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Oregano Oil Proven Antibiotic

Updated on November 11, 2021
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Kenna works with doctors and natural healthcare professionals. Her experience as a fitness instructor helps her share positive health tips.



The benefit of the antibacterial agent, if I don't know if I am coming down with something like a cold or flu. Instead of wondering if I have a cold, flu, allergies, or change of weather irritation, I take the herb, and the ailment no longer exists – it's gone.

The lovely lady at the health food store told me that oregano acts as an antibacterial agent when her sinuses flare-up. She explained to me how to use it for effective results. Through conversations with other natural health experts, I soon discovered that they, too, found positive benefits with oregano oil.

“We each have the innate ability to heal ourselves. To empower ourselves with natural solutions, instead of succumbing to life-altering chemicals. There's a time and place for pharmaceuticals, but it shouldn't be the first answer, nor the only form treatment.”

— Dana Arcuri

Sore Throat Allergies

The minute my body turns on a sore throat or stuffy nose from allergies or infections, I reach for my oregano oil. I take the herbal oil as a tincture or as a capsule, depending on what is available. I feel better within 24 hours. The remedy worked for me ever since the lovely lady at my health food store told me about oregano oil when I had a terrific sinus infection.



Oregano Oil Tincture

Source Naturals Wellness Oil of Oregano is the tincture I use whenever I need to take a dose of oregano. It's organic, and Source Naturals' integrity is one of the highest brands when it comes to herbal products.

I take a tiny drop under my tongue three times a day when my allergies flare up. When my husband feels under the weather, he places three drops in a glass of orange juice and drinks it down fast.


To cure my symptoms, I follow the directions on the tincture bottle or the bottle of capsules. So, I'd take the herb three times a day, every day until symptoms are gone – zap! My husband and daughter tried it. They swear by it as well. My husband's job is physically demanding, so he takes oregano oil when his body feels rundown. His immune system is supported and becomes stronger.

“I believe that for every illness or ailment known to man, that God has a plant out here that will heal it. We just need to keep discovering the properties for natural healing.”

— Vannoy Gentles Fite, Essential Oils for Healing: Over 400 All-Natural Recipes for Everyday Ailments

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Athlete's Foot

My husband and daughter have athlete's foot problems. But, I have always prided myself in not having the fungi on my feet because I take precautions like wearing flip-flops around swimming pools and in locker rooms. So, when I discovered I had a mild case of athlete's foot on my right foot, I was devastated and surprised.

I did research and discovered that oil oregano is an antifungal agent. Many institutions substantiated the existence of potent properties in the oil that stop the growth of many types of fungus. A little bottle of oregano oil goes a long way in killing many types of fungi on the feet.

I quickly rubbed oregano oil in my infected area, so I am sure it will be gone soon. Funny, though, my husband and daughter will not use oregano oil for athlete's foot. I don't know why they want to suffer.

How Much Oregano Oil Should I Take

To take care of my feet, I applied the oil of oregano to my two affected toes. I plan to do this up to three times a day until the infection is gone. I also read somewhere it doesn’t hurt to take up to five drops of the oil under your tongue daily if you want the remedy to work faster. So, I am doing that, too. Now, my mouth and two toes are burning. But, the burning sensation is not lasting, and by the time I finish this article, the burning sensation stops.

How long will it take for my athlete’s foot to go away? I am hoping by the end of the week. But, it may take longer. I plan to keep it up until it’s all gone.

I also read that I can avoid getting athlete’s foot by applying the oil regularly to my feet whenever I am in areas susceptible to the fungi, like using the swimming pool or walking barefoot in public showers, bathroom floors. Though, I never walk barefoot in public showers and bathrooms.

Still, since I took the proper precautions to prevent contracting athlete’s foot, I wonder how I caught it. No worries. I am just lucky that I have the oil of oregano as my rescuer.


I searched the Internet to get more information about oregano oil and discovered that the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that fresh oregano has significantly more antioxidant power than fruits and vegetables and may prove to be an impressive disease fighter. Previous studies have shown that antioxidants may help fight cancer, heart disease, and stroke by protecting cells and destroying free radicals in the body.

Georgetown University

Here are some more tidbits: Georgetown University Medical Center found that oregano oil inhibited Staphylococcus bacteria’s growth as effectively as several pharmaceutical antibiotics. Researchers at the University of Tennessee report oregano as an impressive antibacterial agent.


I am sure there is more information to support the use of oregano oil as an infection fighter. I encourage anyone to discover for themselves the benefits of taking the oil. By the way, my athlete's foot has cleared up and is gone.

© 2016 Kenna McHugh


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