We might have read labels and determined to sometimes avoid certain foods, but we probably did not realize that we men were eating 3000+ calories a day and maybe more. The ladies? Maybe the same in some cases and maybe a lot less, but still way above 960 calories. My note above suggests I'm worried about a Togos sandwich I ate, that I need to stick to product the rest of the day and to stay at or below 1500 calories. Remember, as of this week (today) I'm supposed to be on 2 products and the rest food. Without even thinking I've planned a 4 or 5 product day. My point? We all have to give up product as soon as possible and realize that Lisa is 100% correct. The product was designed to control what we ate for the first 16 weeks and then to wean us off in a subsequent handful of weeks. By week 21 we should be getting closer to 100% food and be off product completely by week 31. Granted, the program allows us to purchase 3 product per day for as long as we want. We should not really want that. We should want to be on 100% food. I see zero benefit to putting off the inevitable. UPDATE: Of course, I should not have had the other Togos sandwich and a half as mentioned above.

WEEK 20 - DAY 2: Weighed 183.4lbs this morning. Two shakes, one bar, some broccoli/pea/veggie mix thing and about a 6oz piece of boneless chicken breast. My girlfriend browned the chicken in olive oil before baking. Not sure how bad that is.

WEEK 20 - DAY 3: Weighed 182.8lbs this morning. Three products, a little chicken with peas and broccoli and some blueberries and cantaloupe. I then had some cereal with some Greek yogurt. Maybe 1/4 cup yogurt mixed into a couple cups of cereal. Yeah, too much probably.

NOTE: Heading up north tomorrow - across the golden gate - to visit Fort Ross and just kick around. Will spend the night and head back on Sunday. I'll try to behave. Plan to enjoy a reasonable dinner (smart choices) and stick to product during the day mostly. Maybe add some fruit in.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: It makes sense that my weight loss has slowed for a number of reasons. I'm back on real food, I'm eating more calories than before and the last 15lbs, or so, that I want to lose will naturally be the most difficult - even if I stayed 100% on product. That's less the point than the fact I'm now starting to strongly feel the "conundrum". The conundrum being whatever it takes to keep the weight off. Before this it was conversation. Now it has become real for me. In fact, this is the crossroads. Do or die. I have to prepare myself mentally for the long haul. At 54, and with countless 20,30,40,50 lb. weight loss successes and as many 20,30,40,50 lb. weight gain failures under my belt (pardon the pun), I don't have time for this vicious cycle anymore.

WEEK 20 - DAY 4: Weighed 182.8lbs this morning. Well, I think it's safe to say anyone crazy enough to read this blog has quickly realized I'm full of hooey. Ate some cereal, fruit and non-fat yogurt in the morning. No biggie. Had a bar and a few waters while heading north to wine country. Drove to Healdsburg. Nice town. Had lunch around 2pm something. An egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread (award winning whole grain bread no less), a little (very little) potato salad and some kettle potato chips. And some iced tea - no sugar added. OK, so shoot me. Then we drove to Cloverdale to have dinner later on. Nothing interesting in restaurants so headed back to Geyserville. A one-horse town, but a nice one-horse town. Nothing looked interesting either, but as we headed back out of town we spotted a place that looked good. Turned out they served breakfast and lunch only. Anyway, a couple on bicycles had arrived at the same time. You know the type? Their desire to be fit commendable, but they had purchased their Lance Armstrong outfits WAY too soon? Anyway, the man was a food nut and told me of a place back in Geyserville that had great food and, specifically, great pizza. Pizza he stacked up to anything in the city i.e. San Francisco. I've had one thin crust piece of pizza in 6 months, but I was not feeling that deprived, but he did say the restaurant had other food. So, we headed back to Geyserville. I ended up having some really great bread sticks, some exceptional Pinot Noir (two glasses) and 4 pieces of sausage pizza. Very thin crust with not much sausage and not much cheese, but OK pizza. Not great like the "bikey" dude said, but..


I'm sure to be above 182.8lbs tomorrow, but that's OK. I and my girlfriend are having a good time. No scale here so I won't be able to weigh myself tomorrow - week 20, day 5. Will I make smart choices tomorrow? Your guess is probably better than mine. We got back to Healdsburg around 7:00pm and decided to walk downtown - about 1.5 miles. Probably walked at least a mile around town and then back to the hotel. Uhmmmm, while in town, I had some ice cream from a little shop crammed with people. The container was referred to as small and I guess it was 1/2-2/3 cup.

WEEK 20 - DAY 5: No scale in the hotel room. Oh! I'm so disappointed! Yeah, right! Went to a restaurant next to the hotel for breakfast. Had gone to the hotel's kitchen for a free continental, but it was boring. Wanted something good. Had every intention of having a BREAKFAST like I used to have. I looked at the menu and saw my favorites e.g. Joe's Scramble, Eggs Benedict, Pancakes, Breakfast Skillets, etc. Then it hit me. None of it looked all that compelling weighed against the costs. I, surprisingly, did not really want those things. Ended up having oatmeal w/banana slices and one piece of wheat toast. Had a bar mid-day and later in the afternoon we stopped in Petaluma. Had a chicken salad with a little dressing. Ate some cherries in the evening when we got back home.

NOTE: Going to reduce the verbiage going forward. Will not detail what I ate unless it falls outside what might be considered "normal" and only then because "that eating" might have some useful lessons attached to it. I'll record my daily weight and comment on anything related to the struggle and stop boring everyone, and myself, with unnecessary detail.

Something I will mention here is how much product I've managed to accumulate due to days where I did not have 6 product due to lack of hunger or due to early transition. As of Monday morning July 5th, 2010


I have enough product left over to keep using product 3 per day for around 3 months or 2 per day for about 4.5 months. I'm about 15lbs from my goal weight which is anything in the 160s or 169lbs or less. This product should help me get there, but I hope to arrive at my goal well before I've used up this product and to not depend on product once I'm there. My point is I'm still a little dependent on product and hesitant to give it up. I want that feeling of dependency to GO AWAY.

WEEK 20 - DAY 6: Weighed 184.0lbs this morning. Figures. I'll stick to 3 products today and a salad or something. UPDATE: I ended up having three bars and one shake. Had a chicken sandwich at the point where I had eaten one bar and one shake. At that point no big deal. HOWEVER, I then started the graze. Had some cereal and yogurt. Still hungry. Had some lunch meat (ham) on whole grain French bread. Not a crazy amount, but too much. Had a handful of pecan halves. Does not sound all that terrible on paper, but it feels that way. I'm not stuffed or feel, in any way, over fed. Yet, the entire process had "the familiar" to it. Indicative of past behavior. Even though this behavior probably produces less over-calorie for the day than on the days I choose to go to dinner, I feel far guiltier when I do things like just described. One more episode to use in the future (as a memory) that will tell me "I will regret it - the urge to graze - if act on it".

WEEK 20 - DAY 7: Weighed 186.6lbs this morning. Ouch! Expected to be up some, but not 2.6lbs from yesterday. Had some celery and carrots with Walden Farms blue cheese dip. The dip is OK, by the way, but not great. A bit of lunch meat (ham) on whole wheat French bread, but only a little. One bar and some homemade soup.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I've been in the 185 range, +/- 2lbs or so, for a month now. I've had a couple/three days of eating too much in that time, but it has not been a bad month overall. AND, the 185lb range is a place I've sat for long periods of time in past years - as I've mentioned before I think. I'll be in Chicago for 4 days in early July on vacation and in China for a few days on business later in July. Then, the first two weeks of August, my girlfriend and her son are going to Russia/Finland/Austria on vacation. That leaves me alone for two weeks. The next month+ is really going to tell the tale for me.

Weight - start of WEEK 21: 187.7lbs (minus weight of clothes: 185.5lbs)

WEEK 21 - DAY 1: Weighed 186.6lbs this morning. Crap! Uneventful. Update: I had "an event" subsequent to my "uneventful" representation of the day. Grabbed a container of lunch meat ham, which had quite a bit left in it, and ate it all. I took the time to come back to this blog because I feel that "CHANGE" from commitment to complacency hitting me. I've felt it, experienced it and fell prey to it at other times in my life. Happens at or near the end of the weight loss effort. I know what I need to do. I need to go back to full product (6 a day) for a few days. I need to regroup. Problem is I'm leaving for Chicago on Friday (it's Wednesday evening) for a short vacation. I'll do the best I can.

WEEK 21 - DAY 2: I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Really! Homemade soup, some cereal and yogurt, handful of pecan halves, 3 shakes, two bars.

NOTE: Leaving tomorrow for a mini-vacation in Chicago. Get there Friday night around 8:00pm and head back mid-day the following Tuesday to arrive home around 4:00pm. Basically 3 full days in Chicago where I'll try my best to behave.

WEEK 21 - DAY 3:
WEEK 21 - DAY 4:
WEEK 21 - DAY 5:
WEEK 21 - DAY 6: I had a couple bars before getting on the plane. Time difference, ride from airport, etc. got us to the hotel around 9:00pm. Was hungry and ordered room service (chicken wrap, salad) on day 3. One breakfast, one lunch and three dinners on day 4, 5 and 6. That included a shared dessert of carrot cake and ice cream one night and a mini-bar jar of jelly beans another night.

WEEK 21 - DAY 7: Two bars before the flight home at 2:00pm. First thing I did when I got home was weigh myself with the clothes I wear to group. BAD! 193.3lbs. That is 5.6lbs more than last Tuesday night. Man! I knew I was eating too much and too much of stuff I should not have, but I really did not think I was eating all that bad in Chicago. OK, time to hit it hard. I'm back on full product tomorrow for a week or so.

Weight - start of WEEK 22: 193.3lbs (minus weight of clothes: 191.1lbs) NOTE: I will have just gotten back from Chicago tonight. Too late to be at the meeting. Will weigh myself at home wearing what I normally wear to the meeting at Kaiser. Also, the scale at Kaiser is about 0.7lbs less than I weight on my scale at home. Already factored into the weight I posted above.

WEEK 22 - DAY 1: Weighed 191.4lbs this morning - 4.8lbs heavier than last week on this day. Had three shakes, 1 bar, a cup of cereal with a little non-fat Greek yogurt mixed in. Less than 960 calories (or 6 products), but I want to stop this upswing in its tracks.

WEEK 22 - DAY 2: Weighed 187.4lbs this morning. Three shakes, bowl of homemade veggie soup, small portion of fruit/cereal/yogurt.

WEEK 22 - DAY 3: Weighed 186.4lbs this morning. NOTE: I first weighed 186.4lbs on WEEK 16 - Day 5. That was roughly 6 weeks ago. Although, some 22 weeks ago, I was 236lbs or 50lbs heavier than I am today. Maybe I should look at it that way? I don't know.

Had three shakes today. Then, for dinner, went to Olive Garden. Had salad, a bread stick (more like a roll) and the mixed grill. Ate the meat, chicken and veggies, but left the potatoes which were more like fries. The nutrition book that is at every table puts what I ate around 1500 calories. That plus the shakes puts me at 2000 for the day. More fat and sodium by a good measure though.

WEEK 22 - DAY 4: Weighed 186.0lbs this morning. Two shakes before noon. Then I went next door to a neighbor's barbecue. Absolutely tons of food - most of it bad. I had my share of it e.g. sausage, chicken, potato and macaroni salad, a piece of French bread with garlic/cheese piled on it, some baked beans with bacon... Not crazy in volume of food, but there were much healthier choices I could have made e.g. lighter salads, fruit salads, veggies, etc. but I chose otherwise.

WEEK 22 - DAY 5: Weighed 186.6lbs this morning. Had a shake, two bars, some homemade veggie soup, a piece of whole wheat bread and a Subway chicken sandwich - no cheese or mayo.

WEEK 22 - DAY 6: Weighed 186.2lbs this morning. Three shakes and some meat from a grocery deli. Some tri-tip and this meat/vegetable mixture. Too much of both. Calories for the day I'm OK on - I think.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: Week 20 - DAY 3 I weighed 182.8lbs. That is the least I've weighed on this program. Since then I have been on a couple mini vacations and ate at a neighbor's barbecue. I've been eating pretty good overall just the same. Clearly I'm at a "set point". This notion of a certain body weight that your body stubbornly sticks to is real I believe. Like I've mentioned before, when I've lost weight at other times in my life I ultimately ended up somewhere between 180lbs and 185lbs give or take. It’s been quite some time since I dropped below 190lbs (start of WEEK 17) so I guess I need to step it up or I'll never get past this "set point". Honestly, at this point, I am quite motivated to not go up in weight, but less motivated to work very hard to go down in weight.

WEEK 22 - DAY 7: Weighed 185.8lbs this morning. Did not eat until 6:00pm or so. Had baked chicken, broccoli, a veggie mix, piece of whole-wheat bread. And some cereal, nuts, yogurt and fruit.

Weight - start of WEEK 23: 186.6lbs (minus weight of clothes: 184.4lbs)

WEEK 23 - DAY 1: Weighed 184.2lbs this morning. Two shakes, some raw mixed veggies and a chicken sandwich (whole wheat bread). Also, some cereal with nuts (a little almonds/pecans) and non-fat yogurt.

WEEK 23 - DAY 2: Weighed 182.2lbs this morning. Three shakes, some baked chicken and a bunch of vegetables.
NOTE: My lowest weight to date. Damn! In three days I leave for China for a week.

WEEK 23 - DAY 3: Weighed 180.8lbs this morning. Had lunch with friends at an Indian restaurant - buffet. Did not go crazy. Could not tell you specifically what I had, but mostly chicken, vegetables and some flat bread. Had one bar at night.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: Clearly, I have managed to pass a plateau - 5lbs in 3 days. A little bit of history. In 2000, I was 215lbs so I started a diet. By 2001 I got down to 180lbs, but went back up. In the late 80s / early 90s I was also around 215lbs. I got down close to 180lbs during that time, but went back up. I've not been below 180lbs, to the best of my memory, since the 1970s. I'm about 10lbs from my target weight of 170lbs. Actually, at 5'9", 169lbs puts me "just in" the normal weight BMI. AND, maybe that means I should weigh closer to 165lbs to be comfortably within a healthy BMI. The Optifast Dr. put my target at 165lbs. However, I'm not going to get too anal when it comes to BMI. Even now, at 180.8lbs, no one seeing me walking down the street would think I need to lose one more ounce. Still, I want to hit 170lbs.

WEEK 23 - DAY 4: Weighed 180.6lbs this morning. Some fruit/yogurt/cereal mix in the morning. Walked to the movies (5 mile round trip that I often do on weekends). I had a small popcorn (no butter) and a diet coke. I know... movie theater popcorn bad. Had a bar at home later. Then some carrots and celery. Then a salad of all kinds of veggies with almost zero dressing. Finally, some chicken stew or more like chicken vegetable soup. I hope that was not too much for the day. I don't think so. Thing is, I'm winging it in that sense i.e. I'm not weighing food, counting calories, etc. Most days you know if you were good and you definitely know when you have been bad.

WEEK 23 - DAY 5: Weighed 180.8lbs this morning. Will leave for the airport around 11:30am (see note below). will stick to shakes and bars prior to getting on the plane.

NOTE: I'm leaving on a business trip to China today around 2:00pm. It's Sunday. I'll either stick to bars on the plane or eat the meals. I mean, it's not like they over feed you on airline flights - especially these days. It's a 12-hour flight and then a 3-hour car drive to where we are staying in Wuxi. You lose a day in travel so when we arrive at the hotel it will be around 10:00pm Monday.

WEEK 23 - DAY 6: This day sort of evaporates what with the travel and losing a day. I ate all the meals served on the plane. Nothing worth detailing and nothing all that bad in nutrition or calories. Got to the hotel at 9:00pm. No more food for the day.

WEEK 23 - DAY 7: Weighed 178.0lbs this morning. NOTE: The hotel scale could be much different than my home scale so I'm not assuming it is accurate - at all. My plan is to stick to product (brought shakes/bars with me) during the day and MAYBE go to dinner with the gang. A slight change since I wrote the previous for today. Had two bars so far. At lunchtime they brought in box lunches - Chinese food it should be obvious no? I had a shredded beef dish and some white rice. Very modest portions of both. And a banana. I'm not going to dinner. Going to head back to the hotel, have a couple shakes this evening and that will be it.

Weight - start of WEEK 24: 182.2lbs (minus weight of clothes: 180.00lbs) NOTE: This is unofficial and a guesstimate of what I might have weighed - all based on what I weighed Wednesday morning in China - using the hotel room scale.

WEEK 24 - DAY 1: Weighed 178.0lbs this morning. NOTE: Again, the hotel scale could be much different than my home scale so I'm not assuming it is accurate - at all. Went to the breakfast buffet. I had a stewed tomato, some potato, some chow mein, one piece of bacon, a VERY small piece of thin toast with an egg - sort of a mini eggs benedict, one small slice of breakfast cake stuff and coffee. Portion wise it was very tame. For lunch they brought in Papa John's pizza of all things. There were some soft bread sticks and some breaded shrimp things for appetizers. I had a couple of each of those things and skipped the pizza. Had a nutrition bar as well. Not bad calorie wise although not anything I expected to confront here in China. No more food for the day. Hit the hotel, feel asleep and that was it. Suffering jet lag still.

WEEK 24 - DAY 2: Weighed 176.0lbs this morning. The hotel scale is weird actually. If I lean a little it moves all over. Hard to read as well so these weights of the past couple days are likely crap. Had some cereal, yogurt and orange juice for breakfast. Had some Chinese beef and rice for lunch and went to dinner in Shanghai. Had a glass a wine, a dark Mojito, soup, Osso Bucco and some bread.

WEEK 24 - DAY 3: Weighed 178.0lbs this morning. This is another scale in another hotel. Don't trust it either. Had breakfast buffet: Chinese buffets are a mixture of traditional Chinese and western food so what I ate might seem a bit weird - scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, a little chow mein, a little cheese and turkey lunch meat... I've eaten more in the past 24 hours than I ate the previous 48 so I need to put on the brakes for the remainder of the day. We leave for home tomorrow. Well, got hungry tonight and had a club sandwich and salad.

NOTE: I'll be on the plane coming home on Saturday (Chinese time zone) and arriving home on Saturday in the US.

WEEK 24 - DAY 4: Weighed 180.0lbs this morning on the hotel scale in Shanghai. Did not eat until served on the plane around 1:30pm. Ate all the meals on the plane. Arrived home at 9:35AM. Weighed 183.6lbs at about noon back home on my scale. The difference between 180.0lbs in Shanghai and 183.6lbs in San Jose was 15 hours and 3 airline meals. We'll see what tomorrow morning tells us. Ate some chicken stew/soup type stuff, one bar and some pelmeni - a little too much pelmeni.

WEEK 24 - DAY 5: Weighed 184.6lbs this morning, I did eat much more the last half of the trip than the first and the scales I weighed on in China were probably a bit off. AND, well, I've not been, let's say, in the bathroom lately? Bottom line, I'm not too concerned about the weight gain just yet. Let's wait for tomorrow's weigh-in. Ate some more chicken stew/soup type stuff and one shake today.

WEEK 24 - DAY 6: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning, Two shakes, some more chicken stew/soup type stuff (whoopee!) and some pelmeni.

WEEK 24 - DAY 7: Weighed 180.4lbs this morning. Had a busy day that included job interviews with 5 people. Did not eat until 6:00pm and then I bought dinner from a grocery store deli. Some chicken pasta casserole stuff, Au gratin potato thing and some trip tip. Too much of all three. Comfort food moment since the interviews wiped me out i.e. have no idea if they went good or bad so I'm wound tight. A perfect example of what can trigger the bad habits that add the pounds. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Weight - start of WEEK 25: 182.0lbs (minus weight of clothes: 178.8lbs) NOTE: This is unofficial and a guesstimate of what I might have weighed - all based on what I weighed this morning at home. My interviews were in San Francisco and I did not finish until 4:00pm and could not get back to Kaiser in south San Jose in time.

WEEK 25 - DAY 1: Weighed 180.2lbs this morning. Two shakes, more chicken stew/soup type stuff and a mixture of cereal, nuts, dried fruit and non-fat Greek yogurt.

WEEK 25 - DAY 2: Weighed 180.2lbs this morning. Another weight plateau to be sure. Went to a B'day lunch for a co-worker at a Mexican place. The guy works for me and it was his 50th. I HAD TO SACRIFICE AND GO EAT PEOPLE. First food of the day. Had a combo - chicken taco, chicken burrito, beans, rice... you get the idea. Plan is to not eat anymore until tomorrow. We'll see. Tasted pretty darn good by the way.

WEEK 25 - DAY 3: Weighed 178.8lbs this morning. I did not eat anything, past noon yesterday, after the Mexican restaurant mentioned in DAY 2 above. Had two shakes during the day. Had grilled chicken, salad, rolls and corn-on-the-cob. Some strawberries, pound cake and some lite cream and three cookies for desert. Then, later at night some chocolate chips. I had waited too long - from yesterday afternoon's Mexican meal - to eat something so I over did it a bit.

WEEK 25 - DAY 4: Weighed 180.0lbs this morning. Had a Burrito Factory burrito and some Mrs. Fields oatmeal raisin cookies. Felt like this stuff so... That was supposed to be it for the day, but I ended up having more chicken stew/soup type stuff.

WEEK 25 - DAY 5: Weighed 180.0lbs this morning. Had a small popcorn and a root beer at the movies. The last of the chicken stew/soup type stuff and some mixed veggies. Oooops! Had a craving... went to the store to get some food for next week and bought a pint of low fat frozen yogurt. Got home and ate the entire pint. Oh well...

WEEK 25 - DAY 6: Weighed 181.4lbs this morning. Too many calories this weekend. Need to behave this week. Heading for China for two weeks this coming Friday and that will be somewhat of a challenge in and of itself. Had one shake, a healthy choice dinner, two slices of whole wheat bread and some nuts/dried fruit/chocolate chip mix for dessert.

WEEK 25 - DAY 7: Weighed 179.8lbs this morning. Amy's TV dinner, two slices of whole wheat bread and two shakes today.

Weight - start of WEEK 26: 180.5lbs (minus weight of clothes: 178.2lbs) NOTE:I’ve officially hit 60lbs weight loss on Kaiser's scale as of today. Another 10lbs and I'm done.

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: I have two weeks in China starting a few days from now. I'll miss the Kaiser classes twice due to the trip. I've missed 5 to date so out of the first 30 weeks I'll have missed 7 classes. Hopefully they don't kick me out. AND, I'll have to figure out a way to "be real" while in China and watch what I eat, hit the hotel gym, etc. So far I've managed to keep from going up in weight without quickly correcting it and heading back down. However, that is usually by skipping meals and not eating for long stretches to make up for a big meal. It works actually, but probably not a great idea by design. My brother has stayed thin all his life by eating once a day. Whatever works I suppose. I'd like to figure out a sane way to do it i.e. multiple small meals, but that is really hard to do. I've not managed the discipline to make that happen.

WEEK 26 - DAY 1: Weighed 179.2lbs this morning. Had some hamburger, potato, corn and veggies and two shakes.

WEEK 26 - DAY 2: Weighed 178.8lbs this morning. Had a piece of breakfast cake, some hamburger and potato left over from yesterday and a can of corn.

WEEK 26 - DAY 3: Weighed 178.8lbs this morning. My goal while in China for 2+ weeks will be to stay at or around 178.8lbs.

NOTE: I'll be on a plane to China today. 12-hour flight with two meals and a snack. I've taken this same flight a couple weeks back and the food is reasonable enough. It's Friday morning in the states. When I get to the hotel in China it will be Saturday evening.

WEEK 26 - DAY 4: In flight to China and the time zones... I basically lose this day as far as documenting it here.

WEEK 26 - DAY 5: Weighed 179.2lbs this morning. This I weighed on a hotel scale in Shanghai. Looks expensive so it is likely accurate. Had a big sandwich before I got on the plane to Shanghai from San Jose. I skipped the first meal on the flight and ate the last two. Had some drinks last night... It is 100 degrees in Shanghai and very humid. We plan to walk a lot today so I don't expect it is going to be much of a challenge food wise i.e. not the sort of weather that makes my cravings kick in. Had a breakfast of this and that and I'll leave it at that. Had a rice bowl with chicken and some pot stickers for lunch. No dinner.

WEEK 26 - DAY 6: Now in Wuxi, China. No scale in the rooms - damn! Maybe the hotel gym will have a scale. Had breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm not going to list it here. I did not feel like I overate, but have no idea concerning calories, sodium, fat, etc.

WEEK 26 - DAY 7: Weighed 179.0lbs this morning. NOTE: Hotel provided me a scale. No idea how it compares to my home scale, but I can use it to stay at this weight. I will try to stay at 179.0lbs or less while in China. Had breakfast buffet, a tossed green salad and one piece of pizza today. No plans to eat dinner. A bit much the day before so...

Weight - start of WEEK 27: 182.0lbs (minus weight of clothes: 179.8lbs) NOTE: Hotel scale - not an official weigh-in at Kaiser.

WEEK 27 - DAY 1: Weighed 179.0lbs this morning. Had some cereal and some other stuff for breakfast and rice with beef for lunch. Debating whether or not to skip dinner. Well, I did not skip dinner. Had room service: Hamburger and frys. Had a KitKat bar as well out of the mini-bar.

WEEK 27 - DAY 2: Weighed 179.0lbs this morning. Had some cereal and some other stuff for breakfast and a KFC chicken sandwich and chicken wrap for lunch. Korean Barbecue for dinner. A bigger food day... what the heck.

WEEK 27 - DAY 3: Weighed 179.0lbs this morning more or less. The scale is not something manufactured anytime recently. I think I weighed on one like this when I was 12. Anyway, can't be that inaccurate. Still, the past couple days I've eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner and all of that real food. Not sure I've done that since I started this program almost 7 months ago. So, I'm going to back it down a bit.

WEEK 27 - DAY 4: Weighed 180.0lbs this morning. No surprise. Ate breakfast, lunch and had planned to skip dinner, but ended up going out - with the crew (with me in China) - and ate quite a bit of food. Today I behave. Had pizza for lunch. Had skipped breakfast. I was hungrier because of that and pizza was my only choice. For dinner a barbecue chicken salad and Long Island Iced Tea.

NOTE: I've been in China for a week and have pretty much maintained my weight. Starting to creep upward however. Need to pull back. Said that before, but have not done so the past few days.

WEEK 27 - DAY 5: Weighed 180.0lbs this morning. Ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simply eating too much. Was very hungry today so I did not work very hard at smart eating.

WEEK 27 - DAY 6: Weighed 181.0lbs this morning. Creeping up. I will try to get back on track today. Had cereal for breakfast, rice and sweet/sour pork for lunch, a KitKat bar. No dinner.

NOTE: I'm not even sure in the 181.0lbs is accurate. The old scale I'm using at the hotel could easily be off by a 1lb or two. I might be heavier. The only way I'm going to feel comfortable is to get back to under 180 on this scale. One thing for sure is this... You get very obsessive on this program. I've lost 60lbs give or take and I'm stressing about being 181lbs as opposed to 179lbs. A bit ridiculous.

WEEK 27 - DAY 7: Weighed 181.0lbs this morning. Maybe a bit more than that - again the scale. Will continue to cut back the calories as best I can for the rest of this trip. Might be harder because it is common to have dinners that are sort of obligatory as you finish up a business trip. Of course, I can still eat smart, but... Went to dinner due to being a captive audience. Yes, had to suffer through a really good Chinese meal.

Weight - start of WEEK 28: Not available this week.

WEEK 28 - DAY 1: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning. This trip is catching up to me. Ate all meals including pizza at lunch.

WEEK 28 - DAY 2: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning. Had cereal, rice and some other Chinese stuff, a tossed green salad and BLT with fries. A bit much again.

WEEK 28 - DAY 3: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning. cereal, KFC chicken sandwich and some custard dessert pastry and then some cookies. A bunch of woman stuff and job stuff has me a bit distracted and less concerned about my diet. I will regroup when I get home. No magic "healthy eating" is likely to happen here. I will head home on WEEK 28 - DAY 5. Went to TGIFs and had a hamburger and fries and two Long Island Iced Teas.

WEEK 28 - DAY 4: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning. Had cereal, beef and rice for lunch and then soup, salad and some wine for dinner. Had a brownie for dessert.

NOTE: Last day in China. Will leave tomorrow (Sunday) around 1:00pm and will get back the same day to SFO at 9:00am.

WEEK 28 - DAY 5: No scale to weight before I left China. Arrived back in the US on this same day, but did not weigh myself. Ate the airline meals and then one healthy meal when I go back.

WEEK 28 - DAY 6: Weighed 179.0lbs this morning on a different scale - not the scale I've used throughout this program. I don't believe it is accurate. Will use my normal scale tomorrow. No food issues to speak of today. In fact, I've been pretty good since I've been back.

WEEK 28 - DAY 7: Weighed 182.0lbs this morning on my scale so there you go. The 2+ weeks in China cost me a little, but nothing terrible considering I ate pretty well. Anyway, back to the routine. Had some fruit, a little chicken, pepper with a little risotto and a piece of toast with jam.

Weight - start of WEEK 29: 184.0lbs (minus weight of clothes: 181.8lbs) NOTE: First official weigh-in in three weeks. Gained 3.5lbs in China give or take.

WEEK 29 - DAY 1: Weighed 181.6lbs this morning. Had some fruit cobbler, risotto and chicken sausage and some chicken broth. A couple chocolate chip cookies.

WEEK 29 - DAY 2: Weighed 181.4lbs this morning. Cereal in the morning, two shakes during the day, rice and chicken sausage, strawberries and a couple cookies for dinner.

WEEK 29 - DAY 3: Weighed 180.6lbs this morning. Cereal in the morning, salmon, veggies, piece of French bread and mashed potatoes for lunch and some chicken sausage, veggie thing for dinner. Some Oreo cookies and a Russia dessert thing. Overall too much food today.

WEEK 29 - DAY 4: Weighed 180.6lbs this morning. Had a much undisciplined day of eating e.g. Jack-in-the-Box fast food, most of a jar of mixed dried fruits and nuts, grazing for this, grazing for that, etc. Just one of those days. I expect the scale to tell me same tomorrow.

WEEK 29 - DAY 5: Weighed 183.2lbs this morning. Ate too much today again. Partly due to social situations, but mostly due to just plain abandonment of all the things this program is about. I've spent the past two days not policing myself at all. Eating too much, too often...

OBSERVATIONS SO FAR: WEEK 29 - DAY 4 and WEEK 29 - DAY 5 are perfect examples of how easy it is to derail and what the result can be. I did overdo it yesterday and the day before no doubt. 4.6lbs worth of overdo it (see my weight for the morning of WEEK 29 - DAY 6) since the morning of WEEK 29 - DAY 4:? No!!!! Still, it is what it is. However, a lesson to me and to anyone that reads this isif you are the type of person that got heavy in life suggests more than simply having bad habits and lack of discipline. We are guilty of those things for sure. We also share one other important trait. We gain weight very easily. The good news is when it happens - when you have a day or two like I have had? It is a temporary thing and you stop the momentum at some point. I plan to stop that momentum today, but if I don't I will the next day. The difference between then (when I lived fat) and now (when I'm living thin) is I'm not going to ignore this past two days and 4.6lbs. I'm not going to ignore it from a calorie perspective, lbs. gained perspective, behavior perspective and emotional perspective. Simply put, I stopped paying attention. There are things in my personal life I can point to right now that would explain some of this. Some fairly significant changes in fact. I'm living in a different home and living a different life starting this past week. I'm leaving one job to start another job a week from now i.e. lots on my mind right now. Thing is, it is those life situations - large or small - when I tend to lose track where food is concerned. AND, it goes deeper than that. It's 8:00AM right now. I weighed myself and then wrote these words. I wrote the words above and I'm hungry. I'm thinking about breakfast. I'm thinking how to stop the momentum of the past 2 days and, in parallel, I'm thinking about eating something and I don't want to eat something smart and wise. I want to eat something dumb and tasty. I don't plan to eat dumb and tasty, but it has been 7 months since this program began. I reached the 60lbs mark very recently and then gained some more recently as described here. It's not that big of a deal, but this past couple days has woken me up. Woken me up to what? Not a "OK Stan, time to walk the walk.", but , "Man! I screwed up this past couple of days... OK, what's for breakfast?".

WEEK 29 - DAY 6: Weighed 185.2lbs this morning. Cereal in the morning, some potato and Vienna sausage for lunch, some beef and veggies for dinner. Pretty tame stuff.

WEEK 29 - DAY 7: Weighed 184.2lbs this morning. Last Kaiser meeting tonight now that we have completed the program. There is still another year of the program left, but it will be strictly an ongoing support phase where attendance at the weekly meetings is optional. The program encourages all participants to continue to some to the weekly meetings and to attend at least once a month.

Weight - start of WEEK 30: 185.4lbs (minus weight of clothes: 183.2lbs) NOTE: Last day of the first 30 weeks. Gained 5lbs back this past three weeks, but I was in China for two of those weeks and living in a new house, in a new relationship for the past week - as I've mentioned already.



I learned that the formula is relatively simple :

1) eat less/move more

2) make the effort to eat more fruits and vegetables, but if either or both of those things are not "your thing" then do what you can with all the rest of the foods there are

3) don't become obsessed with "being good" all the time

4) don't feel guilty when you eat too much. just eat less from that point forward until you eat too much again. then... eat less going forward. the point is don't kick yourself for overindulging, BUT don't overindulge twice in-a-row i.e. two meals in-a-row, two days in-a-row, etc.

5) weigh yourself EVERY DAY

6) keep a food log so that you can correlate the weight ups and downs with what you ate on those days

7) exercise sensibly. what that means is figure out some level of exercise that is sufficient enough to be doing some good, but don't decide to develop some regime of biking, swimming, running, weights, spinning, yoga, Pilates, triathlons, marathons, etc. that are simply not sustainable over a lifetime - Jack LaLanne wannabe or not. Now, if you are super motivated and/or possibly a one-time athlete be my guest.

8) Drink a decent amount of water, and drink the gallon a day that the program requires during the first 4 months, but DON'T buy into this "flushing your system" crap! Bottled water does absolutely NOTHING for the body. Bottled water is devoid of ALL minerals. Drinking lots of water makes you less hungry - period.

9) Don't get discouraged. You stick with it and it will happen. You will feel much better I promise you that. If you read this complete blog you will have seen that I'm no longer a diabetic, no longer have high cholesterol and, although still on blood pressure medication, my blood pressure is lower.

10) lastly, just realize that this isn’t rocket science. you need to do two things - refer to number 1).



WEEK 31:

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2010: Weighed 185.2lbs this morning. I've been eating pretty much as I choose of late. The past month included a two week business trip to China and then a change on the personal front i.e. new home and new relationship and - TODAY - I started a new job. None particularly overwhelming, but enough that my eating habits were not in the forefront of my mind. Anyway, let's see what the next week brings.

WEEK 32:

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH, 2010: Weighed 185.4lbs this morning. I did not make any effort to reverse the trend, but I did not go completely off the deep end either. I'm now walking 3 miles and running the last 1 mile. I had been walking the entire 4 miles. My new surroundings i.e. new lady friend, new house, new house life style has me pretty much taken me off the couch. I spent too much time in front of the TV my whole life. Since leaving for China on August 13th through today I've probably spent 4 hours total in front of a TV. That is probably why I've not gained more weight. However, I need to pay attention to what I'm doing or this weight management program will have been just a footnote.

WEEK 33:

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2010: Weighed 186.2lbs this morning. Forgot to weigh-in yesterday so reporting back here on Tuesday. Gained another 0.8lbs from a week ago Monday. Nothing terrible, but I was 178.8lbs on August 13th so I'm up 7.4lbs from my lowest weight on this journey AND about 11lbs from my goal of 175lbs. According to my height/BMI I should weigh 169lbs or lighter to be of normal weight. Well...

WEEK 34:

MONDAY, OCTOBER 4TH, 2010: Weighed 186.8lbs this morning. That's an even 8lbs above my lowest weight on August 13TH 2010. I did my walk/run several times the past week and had a couple days where I overdid things...


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12TH, 2010: Weighed 189.4lbs this morning. OK, no surprise to me. I had two company off sites last week and a three day weekend where we rented a house on the ocean and... I just simply ate what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted. Anyway, it is what it is. Anyone that has read this blog in real time or if this blog sits on the Internet for a time and you are reading it months or years later makes no difference. I first weighed around 189lbs in the week 17 to week 19 time frame. That was in June 2010 or about 4 months ago. VERY easy to erase progress. HOWEVER, as I mentioned above - in bold - , I want to be thin much more than I don't want to be fat. I've talked a lot about what I think does not work, about common sense, about what not to do, etc. Talk is cheap I'm the first to admit. So...

Here is my goal: I plan to be 175lbs by November 24th, 2010. I leave on a 4-day weekend on that day. I was 178.8lbs on August 13th so I've put on roughly 11lbs in 2 months. I want to lose roughly 14 lbs. in 6 weeks. That is about 2.3lbs a week.

I'm going to list my weight daily, no comments most of the time:

Since this all started on a Tuesday, and that the first day we actually started the program was on a Wednesday, I have weeks starting on Wednesdays.

WEEK 35:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13TH, 2010: ___187.4lbs
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14TH, 2010: ___184.4lbs
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2010: ___185.2lbs
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16TH, 2010:___N/A : I was not at home to weigh
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17TH, 2010: ___187.2lbs : Not sure why, but it is what it is.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, 2010: ___185.6lbs
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19TH, 2010:___185.2lbs : dropped 2.2lbs this week

WEEK 36:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 2010: ___186.4lbs : Going to be a challenge?
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21ST, 2010: ___ 186.4lbs : Yep!
FRIDAY OCTOBER 22ND, 2010: ___185.4lbs
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23RD, 2010:___ 186.0lbs : Ah! Getting nowhere!
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, 2010: ___188.8lbs : Went to a party, ate, drank...
MONDAY, OCTOBER 25TH, 2010: ___186.8lbs :
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26TH, 2010: ___ : Forgot this morning

WEEK 37:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27TH, 2010: ___188.0lbs : Obviously, not doing so good
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2010: ___ 188.0lbs :
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2010: ___190.0lbs : OK, OK!!

I HAVE SIMPLY NOT BEEN FOCUSED. A LOT ON MY MIND AND JUST NOT WILLING TO GIVE UP THE COMFORT OF FOOD. MOST OFTEN IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN IN THE FORM OF "COMFORT FOOD" AS MUCH AS JUST IGNORING THE ADDED CALORIES HERE, SOME EXTRA CALORIES THERE, ETC. ANYWAY 190LBS SURELY WOKE ME UP!! I'M NOW FOCUSED. I HAD TO GIVE UP MY WALK/RUN FOR A TIME WHICH HAD BEEN GOING REALLY WELL EVEN IF MY EATING HAD GOTTEN OUT-OF-HAND IN PARALLEL. MY HIP STARTED HURTING AND AN XRAY TOLD THE STORY - My doctor told me the following: Mild degenerative changes of both hips. Soft tissue calcification adjacent to the right greater trochanter could be related to prior trauma or inflammation. I think the pain is coming from the inflammation at the right greater trochanter area. Icing the area, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication with food along with modified rest (still doing normal activities, but try not to aggravate the area) will help with this condition. Mild degenerative changes (osteoarthritis) likely is not causing too much problem and it's understood that as we age this shows up."

Anyway, the Hip feels OK now and I'll try to start my walk/run routine this weekend or next Monday and see what happens.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30TH, 2010: ___190.0lbs :
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31ST, 2010: ___190.0lbs : Nothing to say, but Doh!
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2010: ___189.6lbs :
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND, 2010:___188.0lbs :

WEEK 38:

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD, 2010: ___187.6lbs :
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH, 2010: ___186.6lbs :

Did my 3 mile walk / 1 mile run yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks. My hip felt fine. I iced it after the run and this morning the hip was OK. I hope the same after today's walk/run. I should note that I feel something in the hip, but not pain. My girlfriend did a "sort of" deep tissue massage last night and that hurt a bit so I still have inflammation there...

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH, 2010: ___187.0lbs :
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH, 2010:___187.0lbs : maybe a bit less since I weighed after breakfast, but....
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH, 2010: ___: forgot to weigh
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH, 2010:___190.8lbs :
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH, 2010:___188.2lbs :

Well, not having much luck. Again, not paying enough attention. I did a lot of eating out this past weekend although nothing bad calorie, fat, sugar wise. I have eaten too much left over Halloween candy come to think of it. Anyway, some of my own plans as to how I would keep the weight off I've not been practicing. It's been 40 days since I set a goal of 175lbs and I've basically gotten nowhere. So, welcome to the real world I guess.

WEEK 39:

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH, 2010: ___187.0lbs :
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, 2010: ___186.0lbs :
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH, 2010: ___185.4lbs :
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH, 2010: ___188.6lbs : I did eat out and had bread, spinach salad and lasagna. I also had a candy treat and ate quite a few cashews later on in the evening. I had some wheat thins and trail mix during the day and an apple.
Granted, a little too much and I could have done without the cashews, chose something other than lasagna, ate no bread or less bread, etc., etc. BUT 3.2lbs??? I know the body fluctuates day-to-day weight-wise no matter what you do so these swings don't always mean much, but it certainly can get discouraging. I'M NOT THOUGH. At this stage of the game I get it. I pretty much have to behave 99% of the time if I want to keep going down in weight. It's that simple.

NOTE: I'm off on a business trip to Memphis tomorrow. Will be back on Friday afternoon the 19th. Heading into one of my biggest challenges. Being away from home, all meals are restaurant meals, etc.


WEEK 40:


The days above showing N/A were due to being on the road for a few days with no scale. The other days I just either forgot to weigh or just did not weigh be because I did not want to know how much I've gained to be honest. I'll weigh tomorrow.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND, 2010: ___188.4lbs : No surprise.

Today I contacted a fitness trainer I had some sessions with in '06. I'm going to pick up with her again so I can try to get the momentum upward pointed downwards - lbs. wise that is.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23RD, 2010: ___187.6lbs


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH, 2010: ___187.0lbs

Well, I think it goes without saying I did not make 175lbs. I'm going to work with a trainer, keep up my walk/run (I did a 0.5m walk, 1.0m run, 1.5m walk, 1.0m run last time and will probably keep that up). I'll come back to this blog from time-to-time, but no longer daily or weekly. So long for now.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 9TH, 2011: ___192.0lbs

It's been about 7 weeks since my last posting. I've gained another 5lbs from my last weigh-in on 11/24/2010 and about 13lbs from the lowest weight I reached since starting this overall effort. I've had 8 1-hour sessions with a trainer the past month and she has worked me pretty good. In addition, I'm running 2 miles of my original 4-mile walk. Yesterday I walked the 1st mile and ran the last 3 miles. I've been pretty good about exercise (trainer twice a week or my walk/run 3 times a week), but still eating too much. Honestly, I've not been working that angle as much as the exercise. However, I'm ready to start focusing on eating the right things and less of everything - within reason.

As far as my goal of 175lbs noted earlier in the blog? Still my plan. I don't have plans to lose any more than that. Still, once I get there I might feel the need to keep going. Who knows. At any rate, it's been a while since I really concentrated on my diet. I was getting burnt out frankly. I'm ready to start pushing towards the 175lb goal again. Stay tuned...

FRIDAY, JULY 1ST, 2011:___198.8lbs

OK, it has been 6 months since I last checked in. I'm up about 7lbs since January 2011 AND exactly 20lbs up from my lowest weight back in mid-2010. Subsequent to my last posting in January I was working out with a trainer for an hour twice a week and getting in 4 mile runs (10 minute mile pace) 3 times a week. Then I injured my rotator cuff which ended workouts for a bit and then my Achilles tendons killed my running. So, the last 4 months I've not done much exercising and probably gained that 7lbs during that 4 months.

Eating? Been doing pretty much what I damn well please it goes without saying. None of the things I was exposed to in the program and none of the advice given are being put into play at present.

So, what am I going to do about it? Try to do better. Try to eat better, eat less. Try to move more, exercise more. I wish there was more to say, but this entire health effort has so little to do with the dialog and everything to do with "just doing it". No magic formula. If you do the same thing you get the same result. You eat too much and move little you get fat. You eat less and move some you lose fat. Eat a little less and/or move a little more you get even less fat.

Sorry, but that is the front, back, top, bottom, left, right of it. I'll post my weight here and what I'm doing just the same. It will keep me honest. AND, If I don't do a thing I'll post that too.

SATURDAY, JULY 2ND, 2011: ___197.8lbs : Taking a 5-mile walk today. I ate too much yesterday, but better than normal. I have a 4-day weekend to contend with so we'll see.

Blood Numbers - 10-01-2014 and 04-23-2014 - Age 58


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