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OrangeTheory Fitness - Yea or Nay!

Updated on February 23, 2016


Let me start with a little background about me. I am guilty of being a serial yo-yo dieter and I really have a tough time sticking to any workout plan. But hey, I never stop trying.

So, during the days when I was struggling at my Crossfit gym, I found a flyer in my mailbox announcing the opening of a new Orange Theory Fitness Studio in my neighborhood. They were offering a free trial class and I thought, why not! I went for the class and well, that started my new love story.

A group class on steroids

So, for those who don't know about the concept of Orange Theory, It's like a group class on steroids. It's almost as good as having a personal trainer. Okay, enough of me gushing about it, let's get to the deets. The studio has 3 different stations, it has a series of rowing machines, a series of treadmills and then a weight room with lots of free weights, TRX straps, Bosu balls and ab dollies.

Each of these machines have a number, so if you start the class on treadmill number 14, you are number 14. So, you have to use rowing machine number 14 and your weight station will be number 14. You get the picture.

You'll be given a heart rate monitor that you can strap onto your body and then the huge screens across the studio will start showing your heart rate. Is that cool or what!

A typical studio.
A typical studio. | Source

How many calories will I burn?

Why is it called Orange Theory, you ask?? Well, the concept is that when we are using more than 84% of our maximum heart rate, that is our fat burning zone. The goal is to stay in this fat burning zone for 12 to 20 minutes, which not only helps burn fat during the workout but also has great afterburn. So,you basically have an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after the workout.

Each class is 60 minutes long and you can burn from 500 to 1000 calories every session. As you enter the class, you either go on to the treadmill or to the weight room. You'll be on the treadmill for about 30 minutes and will be sprinting, jogging or power walking in intervals. When it's your turn to be in the weight room, you'll be shown the weight exercises by the trainer and a video showing the exercises will also be playing on the screens. The trainers are helpful and there are modifiers for the tough moves.

A sample performance summary e-mailed to you after every workout.
A sample performance summary e-mailed to you after every workout.

Is it for me?

Haven't seen much weight loss and in fact, my weight increased in the first week. I was told that it's natural when your body is getting used to a tough workout and that was correct. My body weight adjusted as I kept going and I definitely see more tone in my arms and butt. Will keep posting my updates of my experience with Orange Theory and hopefully it'll inspire more people to try out this awesome workout. If you are wondering whether this workout is for you, I would strongly recommend trying out their trial class. It's FREE!! Let me know if you guys do try it out or have any questions. Until then, Ciao!


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