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How to Order a Home STD Test Kit Online With-out losing your Purse or Identity

Updated on August 17, 2014
the news of a STD infection
the news of a STD infection

STDs are a part of life now

I wish we can wish it away!

Sadly, STDs are here to stay. We can't be careless about them any more. With 1 in every four people infected, we have come beyond the point of no return. Even celebacy or complete abstinence is no solution to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.

STDs which come from bacteria are responding to a course of antibiotics. We have some hope here. But the ones like HSV1, HSV2, AIDS and many such are the real cause of concern. The only advantage we can have against such killer diseases is the time advantage.

If we know well in advance of the killer infection we have better chances. It's not a very heartening state but its the only aspect of STDs we can be happy about.

Social barriors against STD victims

We are an open society and very open about sex too. But when it comes to accepting an individual with an AIDS or HSV infection, we are scared to death. Am I not? Yes, I'm. But, some people go a step further. They treat these people as social untouchables.

Why should these people be stigmatized? STD is just another disease. And, we must remember, dirty sexual habits are not the main cause of such infection.Let's accept it, we are a bit too scared of the disease.

The taboo associated with STDs are the primary cause why many people avoid STD testing. As a result they infect more people before then even know that they have the infection. This is how we have allowed the quick propagation.

The good news is you can make use of a Home STD test kit to guard your privacy completely.

If complete privacy is your concern, home STD tests are the only option for you. These tests come in three types of packages.

3 ways to get a STD test done
3 ways to get a STD test done | Source

Lab Testing

If you find a lab in your locality, you should opt for these types of tests. They are more accurate and cheaper. Register online and you will get a registration number. Then, you have to visit the lab for the tests.

There's no need to disclose your personal details. These labs aren't STD exclusive, so nobody knows the purpose of your visit. As you will be identified by your registration number nobody is going to know your true identity.

You have to collect and submit the samples and go back to your work. In a day or two the results will be available to you in an encrypted and password protected page online. You will receive an email which will have the link to the results page. Your personal details are safe.

Home Test Kits

Say, you aren't very comfortable with the idea of visiting a lab, then what should you do? You can opt for a kit. They have different kits for different tests. Pick the one up you need.

Register online and you receive the kits by post. The procedure is simple. All you do is read the instructions and collect the test samples as per that. You will find all the accessories inside the kit. Then send it back to the lab by post. The test results will be securely available to you online as in the case the lab for testing.

This type of test has a disadvantage. It's a bit expensive incomparision to the lab tests. Complete privacy comes with a price.

Disposable STD Test Kits

These kits come with disposable test stripes and testing solutions. They contain step by step instructions too. After the kit is delivered to you, go through the instructions. The kit needs a strict storage temperature and pay attention to that.

These kits are referred as rapid test kits or Instant STD test kits.

When you are ready for the test collect the specified sample. You then add the urine, blood, or saliva sample first and the test solutions later. The color band indicates positive or negative results. These tests are as accurate as the other types of tests but the kits cost more.

A word of caution here, a negative test doesn't indicate comple absence of STD in your system. May be there are not enough anti-bodies in the sample as the infection is recent. You may need another test after a couple of weeks. STD testing is a tricky process. There are rare false positives but many false negatives. This happens not because there's something wrong with the kit or your testing procedure, but because the disease is not sufficiently developed.

There are chances that you may get scammed while ordering these kits online. Order from reputed vendor only otherwise you may sometimes receive sub-standard or no kits.

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